New Lumia Cyan update for Developer Preview devices does not resolve Bitlocker issue


Last night Microsoft started rolling out the Lumia Cyan update to Developer Preview devices.  The firmware update has been on hold for more than a month after it caused widespread issues with handsets which were using Bitlocker encryption, resulting in handsets which were unusable.

It seems all the delay was however for naught, as users are still reporting running into problems after the update.

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Microsoft Offers Bing App Linking For Developers, Works In Similar To Google App Indexing

Today, I came across a post from Search Engine Land reporting about Bing App linking. Even though Microsoft has about offering since March, many developers are now aware of this feature on Windows platforms yet. Here is how it works, Bing just released a new app-linking feature that allows you to link your Windows and Windows Phone apps to web search results.  By surfacing app links alongside web search results, app linking helps boost………

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Shake your phone & Feed OmNomster!

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Imagine there are no buttons to control your character, yet you have full control over him. Are you a Jedi? Almost. “Feed OmNomster – The Hungry Monster” is a free casual game with mechanics purely based on a wrist gestures. So you have to tilt or shake your phone to control the monster’s movement and feed him trash.

The monster is growing and developing his skills through time, being able to use special powers such us Slow Motion or blaster weapons. First he starts as a small monster, but during time he gets bigger, flurry and more hungry.

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QRCodeAs he travels around the world, he finds himself in various locations filled with differently themed trash items and new obstacles like moving saws or lasers. The game is to be released exclusively on Windows Phone Store for FREE on August, 29th. Check it out!

See the video trailer after the break.
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Xbox One And ‘Madden NFL 15’ Bundle For $399 Is Now Available For Order

Microsoft recently announced the limited-edition bundle includes an Xbox One console and a Madden NFL 15 game download. This bundle is now available for sale on select retailers including Microsoft Stores and Amazon. The most advanced multiplayer powered by over 300,000 servers for maximum performance Item includes Xbox One console, controller, Madden NFL 15 download, Madden ultimate team packs (3………

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Grapholite Diagrams Comes to Windows Phone as its First Business Graphics App

Aphalina announced today that its easy-to-use diagrams designer for creating business graphics is now available for Windows Phone users.

Grapholite can be used for all types of business graphics: flow charts, floor plans, office layouts, uml diagrams, mind maps, organizational charts, venn charts, bpmn diagrams, web-site structures and wireframes, technical drawings, network layouts, ui mockups and much more.

Despite the fact that it is a mobile application it contains all features that can be expected from the mature state-of-the-art diagramming solutions like Visio: a rich set of built-in themes and styles, sophisticated connection auto-routing algorithms, dynamic grid, snap lines and hundreds of smart shapes on the toolbox. The unique “sketch” mode allows single-click styling of any figure as if it is sketched by hand.

Grapholite UI was redesigned from scratch in order to provide great user experience for touch input without sacrificing any editing features of the desktop software.

The app provides a unique set of shapes’ behaviors for each diagram type. For example, windows and doors will automatically connect to walls in floor plans.

Result can be exported to PNG, JPEG, PDF and SVG formats.

QRCodeThis app is also an ideal tool for creating business process models (both bpmn 1.2 and bpmn 2.0 notations are supported), workflows, data flows, scientific illustrations, building plans, brainstorming, planograms and infographics.

The application is compatible with online, desktop and windows tablet versions.

Download here.

Microsoft Is Working To Fix The Heat Issue In Surface Pro 3 Core i7 Models

Microsoft today acknowledged the Surface Pro 3 heating issues and promised that they will be releasing an update to fix this issue soon. They also revealed that this affects very small number of Surface Pro 3 Intel Core i7 devices which are temporarily restarting and incorrectly showing a “Thermometer Gauge” icon while attempting to boot up “The Surface Team is aware of a very small number of Surface Pro 3 Intel® ……..

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Microsoft Expands Bing Maps Transit Features In Japan

Microsoft today expanded Bing Maps with greater transit coverage and additional transit-related features in Japan. In this release, they have expanded the number of agencies and routes in Bing Maps. So, you can enjoy transit routes in Japan wherever you go. Detailed walking directions Transit can be frustrating when you have a transfer that doesn’t occur at the same station. Getting off of one metro line, going up to the street,…….

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Upload to YouTube app updated with Transcoding feature

wp_ss_20140826_0002 wp_ss_20140826_0004

Developers BC3 has updated their WP8.1 app  Upload to Youtube, to version 2.2. The app is designed specifically for  Windows Phone 8.1, and lets you pick videos not just from your camera roll, but using a file picker from anywhere on your phone (such as the Downloads folder for example).

New in this version is a significant new feature – the ability to transcode a video to higher or more importantly lower resolution before uploading.  The feature is particularly important when bandwidth is low, when it may be a lot easier to upload a 100 MB 720P vs 400 MB 1080P file.

imageThe update also brings stability improvements and improvements in link creation at YouTube.

The app is free and ad-supported (though an IAP can remove the ads) and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store here.

NFL Now App Now Available For Download In Windows Store

NFL Now app is now available for download from Windows Store. It offers real-time highlights served to you on game day for every game and Fantasy match-up, also with NFL Now Archive you can have unlimited, ad-free access to the NFL Films’ vault of famous shows.   App Description: NFL Now delivers a personalized video stream of your favorite NFL teams, players and coaches right to your phone or tablet. Get exclusive interviews ………

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Rumour: HTC One for Windows coming to all major US carriers


We already know the HTC One for Windows is coming to AT&T, but now there is also rumours that the handset will come to Sprint and T-Mobile also.

The claim is via @upleaks, the unanointed successor to evLeaks, and I don’t think would have carried much weight, except that the Android version of the handset is also already available.

If the handset does come to all carriers, it is also like to spread widely internationally also.

Are any of our non-Verizon readers waiting for the handset? Let us know below.


Gold Box Deal of the Day: “Watch Dogs” For Xbox One Now Available For $36 From Amazon

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs game which won over 90 awards at E3 went on sale last May. The game is available from various retailers like Microsoft Stores, Amazon, etc,. This game is now on sale at Amazon. Today, August 26, 2014 only, get a special price on “Watch Dogs.” Save when you buy “Watch Dogs” on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC (physical only)…….

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