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Secure Password Manager is updated and FREE again for a few days

SecureWord is a secure password manager has been updated to verion and will be free for the next few days! So, download it, even you don’t need it right now. Maybe it would be useful later.

New in this version:
- Ability to set security level
- Change database password
- Delete database

A quick features overview:

* Strong encryption.
* SkyDrive synchronization.
* Classic Windows clients, Windows Store client (metro), Windows Phone client. Android and iOS are planned for the near future
* Unlimited number of databases in device. Unlimited , notes, folders, cards and files.
* SecureWord can hold the files securely in database. However, do not store big files here.
* Easy access by real time filter/searcher (at the top of the list) and context menu for faster copying of the requested info to the buffer.
* Build-in strong passwords generator.
* Template settings for new secure notes. Your login, email, card holder name can be loaded from settings for new notes. Usually they are the same for all sites. Password is generated automatically too.

Windows Prone Store link for SecureWord. Windows Phone 7, WIndows Phone 8, WIndows Phone 8.1

Windows 8 Store version link

Classic Windows version link. Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

Microsoft release a Windows Phone 8.1- exclusive Twitter Beta app

Windows Phone 8.1 has removed much of the social network integration of the OS, but has also provided new hooks for apps to integrate directly with the OS.

Now Microsoft has released a beta of a Twitter app for Windows Phone which takes advantage of these new features and restores much of the earlier twitter integration found in WP8.

imageIt also integrates with Cortana, allowing users to say “new tweet” or Search, and also makes good use of the Action Centre.

The new app can be downloaded by Windows Phone 8.1 owners here.

Update:  That was quick! The app is no longer available, and has been unpublished.


Microsoft’s Office Remote app updated with new features

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Microsoft’s Office Remote, which allows desk jockeys to control presentations on their desktop from their Windows Phone, has been updated to version

Besides the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, the update brings a number of small but significant new features,

New in version 1.1.30. is the ability, in PowerPoint, to view the current slide and laser point on it without changing phone orientation.  Users will also be able to see a preview of the next slide and Play and pause embedded audio and video files.image

Note the app needs Office 2013 (not RT) and a PC with Bluetooth, and also needs the desktop add-in for Office Remote installed.

The app, which can also control Excel and Word, can be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsBlogItalia.com

How to easily launch Bing Vision on WP 8.1


Do any of our readers get the feeling Microsoft threw out many beloved babies with the Windows Phone 8 bathwater?

Bing Vision is a pretty useful app, not just being able to recognize barcodes and QRCodes, DVDs and books, and also scan and translate text.

Its replacement with Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1 is therefore less than ideal, but it is still possible to launch the app as a Camera Lens.

QRCodeNow Dream Team Mobile has made that one step easier, with their QR for Cortana app, which will launch the Camera Lens selection with one tap, rather than the two which would be needed if one were to go via the camera interface, making the process to launch Bing vision the same 2 tap affair it has always been.

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Nimbuzz Windows Phone App Updated with SIP support and more

Nimbuzz Windows Phone

Nimbuzz on Windows Phone client has  received  a major update  to version

The update now allows users to  add other SIP accounts to the app, allowing them to make affordable VoIP calls, and make great international long distance savings.


The update also offers:

  • SIP VOIP ACCOUNTS – Connect to any SIP provider and enjoy extremely low cost VOIP calls.
  • Allows you to Record and share Videos with friends.
  • Copy/Forward/Delete functionality for chat messages.
  • Improved File transfer.
  • Quick scrolling in chat window.
  • Bug Fix and Overall performance optimization.

In a statement Nimbuzz said:

“Nimbuzz has always been about connecting people and binding relationships together. Communication extends beyond messaging and calling. Users now want to share their priceless emotions and moments with pictures and videos. Taking a cue from this evolving communication need, Nimbuzz on Windows Phone 8 now allows users to not only transfer images but also shoot videos and share them with others on the platform.”

The updated app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

via Trutower.com

First Windows Phone 8.1 File Manager arrives in the Windows Phone Store

wp_ss_20140417_0003 wp_ss_20140417_0001 wp_ss_20140417_0002

Bonga Software has released the first File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1.

The app allows users to browse the shared libraries on Windows Phone, including the pictures and music folders. image

The app is not unfortunately very good or useful yet, but does allow users to create folders, and copy, delete or rename files.

To get a taste of the potential, download the free app from the Windows Phone Store here.

Simple Screen Locker provides the solution to your wonky power button

It has recently become the fashion to replace the use of hardware buttons with virtual buttons in an effort to reduce wear and tear on these mechanical parts and enhance the resale value of a handset.

On Windows Phone this is not too easy, as there is no good replacement for the power button.

Sure, on a Nokia handset you can use double tap to wake to wake the phone, but to actually put it to sleep requires either using the hardware power button or waiting for the time-out.

Now Kipware has provided the solution to those who either want to preserve or are already dealing with a broken power button on WP8 and WP8.1.

imageSimple Screen Locker is a simple app which drops a live tile on your screen which, when tapped, will lock your phone.

The app is both free and free of ads, and if you are the frugal type its a must download from the Windows Phone Store here.

Thanks Fabio for the tip.

WP 8.1 Xbox Games app updated


One of the advantages of removing apps from the OS and making them independent is that they can be easily updated.

One of the first such updates has been to the Games app for Windows Phone 8.1, which has been updated to version 2.0.1404.11000.

No changelog was provided, but presumably we can expect the usual bug fixes and much needed performance improvements.

imageWe understand such an update is also being delivered soon for the Xbox Music app on Windows Phone, where it is even more needed.

Find the Games app in the Windows Phone Store here.


The Official Facebook App For WP8.1 is different branch of the app

wp_ss_20140415_0004 wp_ss_20140415_0003

If you have installed the Windows Phone 8.1 update, don’t forget to also uninstall the Facebook beta and install the mainstream Facebook app.

When installing the app you will notice you are being offered a slightly different version,  a new 8.1 branch of the app, which offers integration with the People Hub, Calendar and Photos app.
The effect is most easily seen in the calendar, where Facebook Birthdays now show up.

The Facebook app for Windows Phone can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Xbox Music app in WP 8.1 a step backwards


While there is much to like about Windows Phone 8.1, some changes are not so endearing.

One of those is the Xbox Music app, which in many ways is a major step backwards from even the anaemic app in Windows Phone 8.

Sure, the app now adds the ability to edit playlists, but in terms of usability, the app is now slow loading, music collections also load very slowly, resulting in visible “loading” lists when looking at your music, on the Now Playing screen you can no longer see upcoming tracks, and you can no longer move to the next or previous track via swiping, and music controls have become a lot smaller, making the app more dangerous to use when driving.

Do our readers on WP8.1 share my unhappiness? Let us know below.

Amazon Kindle app for Windows Phone updated

It does not happen often, but after some months the Amazon Kindle app for Windows Phone had seen a minor update.

New in version is a fix for the stuck loading screen and also a fix for the app crashing on start up.

imageThe app of course continues to provide access to more than 1 million kindle books, will sync your reading position via whispernet with our PC and Kindle tablet, and also provide access to both free and paid books.

The updated client can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Podcast Lounge updated with Pinnable smart playlists

Podcast Lounge is one of the best Podcast apps on Windows phone, and is most famous for being extremely reliable about downloading podcasts, unlike other apps which may sometimes leave you unexpectedly with nothing to listen to.

The developer recently introduced configurable smart playlists, and have now in version made those playlists pinnable.

Some of the pre-installed smart playlists include Whats New from today and Yesterday and Unfinished delights.

The app now also includes a sleep timer and many other features.


The app otherwise supports scrubbing audio and video podcasts, remembers your playback position, is fully integrated with the music and video hub and backs up to OneDrive.

Podcast lounge can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.