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by MonitorDieta - 1 year ago

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When you go on diet the hardest part is to find and focus your commitment to reach your goal, isn’t it?

With this in mind we have created an application that will monitor your commitment and capture it with an intuitive info-graphic tool called “Diligence”.

Input : Meal test

At each meal : breakfast, lunch and dinner you will be asked to record the information about your meal with regards to 4 main indicators :

  • Meal proportion : was your meal regular or not? if not why? have you eaten too much?
  • Condiments : have you correctly use the condiments?
  • Water based diet : did you drink water or other drinks such as coke?
  • Mood : how do you feel after your meal?

Fruits and vegetables are the last 2 indicators, which are not steady and can be disabled, if desired.

The most important asset of the diet monitor is that you can choose other indicators related to your personal diet, if necessary, with the support of a nutritionist.


Output : information about your personal diet (diligence)

Once you’ve recorded your meals for a week, for example, you will get a report showing the following:

– Your ‘diligence’ : a positive response, which means that you followed the diet correctly.

– Your mistakes (press red number to display it) : a negative response, that highlights where you went wrong in order to help you correct it, either by yourself or by consulting a nutritionist.

You can watch your Diligence History with landscape orientation of your phone. In this screen, you can swipe to display your history, from past to the future.


Advantages of our solution:

  • No need to count calories;
  • An easy way of recording information : just a few clicks after each meal;
  • Just by knowing what is bad for your diet you can control it more easily.
  • An adaptive tool, allowing you to follow any type of diet available.

In conclusion, we are offering you the opportunity to change your lifestyle, are you ready to change?

Download it here from Windows Phone Store

See the video demo after the break.

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