MetroTalk Google Voice client updated to 3.1

inbox dialer

MetroTalk is the best-rated Google Voice app for Windows Phone. It supports push notifications for instantly receiving SMS messages and voicemail, even when the app is not active. Performance and user experience have been the major focus during development.

The trial/free version is ad-supported, and comes with all the features of the full version. However if you enjoy using MetroTalk, we strongly suggest upgrading for further supporting future development.

Changelog – Version 3.1:

  • New: Voice commands (requires configuration)
  • New: People hub integration (requires configuration, limited functionality; see instructions)
  • New: Speech-to-text
  • New: Pinned contact tiles now support profile photos and call/text visual indicators
  • New: Pause, copy and forward options for voicemails
  • New: Action-links are now supported for voicemails and in Quick Reply
  • New: Ability to hide Google contacts from autocomplete searches
  • New: Can now select items in folders by tapping on the left-edge
  • Update: Overhauled contacts handling should now result in faster operation on some devices
  • Update: Enhanced contact search now supports multiple partial string matching (e.g. “met supp” for “MetroTalk Support”)
  • Update: Can now permanently hide the “No more data” notification by tapping it
  • Bug: Entries are now properly removed when deleted from trash
  • Bug: The add recipient button in Call/Text now properly supports multiple recipients
  • Bug: Offline calling now works as intended on WP8
  • Bug: Loading additional pages now always retrieves the correct page
  • Bug: Working in a folder other than the inbox now updates correctly the folder, tile, and lock screen unread counters

For a full list of features, please visit our website here. Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback you have.

Price: USD $1.99

Trial: Yes (fully functional, no limitations, ad-supported)