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Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013 Official Teaser video features sexy HTC 8S and Microsoft Surface

Australian women’s surf and swimwear giant Roxy is currently in hot water over a video teaser for their Pro Biarritz 2013 teaser, which shows some Microsoft mobile hardware in a rather private setting.

The video asks #WhoAmIJustGuess, and while many may guess five-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore, I suspect too few would know the real answer – the HTC 8S Windows Phone 8 handset and Microsoft Surface.

While the teaser has been accused of lingering too long on sexy lines and curves, I think all will be forgiven if the viewers knew they could have their very own HTC 8S for only $229.95.

Via Reddit.com

Nokia makes fun of iPhone zombies

Nokia Germany is promoting the good low light capability of the Nokia Lumia 925 by making fun of the iPhone’s need to use its flash to light up the scene.

With the recent news of the iPhone 5s having a dual LED flash the campaign is rather well timed, but of course calling iPhone users zombies may rub some the wrong way.

Microsoft posts new Windows Phone ad, emphasizes hipness and daringness

Just in time for the unveiling of iOS 7, Microsoft posted a new ad for the Nokia Lumia 920, noting that it was not the iPhone or some Android handset which was Engadget smartphone of the year, but the Nokia Lumia 920, which has been labelled as Hip, Unique, Personal and Daring by various publications.

Presumably the ad is designed to suggest that the iPhone is stale and copying Windows Phone’s UI.

Do our readers think they succeeded? Let us know below.

Verizon continues the low-light offensive with another new Nokia Lumia 928 ad

In their latest ad for the Nokia Lumia 928 Nokia and Verizon once again makes a strong case for the low-light performance of the handset as its major selling point.

The ad touts the Nokia Lumia 928’s ability to take vibrant pictures in near darkness, and shows owners from other phones sharing photos which do not perform half as well.

Unlike the other ad this one does not directly compare the handsets to the iPhone and Galaxy S 4, indicating that there is probably some Verizon money behind it. It has been rumoured that both Verizon and Microsoft/Nokia had a large marketing budget for the device.

Do our readers think the ad will strike a cord with potential buyers? Let us know below.

Via Reddit.com

Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi hands out Digital Make-overs and Nokia Lumia 521s alike

The latest US Windows Phone commercial features the Nokia Lumia 521 and celebrity stylist Robert Verdi, who seems to be going around as a phone fairy, handing out free Nokia Lumia 521 handsets and loads of accessories to go with them.

The commercial appears to be about demonstrating how Windows Phone can satisfy the needs of common users, but really its rather difficult to discern any message when it is surrounded by so many cheap accessories.

What do our readers think of the ad? Let us know below.

Via Timesdigit.com, thanks Wasim  for the tip.

Natwest’s Helpful Banking ad has Windows Phone in the staring role

Natwest has recently started running the above ad on television, featuring mobile banking done on a smartphone.

Interestingly the handset used by the father in the ad appears to be a Nokia Lumia 920, while the florist is using an older Nokia Lumia 800 handset. The only other handset shown appears to be one Android model, the HTC One.

Some-one at Natwest must be liking Windows Phone, as their demo video of their mobile app is also recorded on a Windows Phone

This is of course the type of incidental advertising the iPhone always tended to benefit from, and it is great to see Windows Phones now also getting good rotation.

The Natwest Windows Phone app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Latest Windows Phone ad a riot

Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone ad takes advantage of the rivalry between iPhone and Android by placing itself firmly in the place of the alternative choice, for those who do not want to get caught up in the fight between the two camps.

The video shows a wedding where the guests are split between iOS and Android and when firsts strt flying, it is only the Windows Phone using workers who remain above the fray.

Do our readers think this ad has what it takes to go viral? Let us know below.

Latest Windows Phone ad sells Kids Corner

Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone ad tries to sell Windows Phones to parents, showing off Kids Corner, which is a unique Windows Phone feature the other mobile operating systems have yet to swipe.

Microsoft has pushed the feature heavily at the introduction of Windows Phone 8, both by having Joe Belfiore on stage with his kids, and also by having celebrities who are also mothers, like Jessica Alba and Holly Willoughby represent the handset in ads.

In the latest move Microsoft’s Ben the PCGuy tries to sell the feature using everyday families. Do our readers think the ads are a success? Let us know below.

Nokia Lumia 920 shows up in Wendy’s commercial

I don’t know if Nokia is now doing product placement in the commercials of other companies, but for those who know those are clearly two Nokia Lumia 920s in the above ad for Wendy’s new Flatbread Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

I suspect however what the ad really portrays is that the Nokia Lumia 920 is the new phone of the hipsters, for whom an iPhone and Samsung is clearly too mainstream, and who are jumping on the Windows Phone train before it is cool.

That can’t be a bad thing, right?

Thanks Martin for the tip.

Latest Windows Phone ad features NBA star Grant Hill

Microsoft has just uploaded their latest Windows Phone commercial, featuring NBA star Grant Hill, who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers.

The video shows how he uses the camera and social features of Windows Phone and SkyDrive to share videos and pictures and stay in touch with his family.

The commercial is currently airing on ESPN and has the tag line  “re-invented around you.”

What do our readers think of this latest add? Let us know below.

Via TheNokiaBlog

Fan-made Nokia Lumia 920 commercial pretty good

Nokia’s commercials have become a lot better recently, but they could always do with a little bit of more help.

Phong Luong made the above ad as part of his 3rd semester final project at school, and it does a pretty good job of putting the device in an exciting and dynamic setting while still showing off the features of the handset.

I still think however the ad plays too much to existing fans of the device rather than the general public, and that overall we need more ads which explain the actual features of the handset e..g explicitly calling out the optically stabilized video, great low-light pictures and good support for Office files.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Via Reddit.com

Chinese Nokia Lumia 920 ad does a good job of showing off handset features

We have complained in the past that some of Nokia’s phone ads are too touchy-feely and do not expound on the features of the phones, which especially does not help feature-laden phones like the Nokia Lumia 920.

It seems that is not the tack Nokia will be following in China, as the above ad demonstrates, which in little more than 2 minutes ably shows off most of the major features of the Nokia Lumia 920.

Do our readers think such ads should come to the west? Let us know below.

Thanks Njoi for the tip.

Verizon using Nokia JBL PowerUp speakers to advertise wireless charging on HTC Droid DNA

Here is a somewhat amusing story.  In the latest advertising for the HTC Droid DNA, an Android handset, Verizon is using a Nokia JBL PowerUp speaker to demonstrate NFC and Wireless Charging. Unfortunately however the Nokia logo seems to have been removed from the speakers.


No generic version of the speakers are being sold, meaning Verizon’s ad agency must have scrubbed off the stamp.

While neither technologies are new, MyNokiaBlog, who noticed the Nokia accessory in the ad, notes that it demonstrates that Nokia managed to catch the wave of these technologies at just the right time, such that they had accessories for their phones in the market before anyone else, leaving Verizon and HTC with little choice but to use Nokia hardware to demonstrate the usefulness of the technology.

Now if only Nokia ads were as cool…

Via MyNokiaBlog.com