Note+ for WP8: Speech is In (free for a week!)

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Note+ QR Code

Note+ is a simple yet delightful note-taking companion.

Beautifully Modern, from app icon to page transitions, it’s as intuitive as a native application. Optimized for Windows Phone 8, it supports Live Tiles, Speech Recognition, Voice Commands, Lock Screen Notifications and Security PIN, as well as instant launch, instant resume and fast app switching.

If you love taking notes, and enjoy a wonderfully minimal experience, you’ll love Note+.

Main Features

  • Live Tiles: small, medium and wide, for each individual note. The main Live Tile shows the last-edited or featured note.
  • Speech Recognition: dictation support for composing notes by voice.
  • Voice Commands: create, open, delete, share, read and copy notes, just using your voice.
  • Lock Screen Notifications: show the last-edited note as the detailed status on your lock screen.
  • Security PIN: protect your notes using a secure and easy to use PIN.
  • Featured Note: select a note to be shown on the main Live Tile and detailed status on the lock screen.
  • Sharing: support for sharing via messaging, email and social networks.
  • Orientation and keyboard: portrait, landscape, text correction and full emoji support. Easily copy notes to the clipboard.

Note+ usually costs, but it’s free for a week, so get it while you can! You can find it at the Windows Phone Store, or scan the QR code to download it directly to your phone.