LG Italy says no Windows Phone 8 upgrade for the LG Optimus 7: Update: LG apologizes for “erroneous information”

by Surur - 2 years ago - @wmpoweruser


Adding another data point to the rumour mill, in response to a question on twitter whether the LG Optimus 7, a moderately popular first generation Windows Phone handset, will get a Windows Phone 8 upgrade, LG Italy responded, saying:

Hello, no, no upgraded to Windows 8 as confirmed by Microsoft.

Of course this conversation is far from confirming anything, but it is helpful to dial back expectations with so many sources denying an upgrade will be coming.

Update: Well, that did not take long.  LG Italy has now recanted their statement, saying:

We apologize for the erroneous information. We are still investigating the possibility of upgrading the Optimus 7

Anyone get the feeling Microsoft wants to keep us in the dark?

Via Plaffo.com

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