Note+ Updated: SkyDrive Backup, Lock Screen Orientation, and More!

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Note+, a simple yet delightful note-taking application, was updated today to include one of the most user-requested features: SkyDrive backup.

The feature is really simple, allowing the user to manually upload a backup to the Documents folder on SkyDrive. This backup is secure, created using AES encryption, which makes it impossible to steal information by a person who gets access to the file. Furthermore, it can’t be modified by the user, potentially making it unusable.

Screenshot 03

SkyDrive sync, or the ability to restore the notes using this backup, is coming in the next update. The reason is to exhaustively test this security-critical feature before releasing it to the public, and guarantee a working solution using the Live Connect API.

Other features are included with the update, including a new setting to lock the screen orientation to portrait, and an easier to discover Live Tile which allows the creation of new notes from the Start screen.

You can download Note+ at the Windows Phone Store for US$1.29, and with features like Live Tiles, Speech Recognition, Voice Commands, Lock Screen Notifications, Security PIN, sharing, and more, it’s practically a bargain.