Marketplace hits 20,000 apps!


The tremendous influx of apps has continued, leading Marketplace to bound to a new milestone of 20,000 apps.

Compared to the other major smartphone platforms, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is on pace with the iPhone App store, which took 215 days to hit 20,000 apps.  The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace took 219 days to hit the same mark.

This is much faster than the Android Market, which took more than a year at 419 days to hit 20,000 apps, and of course much faster than the Blackberry App World, which took nearly two years at 684 days , and which with little more than 30,000 apps will soon be overtaken.

Nearly 50% of apps are free, and the vast majority of the rest $0.99, with games the biggest category at 18% of apps.

Lets place our bets for when the 100,000 6 digit mark will be hit in the comments below.

Thanks Farokh and Agha for the tip.

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