Microsoft’s Miracast dongle passes through FCC

surface miracast

NokiaPowerUser reports that a Microsoft-branded Miracast Dongle has passed through the FCC.

The HD-10 is a product of the Microsoft Mobile team ie the old Nokia handset division and has been spotted at the  FCC and WiFi Certification.

The device, which is being manufactured by Foxconn, may be launched with the Nokia Lumia 730 and 830 on the 4th September.

The Miracast receiver would support the same functionality in Windows Phone 8.1, which is now able to protect its screen via Miracast over WIFI.

  • dicey

    Seems like Miracast is useful only in a very limited number of situations. So far I can do 99% of the Miracast stuff with dlna. Like how most people don’t know you can easily stream any YouTube or other flash video with a win8 tablet over dlna. Though YouTube may not work streaming from winphone, images, video, music. Just requires a relatively modern display.


      Miracast is a lot less fiddly than DLNA and uses it’s own network connection so you don’t have to rely on setting up an entire network or connecting to one to be able to mirror your screen. I have no hard evidence but I think Miracast might be a much less ambiguous standard than DLNA too.

      • dicey

        It may seem less fiddly, but I never had a problem getting it to work and it doesn’t require any extra peripherals. It is also much better on the battery, as the decoding of media takes place on the receiving device instead of the sending.

        Besides. Who doesn’t have a network laying around these days? I have yet to find the first situation where there was no network available.

        But like Miracast requires an extra device, dlna requires a network. Thing is, Miracast is not bad… It just isn’t perfect either. Not by a long shot. Google’s implementation has a problem with compatibility already there.

  • Ballack

    Project its screen, not protect.

  • jhogal

    Surur u seriously need to proof read your’e articles. u do lot of spelling mistakes.

  • Nitin Yadav

    “Surur” in Hindi/Urdu refers being bit “tipsy/high” as the after affects of intoxication…..your typo sometimes justifies your name… :)

    • reKitab

      Who do you call then? The TypoCop:)

  • Bchau

    There are plenty of miracast dongles/devices out there already. I wonder if there are any unique advantages of this device, apart from the fact that it comes from MS.