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The Nokia Lumia 520 wins the award for the best Low Cost Smartphone from the GMA


The Nokia Lumia 520 has been awarded the title of the Best Low Cost Smartphone at the 2014 GMA Awards.

The Nokia Lumia 105 also won the award for the best entry level or feature phone.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is Nokia’s most affordable Windows Phone 8 smartphones, delivering experiences normally only found in high-end smartphones and the judges note the handset is:

A smartphone that hasn’t compromised on quality – a trailblazer for Nokia’s low-cost efforts

Between 30 and 40% of all Windows phone 8 handsets are Nokia Lumia 520’s and the handset has been a legitimate hit in some regions, for example being the 3rd best selling handset in UK in December 2013, just behind the newly introduced iPhone 5S and 5C.

Hopefully Nokia will be able to replicate the success of the handset, to which the Windows Phone community owes a lot of gratitude.

Nokia Lumia 620 wins Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2013 for Best Value


UK magazine Mobile Choice has announce their 2013 awards. Chosen from more than 21,000 entries and announced at a gala event last week, Nokia was represented by the Nokia Lumia 620, which won the “Best Value Phone” award.

Mobile Choice writes:image


Nokia Lumia 620

With its gutsy speaker, solid build and a range of bright, colourful covers, the Nokia Lumia 620 is clearly aimed at the youth market. Yet, in terms of all-round performance, it ranks with the best of the Lumia range. Its 3.8-inch screen is bright and crisp, offering remarkable depth despite its size. This is largely thanks to Nokia’s ClearBlack display, which produces deep blacks that make everything else pop. The 480 x 800 pixel resolution on such a small screen also results in impressive sharpness, while the screen itself is brilliantly responsive. To label the Lumia 620 as a ‘kids’ phone’ is to undermine a very slick product.

The Nokia Lumia 520 was also nominated, but lost out due to the lack of a front-facing camera and the absence of NFC support.

See the rest of the winners at Mobile Choice here.

Via CoolSmartphone.com

Nokia Lumia 920 recognized as most Innovative Handset at Mobile News 2013 Awards


We already know the Nokia Lumia 920 is a great handset, but an industry award recognizing the same will never go amiss.

The Nokia Lumia 920 won the Innovative Handset 2013 Mobile News Award, with the event  taking place on the 14th March at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

The event was hosted by comedian Dara O’Brain and is focussed on the mobile industry and telecom operators.

The award adds to other wins, including the Engadget Reader Award 2012 and the  Gizmodo Australia’s People’s Choice award, amongst many others, and reminds us that while others are copying features Nokia is hard at work creating new experiences for their users.

Via Noknok.tv.com

Windows Phone 8 Nominated for 2013 Designs of the Year, Apple snubbed

The Windows Phone Metro design team can add another feather to their cap.

Windows Phone 8 has just been nominated for a U.K. Design Museum‘s 2013 Designs of the Year award, an honour it is sharing with luminaries such as the Olympic Cauldron by Heatherwick Studios.

Commenting on the decision, Pete Collard, the exhibition’s curator said:

“The language that Windows Phone 8 presents is a very digital language, it says ‘this is digital information presented on a smartphone,’ and as such is not trying to bring in other cultural ideas.”

“It is a nice, clean, pure color, interface. The tiling system is intuitive. It is not over-designed to bring in other narratives from other objects.”

He contrasted it with some of the Apple products.

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Gizmodo.com crowns the Nokia Lumia 920 the second Most Important Phone of 2012, ahead of the iPhone 5


Yesterday Gizmodo Australia gave the Nokia Lumia 920 a honourable mention and their Readers Choice Award, and today Gizmodo proper has named the device the second most important phone of 2012, placing the device ahead of the iPhone 5 and behind the Samsung Galaxy S 3, which took first place.

Calling Windows Phone 8 “incredible” and the Lumia 920 the best possible Windows Phone, they conclude the Nokia Lumia 920 was not only keeping up, but “in some ways surpassing” their competitors.

See the list at Gizmodo here.

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VentureBeat awards Windows Phone chief Terry Myerson “Top Mobile Mover” prize

Terry Myerson, who took over the Windows Phone lead from Andy Lees late last year, was awarded VentureBeat’s first Top Mobile Mover award. The prize was announced through a blog post and awarded at the publication’s Mobile Summit conference.

Windows Phone lead Myerson beat out other industry figures like Jack Dorsey, who co-founded both Twitter and mobile payments startup Square, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin and, interestingly, Nokia’s VP of mobile phones Mary McDowell.

The post provides some background on Myerson and his work within Microsoft:

Noted for his no-nonsense approach, Myerson helped lead the charge for Microsoft’s momentous “reset,” when the company essentially threw out everything it had been doing with Windows Mobile and reinvented its mobile operating system from the ground up.


Myerson is now charged with leading the Windows Phone business, improving Windows Phone’s marketing efforts, managing relationships with wireless carriers, implementing new software features in recent Windows Phone updates, and most notably, navigating Microsoft’s strategic partnership with Nokia.

As for why they chose Myerson, the post notes:

Windows Phone is early in its lifecycle, but it’s an attractive, responsive operating system that’s getting a lot of notice. You can count on it to make big waves in the mobile market this year. That’s why we’ve named Myerson our Top Mobile Mover for 2012.

Read the whole announcement at VentureBeat (via Windows Team Blog).

Nokia Lumia 610 wins two awards at Mobile World Congress


At CES the Nokia Lumia 900 walked away with a bevy of awards, and that Mobile World Congress 2012 it was the turn of the budget smartphone Nokia Lumia 610 to get some recognition.

The smartphone won Laptop Magazine’s Best Budget Smartphone, with Laptop Magazine writing:

Though the Lumia 610 will be marketed at budget-conscious consumers, Nokia didn’t skimp on this Windows Phone’s style or software. Available with a stunning metallic-edged black, cyan, red or white bezel, this handset (189 Euros unsubsidized) looks sexier than ,any high-end superphones. Even with just 256MB of RAM and a lower-end 800-MHz processor, the Lumia 610 provides smooth performance when navigating through Windows Phone 7.5 and using Nokia’s suite of innovative applications. It’s also the first phone to come bundled with Nokia Transport, a new app that helps you plan a route using public transportation rather than a car.

The smartphone won an even bigger accolade from Tom’s Hardware, winning their Best in Show award.

Hopefully the handset will be met equally well in the market by consumers.

Read more at Nokia Conversations here.

Nokia Lumia 900 also IGN’s best smartphone of CES 2012


IGN has called the Nokia Lumia 900 “the hottest phone” at CES 2012, noting “Nokia Lumia 800 was one of our favorite devices of 2011.”

For those who think the device earned all the accolades because there was no competition, it is worth noting that The LTE Samsung Note, Motorola Droid Maxx, LTE Samsung Exhilarate, Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G, Asus Padphone and a host of other devices with amazing specs were also present.  (See a full roundup at Slashgear here.)

I guess specs isn’t everything after all ;)

See the entry at IGN here.

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Nokia Lumia 900 wins Best Smartphone of CES 2012 award


It must irk many Android OEMs, but CNET has voted the Nokia Lumia 900 as the best smartphone of CES.

The handset is seen as the real return of Nokia to USA, and has been lauded for its design and features.

CNET was not the only publication to laud the device. The Lumia 900 won a Popular Mechanics editor’s choice award for CES and took Popular Science “Product of the Future” award, and is one of LAPTOP magazine’s “Best of CES” finalists.

Hopefully all these plaudits will translate into actual sales in a few months, when the handset is set to be released on AT&T.

Via Nokia Conversations

Windows Phone 7 wins Operating System of the Year 2011 award


Windows Phone 7 has won the  Know Your Mobile Operating System of the Year 2011 award.

The OS won the category on the strength of its now widely emulated Metro OS with its easily customisable start screen, which is focused on putting people.

The system won plaudits for having a unique tile-based look which stepped away from the sea of isolated uninformative icons used by other smartphone operating systems while integrating experiences come from third party developers and from across Microsoft’s suite of products including Xbox LIVE, Microsoft Office 2010, Zune, Windows Live, Bing and more.

The judges noted:
‘It has the most potential, with a unique interface and a rapidly growing apps selection. It has a great looking UI and doesn’t look like Android or iOS.’

‘A massive move from the previous OS. Huge growth in apps and the system looks heaps better than the competition.’

‘Innovative interface, with more success to come.’

‘A refreshing OS that doesn’t try and copy other operating systems. Has attracted a large number of developers too.’

The runner ups on this category were Blackberry 7 and Samsung Bada.

Via WPCentral.com

HTC Touch HD Win Manliest Gadget award!

We already know the HTC Touch HD is large, dark and powerful, but its manly status was just re-affrimed by a large poll in Poland (already well known for their manly men) who voted the device the Manliest Gadget of 2008.

The poll, which we wrote about earlier, was conducted by Polish TV channel TVN Turbo and took place over 8 weeks. The HD beat out 144 other devices to the title.

The award was recieved by Thomas Lesniak, HTC Area Manager East Europe who said  “HTC is still a young brand, but through its vibrant and fast development of high measured. Today’s win is the best evidence – Men’s 2008 for the latest phone Touch HD!  Thank you to those who believe that you would use our phones.  Those who also measure high.  Thank you to all those who cast their vote on the Touch HD. ”

No tears were shed during the acceptance speech.

Read more at PDA.pl here

CES 2009: Samsung gets Design and Innovation Award for i627 and others

Can you guess what portrait qwerty slider won an award for its design and innovation at CES? No, its not Palm’s new Pre. It is actually Samsung’s i627. The awarded device, is mostly a US edition of the European i620, but it adds some new features.

The specification sheet for i627, includes on top of Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, aGPS, 3MP camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G support and of course a sliding qwerty keyboard. Although looks are objective, I have to admit that Samsung’s qwerty sliders look very slick. And if the i627 is anything like the i620 then it will make a decent phone as well, since most i620 reviews are positive.

Samsung did rather good on this year’s CES, as seven more handset received the Design and Engineering Honorees. According to Reuters:

Eight of Samsung`s innovative handsets received Design and Engineering Honorees in the wireless handsets category, more than any other wireless distributor in 2009. The winning handsets include the Samsung Omnia, Samsung Instinct, Samsung Eternity, Samsung Epix, Samsung Highnote, Samsung Access, z400 and i627.

Via: MobileMag

MSMobiles lauds WMPoweruser.com


MSMobiles have done their year-in-review podcast, and have their 10 biggest Windows Mobile developments for 2008.  Right up there with IE6 on 6, Skyfire, Kinoma Play and the HTC Touch HD was WMPoweruser.com, which MSMobiles called  “the best website about Microsoft-powered phones“.

Now one should not toot one’s own horn, so we shall only extend our appreciation to MSMobiles for recognizing our hard work at bringing the news, views and reviews to our readers as timely and with as much authority as possible. The recent expansion of our staff of Associate Editors should help fulfill this promise even better.

Finally, we just wanted to raise a toast to MSMobiles, which has been keeping the Windows Mobile ecosystem, from Microsoft, its OEM’s and even individual bloggers, accountable for nearly a decade.

Long may it continue.

Read the full MSMobiles article here for the other 9 developments which made the cut.