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This is the challenge Microsoft is facing

Apple has an enormously strong brand name, and with their logo they could easily sell refrigerators to eskimos.

This was proven once again on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Kimmel’s crew took to Hollywood Blvd. with what they claimed was Apple’s unreleased iTime smartwatch, but which was in fact a $20 Casio watch with an Apple logo stuck to the back.

One person freely admitted the most attractive piece of the iTime was the logo, and another said they would buy anything produced by Apple.

Microsoft does not command the same adoration from the general public, and with their recent moves more towards enterprise than consumer business may never, which is a real shame.

Apple and IBM partner to dump unwanted iPads on enterprise

imageIt is no news that the consumer market for tablets, especially iPads, are drying up, with sales actually decreasing Year on Year on recent quarters, with sales decreasing by 3 million in Q1 2014 compared to a year earlier.

This leaves Apple, who has turned into a two trick pony with the iPad and iPhone, in a quandary, trying to find a solution to maintain the momentum that has made it the richest company in the world.

Enter IBM, who has been having its own troubles. Its share price is down from its recent highs after it reported a revenue decline of 3.9% year on year to $22.484 billion, and net income decline of 21.4% to $2.38 billion during its last financials on weakening hardware sales.

The solution appears for both companies to partner up and dump Apple’s unwanted tablets on enterprise.

Apple has just announced an exclusive partnership with IBM for IBM to sell Apple’s iPhones and iPads to enterprise and to support the tablets with apps which attempt to make them actually useful to companies and also to support them further with device management, security and analytics.

In return Apple will actually try and address the needs of enterprise with a new AppleCare service and a new supply and activation route for the IBM-sold devices.

The deal rather reminds me of the deal HP made to sell HP branded iPods.  That of course did not go very far.

The IBM and Apple approach of course does represent a real threat to the progress of Windows Phone and tablets in enterprise.  IBM has a fleet of 100,000 sales people working to sell their solutions, and as we saw in a recent article, Microsoft is only now ramping up its mobility sales teams

Windows Phones and tablets however have a strong competitive advantage in enterprise when it comes to flexibility and cost, two important considerations for any successful company, and I suspect, just like the HP iPod, we will not be hearing much about this partnership in the near future.

Want to watch the Apple keynote on your Windows Phone? Here’s how.


Apparently there is a demand to watch the Apple keynote from Windows Phone owners, presumably to see which feature they copied now.

The primary streaming service requires QuickTime, Flash or Safari, but there is somewhat of a work around available.

imageTwit.tv are also streaming the keynote, with commentary, and they have a Windows Phone app available.

The app costs $0.99, but the free trial will probably work just as well for the next hour. To start the stream simply click the Live video button.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

It makes a lot of sense for Microsoft and Apple to merge

apple plus microsoft

Apple’s recent purchase of Beats Electronics, their largest purchase to date  and Microsoft’s strong moves to be known as a cross-platform rather than platform company has prompted me to think the unthinkable  - Microsoft and Apple should merge.

The idea has been floated before, by Keith Fitz-Gerald of Money Map Press who said:

“I think that Apple and Microsoft may not only have to work together for the next few years but may even see a merger in the next five to ten years from now because they’re going to have to take on the Google/Android/Facebooks of the world.”

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Apple’s acquisition of Beats Music probably does not mean much for Windows Phone users

Apple has today made public its agreement to purchase Beats Electronics (the headphone division) and Beats Music (the music subscription service) for $ 3 billion.

Beats Music is one of the few steaming music services which launched with a Windows Phone app close to the availability of the iOS and Android version, likely a legacy of Beats’s partnership at one point with HTC.

Those days are now over, and Apple does not exactly have many (or any) apps in the Windows Phone Store.

Does this mean Apple will pull the Beats for Windows Phone app?

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Windows Phone App For Mac Updated With Bug Fixes


Earlier this month, Microsoft updated their Windows Phone app for Mac with support for Windows Phone 8.1. Now, Microsoft has updated once again with no change logs. This v3.1.1 update must contain minor bug fixes.

The Windows Phone app for Mac makes it easy to:

• Sync music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts from your existing Apple iTunes library to your Windows Phone or Zune HD*.
• Sync pictures and videos from your existing Apple iPhoto or Aperture library to your Windows Phone or Zune HD.
• Automatically import pictures and videos you’ve taken with your phone into your existing iPhoto or Aperture library.
• See at a glance how much space you’re using for each type of content, so it’s easy to make sure you never run out of room.
• Find songs that will work as ringtones and add them to your phone.

Download now from Apple iTunes Store.

Mac Sync app for Windows Phone updated with WP 8.1 support


Microsoft has updated the app which lets Windows Phone users sync their phones to their Mac OS computer to version 3.1.0.

New in this version is support for Windows Phone 8.1, which is just in time for the Developer Preview expected net week.

Also added is drag and drop support for .DNG files to Browse Device UI and various UI improvements.

The updated app can be found in the iTunes desktop store here.

Bitcoiners destroy iPhone 5’s on video in protest to Apple’s bitcoin app ban

Yesterday Apple removed Blockchain, the most popular Bitcoin app, from the iPhone App Store.

The app was also the last Bitcoin app there, after Apple started to systematically clear the App Store from the crypto-currency apps.

Apple has never explained their policy, but many suspect it is because they are not able to take a cut from any bitcoin transactions, unlike other transactions, from which they normally demand up to 30%.

In protest a campaign has been started on Reddit to destroy working iPhones on video, with at least 7-8 of such videos popping up.

While Microsoft has not made their bitcoin policy explicit, they have approved Bitcoin trading apps, so we suggest switching to  Lumia would be just as good a way to escape Apple domination.

Read more at Wired.com here.

Thanks Shawn for the tip.

Apple Awarded Patent For Interchangeable Camera Module In Smartphones

Interchangeable Lens Smartphone

The U.S. Patent office recently granted patent for a “Back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options” and “Magnetic add-on lenses with alignment ridge” to Apple. The first patent basically covers the way in which one can interchange the imaging component of the mobile device. Imagine the ability to switch from a normal lens to wide-angle lens when needed. The second one is related to the same idea where the new imaging component that can be attached to the device will be magnetically attached and aligned to the existing imaging component of the device.

I think both of them are really interesting and essential patents for the future of mobile imaging. I wondered if Nokia already has patents in this area being a mobile imaging leader for more than a decade. On a quick research, I found out that Apple is referencing a Nokia owned patent titled “Mobile Terminal Device Having Camera System”. It was filed back in 2001 and basically defines the same concept of extra add-ons to improve imaging capabilities of mobile phones.

I’m waiting for Nokia and Apple to execute their patents in their respective products. What do you think?

Check out the Apple patents No. 8,638,369 and No. 8,639,106 from USPTO. And Nokia patent from 2012/0099015. Find the abstracts after the break.

Source: Apple Insider

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Nokia Trying To Court Another National Geographic Photographer To Try Out Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 Sample Image

Last month, Nokia partnered with National Geographic to show off the camera capabilities of Lumia 1020 Windows Phone device. They organzied a ten-day adventure for National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez across thousands of epic miles of the American West. Stephen Alvarez used a Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture images throughout his journey and all the photos he shot can be seen here at National Geographic.

Similar to this, Photographer Jim Richardson of National Geographic took his iPhone 5S in a visit to Scotland,  and commetned that iPhone 5s is a very capable camera. Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller tweeted about this photographic journey. In response to this, Nokia US and Nokia UK tweeted the following.

Nokia UK:

Nice iPhotos, @JimRichardsonNG! But can you top @alvarezphoto‘s work with a #Lumia1020?! #Challenge cc @CNETpic.twitter.com/3I4d0PWjtk

Nokia US:

.@JimRichardsonNG we agree you shouldn’t compromise w/ photos on your phone. Here’s a #Lumia1020 to help you out :) pic.twitter.com/8jGkJewUDs

Now, Nokia is ready to give Lumia 1020 to Jim Richardson to compare it with iPhone 5S. Will he accept the challenge?

Thanks Tom for the heads up.


Apple set to spoil Nokia’s Nokia World announcements

AllThingsD reports that Apple is set to launch their next generation iPad on the same day as Nokia is expected to announce their own Phablet/Tablet combo.

Nokia World is on the 22nd October in Abu Dhabi, and it seems Apple will be holding an iPad event on the same day.

Nokia is widely expected to reveal their own Nokia Lumia 1520 6 inch phablet and Nokia 2520 Windows RT tablet at Nokia World.

If there is any saving grace, it is that Nokia’s devices will likely be announced much earlier in the day than Apple’s, and while Apple’s announcements are always met with a frenzy, in the end the 5th generation of their tablet can only be so interesting, vs Nokia’s very first Windows RT device.

Via The Verge.com

Qualcomm thinks Apple’s 64 bit A7 processor confers “zero benefit” to consumers

imageTechWorld reports that Qualcomm is not impressed with Apple’s new 64 bit A7 processor, as featured in the latest iPhone 5S.

"I know there’s a lot of noise because Apple did [64-bit] on their A7," said Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Qualcomm. "I think they are doing a marketing gimmick. There’s zero benefit a consumer gets from that."

"Predominantly… you need it for memory addressability beyond 4GB. That’s it. You don’t really need it for performance, and the kinds of applications that 64-bit get used in mostly are large, server-class applications," said Chandrasekher, who previously ran Intel’s mobile platforms group.

The first practical 64-bit ARM-based chips are expected to appear in servers like Hewlett-Packard’s Moonshot. Companies like AppliedMicro, Advanced Micro Devices and Calxeda are expected to ship 64-bit ARM-based server chips starting next year.

"From an engineering efficiency standpoint it just makes sense to go do that. Particularly the OS guys will want it at some point in time," said Chandrasekher.

The chips may then trickle down to mobile, but are unlikely to have a great impact there.

The latest generation of the iPhone has been characterized by a variety of poorly implemented gimmicks, ranging from iOS 7 which is causing motion sickness in many users, to a fingerprint reader which can be fooled by wood glue. Despite Apple’s announcement of record 9 million opening weekend sales many analysts believe the new handset has in fact been much less warmly received, with iPhone 5c phones already reportedly piling up in stores.

Windows Phone has double iPhone’s market share in India – Elitist Apple not interested in “junk part of the market”

The IDC has now released the full regional data for Indian smartphone market share in Q2 2013.

The numbers reveal as expected than Android is dominant at 91%, Windows Phone was a distant but growing 5.4%, Apple followed at 2.3%, leaving 1.6% for other, including Blackberry.

This leaves Windows Phone with nearly double the market share of the iPhone in the country, and while Microsoft and Nokia are happy for each possibly user they can add, Apple’s attitude is far from as inclusive.

The iPhone 5C was meant to make the handset more affordable in developing markets, but Apple has little interest in serving demand in the region.

“There’s always a large junk part of the market,”  Apple CEO Tim Cook told Business Week “We’re not in the junk business. I’m not going to lose sleep over that other market, because it’s just not who we are.”

In contrast Microsoft is believed to be hard at work trying to create even cheaper but still good Windows Phones to expand its smartphone market.

“Android powers phones costing Rs 3,000 to Rs 45,000 and that helps it attract a lot of consumers,” said Manasi Yadav, senior market analyst with IDC.

“Windows Phone is steadily growing in India. It is doing good, though the market share is still very low. But we need to give it more time. It is not fair to compare it to Android, which has been around for a longer duration,” added Manasi.

We hope when the time comes when Apple does decide to address the mass of the market in the developing world the people there will recall Apple’s real opinion of them and choose their phone accordingly.

Via Times of India