Microsoft Updates Windows Store User Experience For Windows 8.1 Users

Microsoft today started roll out of an update to Windows Store that will provide an enhanced user experience for users in navigation and browsing of apps. It also allows developers to do price promotions on their apps, and more to further improve app discoverability and minimize customer confusion. Today’s update focuses on enhancements that address customer feedback and makes it easier for users to find your apps including: Persistent Store navigation bar – enables users to discover and filter apps by Category, Top charts and Collections Collections – expanded set of Collections, accessible from the Store landing page. Some collections will also show the ability to “Install All” the apps in that collection, which will make it easier for consumers to start using apps in collections Featured apps and new ‘top’ lists – new sections help promote great new apps. The ‘Top grossing’ list includes apps that generate revenue through download to own or in-app purchase Increased app density – throughout the refresh you’ll notice an increase in the volume of…

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