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Nokia Lumia 820 case 3D printed from a Nokia Lumia 920

In what is believed to be a world first , 15 year old South African students Gerhard de Clercq and Pieter Scholtz managed to 3D print a Nokia Lumia 820 case from a Nokia Lumia 920 using a home-built RepRap 3D printer.

The commands are sent via Bluetooth using their own app, which is able to take a 3D model and do the slicing directly on the phone.

The intend is to bring down the cost of 3D printing by reducing the need for a PC or other specialist equipment. The project won a gold medal at the Northern Gauteng Science Expo.

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Have a 3D printer? Take your wireless charging plate vertical with this free design model


3D printing is all the rage, as it allows one to make unique but durable creations nearly as good as manufactured goods.

I am sure many of us have thought about propping up our wireless charging plate so we could use our phone while it was charging. A 3D printed cradle lets one do so elegantly, but of course not all of us have the skill and experience to turn our ideas into solid creations.

Thankfully Abdel Rachyd has done most of the work for us, designing the above cradle which fits Nokia’s wireless charging plate like a glove, and he has kindly made the design available for free.

If you have access to a 3D printer download his design from Shapeways for free here. If you don’t you can still get Shapeways to print the design for you themselves, but that will cost you a pricy 57 Euro, at which point a Nokia Desktop Cradle will probably make a lot more sense.

Thanks Abdel for the tip.

iMaterialise shows how to 3D Print a usable Nokia Lumia 820 case

Nokia recently released 3D schematics to print a back cover for the Nokia Lumia 820.

The effort was well received, but we soon heard from the Verge that the plans produced a cover far too brittle to be used in real life.

iMaterialise however decided to do some testing and tinkering on the files, and finally produced a case that is indeed fully functional.

In the final product they:

  • Made the walls of the file thicker (2 mm, from 0.9 mm)
  • Adjusted and fine-tuned the button functionality
  • Decided upon the best print orientation
  • Choose the best materials to print in

See how they did it after the break.

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Nokia’s 3D Printed Lumia 820 case design adapted for the Makerbot, printed out


Continuing on the 3D Printing theme, Makerbot have adapted the 3D design released by Nokia for the Nokia Lumia 820 battery cover to work with their MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer, which costs around $2,199.

They note the result creates an awesome shell that fits great.

IMGP1386_preview_featured IMGP1380_preview_featured

See more pictures and download the Makerbot plans for free from their site here.

Thanks Kamal for the tip.

3D Printed Nokia Wireless Charger Stand for Nokia Lumia designed


Taking up the gauntlet thrown down by Nokia when they released 3D printing designs for the Nokia Lumia 820 battery cover, Relief, a Dutch designer, went one better and designed a stand for the Nokia Wireless Charger which effectively turns it into a stand.

He is looking for feedback on his design, which he then hopes to finalize and sell to 3D printer owners.

He writes:

Hi folks! I have come up with a holder for Nokia’s wireless charger. Normally you have to put your 820/920 flat to charge it which makes it difficult to use while charging. With this dock you can convert your flat charger into an angled charger. This way its easier to interact with your smartphone. Lots of people got their charger for free, so i wanted to offer something unique to make the charger more useful. I i am showing this publicly for a discussion on reliability before i open it for sale to you. If you have something to comment about this model, be free to do so! I really appreciate constructive criticism. Especially since i am new to this 3D printing.

At first glance I think I would prefer the cable exit at the bottom rather than the top, and that the arms holding the phone in place be a bit more robust.

We have seen many projects to make the Nokia Wireless charger more useful, and 3D printing by far has the most potential for creating a really polished product. Hopefully in a few years time we will all be having one of these in our homes to make all our gadget fantasies reality.

See the design and express your interest in the stand at Shapeways here.

Update: Relief has updated his design based on the feedback so far, and mentioned in comments that Shapeways should be able sell the completed cradle for around $30.

Nokia released 3D printing designs and specifications for Nokia Lumia 820 back cover

You could create your own custom rugged shell with 3D printing.

If you have a hankering for a Nokia Lumia 820 back cover that also has a a kick-stand, and you also have a 3D printer (increasingly affordable at around $2000 these days) Nokia has just made it a lot easier to print your own battery cover.

The company, which already uses 3D printing to rapidly prototype phones and cases, have released the full “3D-printing Development Kit” with all the documentation you’ll need, including “3D templates, case specs, recommended materials and best practices.”

With some modification we can imagine all kinds of great designs that will fit just as snugly as the real thing.

Download the Lumia 820 3D-printing Development Kit (1), (2), (3) at the links supplied.

Is there are particular feature our readers would want to add to their own back cover, as I imagine even if you do not have your own printer, someone who has one could very easily set up their own little cottage industry making our fancies real.  Let us know below.

Via Engagdet.com