Microsoft talks about their Connected Car Experience

by Microsoft News - 2 years ago -

In a blog post Microsoft’s Kevin Dallas, General Manager of Windows Embedded talked about the future of their Connected Car platform, most famously used by Ford in their SYNC system. Microsoft and Ford recently celebrated their 5th anniversary and also their 5th million SYNC system shipped. Kevin notes that the car is becoming another one of those devices and an extension of the mobile computing experience and that they are focused on making the experience of transitioning content and information between the car and other devices seamless. Kevin makes the point that  mobile phones and tablets are designed to provide immersive experiences that draw people in, but in the car the interaction experience needs to be brief and glanceable. While speech and heads up displays are the key interfaces that belong in the car, they also saw the potential for other types of interfaces like facial recognition and gesture in the future. The key was to enable capabilities that are appropriate for the car with intuitive interfaces that make the…

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