Portico update rolling out to unbranded devices in Germany


Officially the Portico update for Nokia Lumia devices is rolling out since end January, but most people, including me, who own a unbranded device, have not received the update so far. Today I received an update prompt on my device saying the update is finally available. Many other blogs, like wparea.de confirm that too.

It seems unfair that unbranded devices, unencumbered by carrier testing and restrictions, get the updates last, but it is what it is.

Have  our readers with unbranded devices received the update today also? Let us know in the comments.

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Lucas is a Microsoft hardcore user. He is actually using a Nokia Lumia 1520, but has been using Symbian devices before. From Smartphones over Windows to Xbox he is completely up to date and knows almost everything that is going on in the tech world right now.


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