New Windows Phone Toolkit In Depth 3rd Edition e-Book Available!

by bmiloshevska - 2 years ago

The third edition of the hugely popular book “Windows Phone Toolkit in Depth” is now available! The book is the ultimate guide to the Windows Phone Toolkit. The previous 2nd edition of the book hit 210 000 downloads for about a year and quickly became one of the most popular books for Windows Phone development.
The new 3rd edition helps developers to build powerful, visually compelling and distinguishable mobile applications that take full advantage of the Windows Phone 8 platform and the controls and helpers provided with the Windows Phone Toolkit..

The book is available in PDF, EPub and Mobi formats.

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Boryana Miloshevska is a co-founder of , active blogger ,tech enthusiast and she is also working as a consultant in the areas of Windows Phone application development.

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