Nadella Shares Lesson Learned From Ballmer

Satya “Nutella” Nadella may be Microsoft’s next CEO.  Regardless he remains a powerful person within the Redmond software giant as Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise chief and has reported directly to Ballmer over the last 3 years.  Nadella talked with Mary-Jo Foley about some lessons he has learned from Steve Ballmer. Ballmer “is perhaps one of the most grounded people I run across in this place around what our current realities are,” Nadella Nadella recalled a performance review he had with Ballmer two or three years ago. “I went to him and sort of said, ‘Hey, you know, how am I doing?” The first thing he said is,’Dude, you’re going to know it, I’m going to know it, so don’t keep asking me. You know, we’re all going to know what is happening because it’s going to be in the air.’ “The second thing I asked him, ‘Hey, what about all these past grades and how did they do? And how am I doing relative?’“ Nadella said. “He said, ‘Why does…

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