Shuffle Party finally available for Windows Phone 8


Shuffle Party was one very popular (and free!) high quality Xbox Live game for Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately it was – same as some other Xbox Games – not available for Windows Phone 8…

However, today the official Xbox twitter account tweeted that the game is finally ready for download in the Windows Phone store. I checked it and it is indeed downloadable.

Like I already mentioned, the game is free and high quality, means it has a nice gameplay and beautiful graphics (at least on 480×800 screen resolutions because it seems the game is unfortunately not optimized for HD resolutions). Grab Shuffle Party in the Windows Phone Store here.

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Lucas is a Microsoft hardcore user. He is actually using a Nokia Lumia 1520, but has been using Symbian devices before. From Smartphones over Windows to Xbox he is completely up to date and knows almost everything that is going on in the tech world right now.


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