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Rumour: Samsung ATIV SE hitting Verizon shelves very soon

The Samsung ATIV SE is a new high end Windows Phone which is exclusive to Verizon.

Now WPCentral reports, via their trusted sources, that the handset will hit Verizon shelves as soon as the 18th April, and will cost $599 off contract, confirming despite the absence of a camera button it is not a cheap handset.

Off contract it will likely be $199 and it is of course expected to run Windows Phone 8.1

WPC also reports another handset will be launching on the 9th April, likely on AT&T, which they suspect will be the Nokia Lumia 930.

Hopefully we will see a more international distribution of these high end handsets, as the US market certainly has more than their fair share, and could actually do with a 520 on Verizon instead.

Nokia Releases Software Update For AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 Device In The US

Nokia Lumia 1520 Specs And PricingNokia today released a software update for AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone devices. This update for Nokia Lumia 1520 is 1028.3534.1347.2001. It does not includes any new features but has general performance improvements.

  • General performance and usability improvements

To check for updates, on your phone, tap Settings > phone update. Watch how to update your device in the video after the break.

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Deal: Get $100 Bill Credit And 50% Off On The Nokia Flip Cover With AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 Flip Cover

If you are planning to buy Nokia Lumia 1520 from AT&T in the US, here is a great deal from Microsoft Store. If you are getting a new AT&T connection, you will get $100 bill credit. And another cool offer is that you can save 50% on the Nokia Flip Cover when you buy the Nokia Lumia 1520.

Key Specs:

  • 6-inch Full HD
  • 20 MP PureView
  • 2GB RAM/16GB storage
  • 4G LTE
  • Quad-core 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800

Nokia Lumia 1520 costs $99 on 2 years AT&T contract. Find the deal here from Microsoft Store.

Nokia’s Windows Phones Once Again Tops PCMag Readers’ Choice Awards


PCMag today released their Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 results. Once again Nokia Windows Phone devices topped the results in AT&T. Nokia Windows Phones received highest overall satisfaction rating 8.9. Users highly rated email and other work related communications, photo and video camera experiences on Windows Phone platform. Users also acknowledged the shortcomings of Windows Phones’ app offerings, rating only 6.3 for availability of apps, compared to Apple’s 9.4 and Samsung’s 9.1.  

Last year, Nokia’s Windows Phones received the highest overall satisfaction rating (9.2) among all phone types and carriers, earning our Readers’ Choice award. This year Nokia again captures a Readers’ Choice for AT&T smartphones with an overall satisfaction rating that’s unequaled by any of its competitors. The rating slipped a little from last year, down to 8.9; but respondents did rate the phones 9.0 or higher on more than half of the drill-down satisfaction questions that we asked, including a 9.4 on our 0-10 scale for satisfaction with work email and other work-related communications. Thankfully, it’s not all work and no play. Nokia’s Windows Phones also receive 9.4 ratings for text messaging and picture messaging, and a 9.3 for satisfaction with its camera, and 9.2 for satisfaction with shooting video.

Read more from the link below.

Source: PCMag

PSA: Save $30 on your AT&T bill by calling AT&T tomorrow

imageAT&T is introducing new, cheaper data plans for their smartphone users, but rather sneakily are not moving users to the new plans automatically, meaning if you do not pay attention you could lose out.

If you have a 2GB data plan with Microsoft’s Premier Windows Phone Partner, you can switch to the Mobile Share Value Plan, which costs $40 per month, $15 cheaper than previously.

All Mobile Share Value plans have unlimited talk and text, as well as free texts from the United States to international numbers.

You can also switch over to the lower $25-per-month smartphone device fee, saving up to total of $30 per handset, though the $25 will increase back up to $40 when you upgrade next.

The old $45 per month 1GB plan is being cancelled, but again AT&T is happy to let you continue to pay for it, paying more for less, so it is imperative that if you are on that plan, you call AT&T to switch you over to the now cheaper 2 GB plan.

The new data plans come into effect tomorrow. To check for catches, read more at AT&T here.

via The Verge.com

Green Nokia Lumia 1520 coming to AT&T with WP 8.1


Evleaks reports that the recently revealed Nokia Lumia 1520 will be coming to AT&T with Windows Phone 8.1.

Apparently the release of the OS will be used as an opportunity to relaunch the handset, which will of course then come with a radically improved feature set.


The green handset was recently and possibly accidentally revealed by Nokia on their Facebook page, and was also accompanied by a cyan version, which is an even more desirable colour for Nokia fans.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 now receiving Lumia Black

Nokia promised that that nearly all Windows Phone 8 Lumias will be updated to GDR3/Lumia Black before the end of the month, and they are keeping to their promise by rolling out the update to the AT&T Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 today.

We have had multiple reports from readers of the software being available and if you have not received the notification check for the update by going to Settings > Phone Update and tap on Check for Updates.

Thanks Anderson, Bruno, DALAMAR and everyone else for the tip.

Microsoft Store Deal: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 For $69 And AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 For $59

Microsoft Store Windows Phone Deals

Nokia Lumia 520 is the inarguably the most selling Windows Phone across different markets. In the US, Nokia Lumia 520 is now available is two different carriers. AT&T is selling Nokia Lumia 520 and T-Mobile is selling Nokia Lumia 521. Microsoft Store is now offering deals on both these unlocked devices. Nokia Lumia 521 is now available for $69 and Nokia Lumia 520 is now available for $59. Considering the value they offer to the users, I don’t think any other device on the market can compete with it.

Check out the deals here and spread the word to your friends and family about this deal.

via: AAWP

Deal Alert: 32 GB AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 now only $124.99


AT&T is running a sale on Nokia Windows Phones, resulting in steep discounts on a number of desirable handsets.

We have already seen the Nokia Lumia 1020 for $49.99, but you can also pick up the top of the line Nokia Lumia 1520 with 32 Gb storage for only $124.99 (on contract of course).

Other deals include the desirable Nokia Lumis 925 for only $0.49.

See all the deals and more at AT&T here.

Lumia Black rolling out to the AT&T Nokia Lumia 925

We are getting reports that Lumia Black is now rolling out to the Nokia Lumia 925 on AT&T.

The update brings the following improvements:

  • App Folder. This brand new feature makes your Lumia experience even more fluid by giving you an option to further personalize and organize your Start screen. With App folders you can group similar apps and settings into one folder, a tile, on your Start screen.
  • Nokia Glance screen 2.0. Helps you keep track of information in real time, making all your most important notifications including: phone, messages, email, outlook, calendar, or any apps that use notifications such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, or games;  always visible at a glance on your screen. It saves time and energy.
  • Bluetooth LE. Will now be enabled across the full Windows Phone 8 Lumia range for compatible gadgets like the Adidas MiCoach smart run watch.
  • Nokia Refocus. The amazing Nokia Refocus comes to all Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones with 1GB of RAM and upwards.
  • Nokia Beamer. Sharing what’s on your phone is easier than ever with Nokia Beamer. You can now beam documents, presentations, anything you like, to any HTML5-enabled screen by simply scanning a QR code on the screen. It’s coming to all of the phones with 1GB RAM upwards.
  • Nokia Storyteller. The app arranges your photos for you, by date and by place, making it easier to tell the stories behind your pictures, and give extra context through the close integration of interactive maps.
  • Nokia Camera. Combines Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera to simplify the photo-taking experience, and ensure you get the perfect shot every time. The app has been available for Lumia PureView smartphones since last year, but it’s now coming to the rest of the WP8 Lumia range. The latest Nokia Camera update also brings raw DNG support for Lumia 1020 owners.
  • Latest generation of imaging algorithms. The Lumia Black update further improves the image quality, especially in Lumia 1020. Among others, the improvements include a new oversampling algorithm, making your images more natural looking with reduced noise, while ensuring your photos remain wonderfully sharp

To see if the update is available for your handset navigate to Settings > Phone Update and click Check for Updates.

Are our readers seeing the update for their handset? Let us know below.

AT&T still doing a poor job selling Windows Phone


While AT&T has always been Microsoft’s “Premier Partner” when it comes to selling Windows Phones, there have been many cases where the performance of their retail sales staff has been less than satisfactory when it comes to actually selling a Windows Phone to enquiring customers.

It seems those issues are continuing, with reader Mark sending us these pictures from an AT&T corporate store, which in the above picture shows the highest end Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 1520, being labelled as the lowest end Windows Phone, the 520, showing a clear lack of attention to detail by AT&T.

The same lack of attention to detail continued in the Windows Phone display, which was, to put it mildly, in disarray.

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