Nokia Releases Transport 2.0 App For Lumia Windows Phone Devices

by Pradeep - 3 years ago - @pradeepviswav

Nokia today released the second version of its exclusive app Transport for Lumia Windows Phone devices. The new version features improved search, performance, etc,.

Change log:

  • Find nearby stations, departure times and even types of transit lines available around your location.
  • Improved search:
    • Remember your last search query
    • Change your search without leaving the journey view
  • Improved performance
    • Faster display of upcoming journeys
    • Faster journey request

This app works differently according to the region. It provides us route based on timetable and estimation.

From Nokia,

This app supports timetable-based information in certain cities & regions and estimated routing in others.

Estimated routing uses the map data to calculate a heuristic route, based on the likely frequency of lines.  That means we have no exact departure and arrival times, but only know how long a journey using certain lines might take.

Download the app here from the betalabs site.

via: Nokia Beta labs