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Kreyos Smart Watch maker shows off their Windows Phone app

13 months ago we first posted about the Kreyos Meteor smart watch, then a new project raising money on Indiegogo, which then promised Windows Phone compatibility.

The accessory promised to let you control functions on your smartphone using voice and gestures, courtesy of its microphone and 3 axis gyroscope, and the water proof watch will also be able to function as an activity monitor for fitness-related activity, heart-rate monitor and cycling computer.


The “watch” can be worn on the wrist, belt and lapel and will also serve as a development platform for 3rd party developers.

Kreyos has now showed that they kept their promise of Windows Phone compatibility by posting the video above, showing the app in action, pairing and drawing data of the Meteor watch.

The device is now available to pre-order for $169.99. See a video demonstrating the device after the break, and place your order here.

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Lumsing Power Bank 10400 mAh portable USB charger– the Verdict

We have been sent a Lumsing Power Bank 10400 mAh portable USB charger to give a whirl, and are happy to report after a week of use the device is a definite buy.

We tested the device by seeing how long our Nokia Lumia 920 would last away from a power socket, relying only on the Power Bank to keep the device powered.



Starting with a fully charged Nokia Lumia 920, the device managed to keep my handset going for 4 full days, which I think is quite an achievement for a WP8.1 handset. The charging lights also did a good job of keeping me informed of the current status of the device, though the last 25% seemed to go much faster than the first.

The device has some nifty tricks, including being able to charge two devices at once, and of shutting down automatically after 5 minutes after fully charging your phone. Of note though is that this means it will not keep your phone at 100% overnight.

In terms of design, the ability to use the same wire to charge the battery as to charge your phone is quite nifty.

Recharging the battery to full from a laptop takes around 4 hours, which is relatively fast.

The device can be ordered from Amazon UK for £17.99 and at Amazon US where is is on sale for $24.99. Grab it while stock lasts.

GOkey may be the only accessory you need this summer

GOKey is a new smartphone accessory by Go Devices which promises to do it all, including charge your phone, act as a cable, serve as a Bluetooth 4.0 LE locator and offers 8 to 32 GB of flash storage.20140425055442-intro

The small keychain device offers up to 2 hours of charge for your phone from its 400 mAh battery and its Bluetooth locator has a range of over 100 feet.

Go Devices are raising money on IndieGogo, and have already raised $370,000 more than their $40,000 target with 9 more days to go.

The service offers explicit support for Windows Phone, saying:


The team hope to have the device available by January 2015.

Get on the bandwagon and get one $20 cheaper than retail before the fundraising close by visiting the Indiegogo page here.

New Promo Video For Nokia Treasure Tag – Keep Your Precious Things Close

Nokia recently announced the Treasure Tag accessory for Lumia devices. You can keep your precious things close with Nokia Treasure Tag. Attach tag to your belongings and pair it with your phone. You’ll be able to use your phone to quickly find the things you’ve tagged. Keep track of your most important belongings by pairing and customising up to four Treasure Tags with the same app. You can download the Treasure Tag app from the Windows Phone Store.

Nokia published the above promo video for Nokia Treasure Tag today. It is a nice little song explaining the usage of Treasure Tag accessory. Watch it above.

Microsoft Announces Nokia Treasure Tag And Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker MD-12 Accessories In India

Along with the launch of Nokia Lumia 630 variants, Nokia India also announced the launch of Nokia Treasure Tag accessory and the Nokia wireless speaker MD-12 for Indian consumers.

Nokia Treasure Tag:

Attach the The Nokia Treasure Tag onto your important possessions, and it will notify you when you are about to leave them behind. Nokia Treasure Tag NFC accessory is priced at Rs 2,100 and is expected to hit the retail stores towards the end of this month.

Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker MD-12

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Microsoft applies for fitness tracker/Smart watch patent

microsoft smart watch

The US PTO has just published a patent application by Microsoft for a smart watch/ fitness tracker which in many ways are very similar to the recently announced Windows Phone-compatible Sapphire Wellness Watch.

Patent No. 20,140,121,539 describes a wearable device which can either be worn on the wrist or easily removed from the watch strap for insertion in a docking and charging station.

Like the Sapphire Wellness Watch the device would be an activity and fitness tracker and would similarly use an optical sensor at the back plate of the watch to measure heart rate and other biometrics.

docking station docking station 2

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Nokia Announces Treasure Tag Accessory, Costs $29.90 And Availability In April

Nokia Treasure Tag Windows Phone
Nokia today finally announced the new treasure tag accessory for Lumia Windows Phone devices. It is a 30 x 30 x 10mm, 13g weighing accessory that will help you to find your keys, your bag, or even your wallet when it is separated from you. You can have up to four different Nokia Treasure Tags simultaneously connected to your Nokia Lumia. It will offer a battery life of up to six months and you can change the battery(standard coin cell type CR-2032).

Nokia Treasure Tag will be available in four different colours: cyan, yellow, white and black with a recommended retail price of €24,90 ($29.90) with availability in April globally.

Here’s how it works.

Pairing is simple. Either use NFC to connect, or search for the Tag within the Bluetooth* settings of your phone.

If you leave the house without one or the other, the two will emit a loud tone to alert you of this fact.

The accompanying Nokia Treasure Tag app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store right from your Lumia. Conveniently, however, the first time you pair the Treasure Tag to your phone you’ll be prompted to download it.

If the situation arises and you hear the tone from either the phone or the Nokia Treasure Tag, you’ll hopefully be within range to hear the tone of the other device – making it very easy to locate.

Should you miss the alert for some reason, don’t worry. The clever app will help you to locate the lost item on a map, powered by HERE.

Nokia’s Treasure Tag app shows up as internal beta


Nokia Treasure TagAfter many leaks we were somewhat surprised not to see Nokia’s Treasure Tag Bluetooth 4.0 accessory at Nokia World last year.

It seems however that the device is slowly making its way to the market, with an internal app showing up in the Windows Phone Store for the accessory.

The app, which provides no clue regarding its function, will expire in 90 days time, which will hopefully also be enough time to actually release the device to market.

Nokia’s Treasure Tag is expected to provide Bluetooth 4.0-based proximity services, allowing users to attach the tag to their keys and then use their phone to find it, or alternatively use it to find your misplaced phone. The app is expected to integrate with Nokia’s Live Sight Augmented Reality app and will work over around 15 metres.

The device has already cleared the FCC so it seems app development is the only thing holding it back at present.

See the entry for the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Thanks Sven for the tip.

Nokia’s wireless wireless charging plate now on sale at Amazon


Nokia’s rather interesting DC-50 Portable Wireless Charging Plate is now on sale at Amazon.co.uk.

The Qi-compatible wireless charging plate, which can work plugged like any other charging plate, and which can also then be taken on the move and charge a Qi-compatible device completely wirelessly, is on sale for £64.94 ($105.80) and offers 2400 mAh of capacity, though it is likely only about 70% of this will be available when charging wirelessly.

The accessory features.

  • Size: 69 x 134 x 12 mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Wireless charging standard: Qi
  • Charging connector: microUSB
  • Battery technology: Li-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 2400 mAh
  • LED indicators: battery level indicator and charging indicator

The £64.95 price is on the expensive side, but considering that it combines a normal charging plate with a battery, without the need for cord management on the go, letting you charge normally at home and take extra power with you if you anticipate a long day, makes the price seem somewhat reasonable.

Will any of our readers be picking up the plate for Christmas? Let us know below.


Lumia Smart Watch concept looks pretty cool

We know Microsoft is working on a smart watch, but I suspect it will not come close to this concept dreamt up by Omar Pirela, who posted it on the Verge forums.

He writes:

Hi, this is my third concept inspired in the Nokia brand, but well, in this case is beyond the Nokia-Microsoft Deal and explores the Lumia as a standalone brand with the first SmartWatch, the perfect companion to your Lumia phone and tablet, I think they need to rethink the Windows Phone brand too, because in the near future it will be more than phones. My concept is based on a hardware navigation with a colorful design, AMOLED screen and a camera connected via Bluetooth with your main device.

The main menu was designed to reduce the energy consumption and to offer useful notification info, the form-factor offers a traditional watch shape and the possibility to customize the color to your personal preference. I´m working on a second video to show how this will work. I believe in the future of the Nokia Devices team under Microsoft umbrella coming soon, and that is my inspiration to create this work. Thank you for your support.

What do our readers think of this concept? Let us know below.

Thanks ImperialDynamics for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 1520 protective cover hands-on pictures



The Nokia Lumia 1520 comes with a handy cover which provides protection as well as folding into a handy stand for the large handset.

The cover is not active and does not have a magnetic snap, and is not Qi enabled, but since the handset already has Qi built-in this is not an issue.

It comes in a variety of colours, including Black, Yellow, red and White. It will cost 29.90 euro and will not be included in the box in most markets.

See more pictures after the break.

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