Pex4fun From Microsoft Research Allows You To Code In WP7

by Pradeep - 4 years ago - @pradeepviswav


Pex for fun is a project from a research team which is part of the Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) group at Microsoft Research  . Pex for fun allows programming in C#, Visual Basic, and F# from our browser. Now the team has released a mobile app which allows you to do the same in Windows Phone 7.

Application Description:

Win points by writing code! You earn points when your code computes the right outputs for all inputs. Pex4fun features a code editor with auto-completion, snippets and background compilation to make programming on the phone a reality. If you are new to programming in general, don’t worry: Pex4fun also features a set of courses to learn the basics and beyond right from your phone.

Download the app from here. More screenshots after the break.