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Cortana Takes On Apple’s Siri In The Latest Windows Phone Commercial (Video)

Microsoft today released a new commercial to promote Lumia 635 devices running Windows Phone 8.1. All Lumia 635 devices in the US is powered by Cortana, new digital personal assistant. In this ad, Microsoft compared Cortana’s features like setting reminders when you call next time, traffic levels, etc, with Apple Siri.

Say hello to Cortana, your new personal assistant. Cortana will remind you to leave early to beat traffic and help you get to your destination on time, will remind you that you need milk when passing the grocery store, and will remind you to say happy birthday when your mom calls. Available now on the new Nokia Lumia 635 and on other Lumia phones.

Grab Lumia 635 at Microsoft here.

AdDeals unveils figures, Square & Windows Phone Summer Challenge for Developers


Since AdDeals Network was launched six months ago, it has known a quite impressive and steady growth on the Windows Phone market and has become a leading performance based ad Network on this platform.

  • Hundreds of Windows phone developers use our tools every day.
  • Millions of Windows Phone apps integrating AdDeals advertising tools are downloaded every month.
  • AdDeals now allows all developers to integrate full screen ads & Square ads in a truly innovative way.
  • AdDeals is accessible to all developers. It’s about quality, choice and deals for end users, publishers & advertisers.

Today, we are happy to unveil our new ad format available to the whole Windows Phone developers community for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 & Unity. At Ahead Solutions we strive to provide great and different advertising tools that change the way people think of mobile advertising and will enhance the end user experience when integrated into Windows Phone apps & games. As a result we have built Square, a truly innovative ad format providing:

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New Nokia video promotes the Lumia 930 and the One Windows Experience

Microsoft has posted a new promotional video for their Nokia Lumia 930, and in this beautifully shot ad they promote the integration between Windows Phones, Windows tablets and Windows PCs. 

The ad is however rather subtle, and I wonder if a few videos which explain the features such as synchronizing tabs and universal apps and so forth may not be necessary to educate the public.

What do our readers think? Let us know below.


Nokia Lumia 1020 makes a random appearance in Irish butter ad

We are sure Nokia often pays for product placement in music videos and movies, but for some reason we think the Nokia Lumia 1020 showing up in the Irish butter ad was a freebie.

It is likely the Nokia Lumia 1020 was included for its rather visible and iconic camera hump – the exact reason why Nokia went for that design.

We hope the handset continues to gain recognition as the one real camera phone in a sea of also-rans.

Thanks Timmy for the tip.

New Nokia Lumia 1320 Promo Video Emphasizes Its Big And Beautiful Body

Nokia today released a promo video for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1320 device on its YouTube channel. This new ad focuses on the 6″ 720p HD display and bright, colourful design that really stands out from the crowd. According to Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 1320 makes a statement in any situation!

At Nokia World, Nokia announced that Lumia 1320 will be available in orange, yellow, black, or white color. The device is expected to be available first in China and Vietnam in early 2014, followed by other Asian markets, India and European markets. The price of the device will be around USD 339.

Find more details about the device here.

GEICO shows a Windows Phone app in their ad when none exists


We are not sure if the new GEICO ad is hinting at a coming Windows Phone app with its “simulated screen” or if the US insurance company is taking a dig at Windows Phone users, but what is pretty clear is that in one of the company’s latest ads the pig is using a Windows Phone to conduct its business, when none exists.

Which do our readers think it is? Watch the video after the break and let us know below.

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Funny Nokia Lumia 1020 ad suggests if you don’t have a 1020 you getter start practicing your martial arts

Nokia UAE has  just posted another take on Microsoft’s Nokia Lumia 1020 children’s play ad which suggests if you do not have a phone with great zoom capability, you better start buffing up on your martial art skills if you are going to get the perfect picture.

Are our readers students of Rez-Tu-Lo or do you have a NL 1020? Let us know below.


Nokia brings great UK low-light Nokia Lumia 925 ad to the US

UK readers will recognize the ad above for being in pretty heavy rotation over the last 2 months, before being replaced by Nokia Lumia 1020 ads.

It seems like all responsible companies Nokia is engaging in a bit of recycling, and are now showing the ad to US viewers, advertising the T-Mobile version of the sleek handset.

Do our readers think it translates well? Let us know below.

Thanks Nishy for the tip.

Nokia takes a dig at Samsung with “most megapixels you can fit into a pair of skinny jeans” ad


MyNokiaBlog spotted the above billboard for the Nokia Lumia 1020 on Lombard Drive in California, touting the Nokia Lumia 1020 with the slogan:

“The most megapixels you can fit into a pair of skinny jeans.”

The ad is a subtle dig at Samsung with their ridiculous Galaxy S4 Zoom camera-focussed phone, and also of course positions the camera as suitable for the skinny jeans generation.

I think the ad would have had a bit more impact if it featured the phone slipped into the back pocket of a pair of comely skinny jeans however.  Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Check Out This Amazing Nokia Lumia 1020 Video Ad

Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best camera smartphone available in the market without any doubt. Nokia has launched the device in US and it is already marketing the device along with AT&T. We have seen couple of those ads in the past. Here is a new video ad that is trying to project the camera capabilities of the device by showing an animation of the entire image capturing experience within the device. If you know some basics of photography, you must be enjoying the device more than others.

Here is the link to the YouTube video.

via: MNB

New Nokia Lumia 625 Ad Highlights 4G Connectivity And Large Screen

Nokia today posted a new ad to promote its upcoming Lumia 625 Windows Phone 8 device. It is the largest Lumia device with 4.7? IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and it comes with an affordable price tag as well. This new ad focuses on 4G connectivty and the large beautiful display. Read the video ddescription below.

Introducing Grass House, a four piece band from the North of England, whose captivation with nature influences every aspect of their music.

The full length film follows each band member equipped with a Nokia Lumia 625 as they record their surroundings in various locations before sharing and collaborating with other band members, culminating in their final music video performance.

What do you think of this new ad for Lumia 625?
Thanks to Nissy for the heads up.

New Nokia Lumia 925 Ad Compares Photographic Capabilties With Apple iPhone 5

Nokia today posted a great video to promote its new Nokia Lumia 925′s photographic capabilities. It starts with a Nokia’s vision on quality of photos instead of focusing on quantity(Everyday, more photos are taken on iPhone than any other phone).

Throughout the video, Nokia compared same moments shot using Nokia Lumia 925 with Apple iPhone 5. You can clearly notice the Lumia 925′s superior imaging by seeing difference in the images.

We believe that every day, better photos are taken with the Nokia Lumia than any other cameraphone.

Do our readers think this full-frontal attack on Apple will be successful? Let us know below.

Via UKMobileReview, thanks David for the tip.

New Nokia Lumia 1020 Ad Focuses On Camera To Target Photography Loving Consumers

Last week we saw the first ad for AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020, as expected it focused on the low-light and lossless zoom of camera in action. Today we got another commercial, and this one also focuses on camera of the device. The ad shows different people trying to capture different moments and how Nokia Lumia 1020 with its amazing camera can serve them better to do that.

Meet the Nokia Lumia 1020, with 41 megapixels and reinvented zoom—this is what billions of smartphone camera photographers have been waiting for. Nothing else comes close.

Do you like this ad?

Source: @windowsphone