Survey: Your favorite Windows Phone game

Some time ago the Windows Phone marketplace has reached the 100,000 app mark, and Windows Phone 8, which will bring many changes and new possibilities for developers, will be released soon, so we decided to make a little survey, in which you can choose your favorite Windows Phone 7(.5) game released in the past three years…

I think these are the most popular games on Windows Phone, but if you have a game request just write an E-Mail to [email protected], and if enough people requested the same game, I will add it to the post. So, what are you waiting for?! Vote for your favorite game now Zwinkerndes Smiley

See the full list after the break.

About Author

Lucas is a Microsoft hardcore user. He is actually using a Nokia Lumia 1520, but has been using Symbian devices before. From Smartphones over Windows to Xbox he is completely up to date and knows almost everything that is going on in the tech world right now.


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