Microsoft Research clarifies that they are not trying to compete with Snapchat

Earlier today Microsoft Research released WindUp into the Windows Phone Store.

The app, like SnapChat, lets users share content that are time limited and that expires after a set period.

In a blog post Richard Harper, Principle Researcher at Microsoft, made it clear that the app itself was just an experiment, and was designed to:

“enable me and my team to explore patterns of content creation and exchange.  It isn’t meant to compete with anyone else’s service, and it isn’t meant for commercial purposes.”

He called the app only a prototype, but still hoped that people used it and “share their experiences with us, and we look forward to the feedback and the insights we’ll gain.”

Personally I feel the statement makes little sense, and has the tone of a response to some-one (maybe SnapChat) whose toes were stepped on. 

Given that the app appears as time limited as the content I suspect Harper will not be collecting too much data any time soon.

  • Suresh Joharchi

    the app should be cross platform,

  • donzebe

    Nothing wrong competing with Snapchat.

  • Kellzea

    This is a dev tool. Thats the point, ms can get very valuable information about how and what people share. The MS socl experiment is basically the same, its more a long game fingers in pies kinda deal, than it is a closed system to compete with anything currently on the market.