Nokia Lumia 620 reviewed against the ZTE Blade 3

by Surur - 2 years ago - @wmpoweruser

Knowyourmobile has reviewed the Nokia Lumia 620 vs the ZTE Blade 3.

The £150 Nokia Lumia 620 of course held its own very well against the £69 ZTE Blade 3, but I must say I am somewhat surprised one can get an Android handset running a relatively up to date version of the OS for just £69, which makes me regret once again that Microsoft was not able to port Windows Phone 8 to old single core hardware and address this price point more directly.

Ultimately the Nokia Lumia 620 was recommended not only for being the more premium device, but also due to being simpler to use, a very important element for a first time smartphone owner.

Hopefully the NL 620 will soon drift down to the £99 mark and increase its addressable market immensely.

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