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Nokia Lumia 928 may be selling twice as fast as the Blackberry Z10 on Verizon


Here is an interesting titbit of information for our analyst-minded readers to mull over.

We do not have direct numbers from Verizon on how the Nokia Lumia 928 is doing there, but we do have some indirect evidence that it is doing reasonably well.

A recent tweet by Alan Mendelevich ?from AdDuplex suggests that Verizon has now in total sold more Windows Phone 8 devices than AT&T.  In part this is likely due to the release of the Nokia Lumia 928 on the carrier.

Another proxy for sales however is the number of reviews left by buyers, and it is there where we can also do some interesting comparisons.

  Blackberry Z10 Nokia Lumia 928 Blackberry Q10
22 March 2013 Release date    
16 May 2013   Release date  
06 June 2013     Release date
09 June 2013 197 143 1

It seems in 79 days on the market the Blackberry Z10 managed only 197 reviews, or about 2.5 per day.

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Review: Blackberry Z10 vs Nokia Lumia 920

The much respected Mobile Tech Review have posted this video review of the Blackberry Z10 vs the Nokia Lumia 920.

On this occasion the other device is not a stuttering wreck, and Lisa finds them about equal in the end, with the Windows Phone handset getting extra marks for having a more mature ecosystem.

Do our readers think she is right? Let us know below.

Ecstatic fans mistake “massive line” for Ludacris for interest in Blackberry Z10


142962d1363952616t-massive-line-forms-blackberry-z10-new-york-img_00000132Today was launch day in USA for Windows Phone’s biggest competition for 3rd mobile ecosystem, but of course you could be forgiven for not knowing the Blackberry Z10 has just arrived, as the device landed in AT&T stores with hardly a ripple.

That did not stop a poster in the Crackberry forums from posting the above picture (presumably from the quality taken with a Blackberry) saying:

Massive line forms for the Blackberry Z10 in New York.

Looks like strong demand for the Z10 in yet another country!
BB10 Believe it!

After responses such as “Sweet” and “Unbelievable!!! With all the negative sentiment in the the US, I totally didn’t expect that!” it soon however turned out the queue, if there even was one, was in fact for an event put on by Blackberry in the Best Buy theatre featuring Ludacris and some other musicians (right, picture taken with a Z10).

Real interest in the Blackberry Z10 is probably best typified by this report from CNBC, which states:

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Blackberry Z10 vs Nokia Lumia 920 video makes the Z10 look really, really bad

UK tech magazine V3 has posted this video comparing the Nokia Lumia 920 running WP8 vs new upstart BlackBerry Z10 in a series of tasks.

While the Blackberry won some races, the device appeared buggy and often unresponsive, suggesting very clearly if you want a better user experience you should definitely pick a Windows Phone over a Blackberry.

Sources deny native Instagram or even port coming to Blackberry 10


One of the things which riles up Windows Phone fans was that Instagram, considered a key app, was heading for Blackberry 10 before Windows Phone.

Now it seems those rumours have been widely exaggerated, with sources reporting to AllThingsD that the app may not be heading to what has been called an Enormous, Record-Breaking Flop.

“There will be no [native] Instagram for BB10 for now,” one of the sources said. “Frankly, I’m not sure there will ever be.”

Of course Blackberry could get the Android version to run on their emulator, which only supports Android 2.3 apps, but apps using the emulator have been described as “perform sluggishly and generally appear divorced from the rest of the operating system”, which means Facebook and Instagram may still not approve the app.

Blackberry would not confirm that issues regarding the Instagram app remains, but their evasive response speaks volumes:

“We have a strong partnership and are actively engaged around Instagram support for BB10,” said Martyn Mallick, BlackBerry’s VP Global Alliances, “but we do not have an availability date at this point.”

I guess those “1,000 of those top applications from around the world committed to BlackBerry 10" has some gaps after all.

Big Surprise: Analysts cut Blackberry 10 sales projections from 1.75 million to 300 K


We are not going to automatically take credit for the latest downwardly revised sales projections for the Blackberry Z10, but we will say we were one of the first to indicate the device was not doing anything special for Blackberry’s sales numbers.

Now Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley has also jumped on the bandwagon, revising their sales estimates for Blackberry’s saviour from 1.75 million in Q1 2013 to a mere 300,000.

“Our global surveys post the recent BlackBerry Z10 launch indicated mixed initial sales with limited initial supply cited as the reason for early post-launch stock-outs at some carrier stores rather than overwhelming demand,” Walkley wrote in a note to investors. “Our follow-up checks have indicated steady but modest sales levels. With new BB10 smartphones launching in the U.S. only in mid-March or later at subsidized prices no better than competing high-end Apple/Samsung smartphones, combined with our expectations for the Galaxy S IV to launch at a similar time frame in the US market, we are lowering our BB10 sales estimates for the February quarter and all of F2014.”

He said “modest Z10 sales into the channel in the U.K. and Canada” were largely responsible for his decision to lower his Z10 sales estimates by 83% for Q2 2013 and did not expect things to improve much going forward.

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Blackberry 10 release fail to arrest Blackberry market share loss in UK


There seems to be the idea amongst the Windows Phone community that a resurgent Blackberry will soon condemn Windows Phone to 4th spot at best or worse, based on the enthusiastic media reception of the Blackberry Z10 in the UK.

However all may not be so rosy in the Blackberry garden. Uswitch for example poured early water on the claim that the Blackberry Z10 sold out on release, and it is of note that not a single Blackberry appears on uSwitch’s Mobile Tracker for February so far.

That great standby, Statcounter, also shows little effect from the Blackberry Z10 launch, with the OS continuing to lose market share in the UK, its strongest market in the west.

I think Windows phone users of all people should be aware of the risk of switching horses in mid-stream. While Blackberry, known for cheap messaging in the UK, is jumping to its expensive Blackberry Z10, which can cost up to £42 per month, away from the Blackberry 9900, which costs as little as £18,50, they may very well find both markets suffer.

Either way, there is little proof the Blackberry Z10 is changing Blackberry’s fortunes, so Windows Phone users can continue to look forward to the next step – overtaking this legacy company and its legacy products.

Blackberry Z10 reviewed against the Nokia Lumia 920

Pocketnow have posted an excellent overview of the two handsets both fighting for consumers who prefer not to go with the conventional iOS or Android solution.

The video shows the Z10 to have an interesting interface which can get somewhat overwhelming, but confirms to me at least that the Windows Phone ticks my boxes.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Thanks Mads for the tip.

Blackberry Z10’s camera “an abject and miserable failure”


Blackberry is banking on their new Blackberry Z10 handset to save the company. Unfortunately as Gizmodo found, the camera fails on one important aspect – the camera sucks.

They write:

The Z10 didn’t even hold the dimmest, most-pathetic light to the other cameras in our test. Look at that photo above on the left. It is an abject and miserable failure. Because this is a particularly difficult shooting setting, all of the photos have problems with noise, distortion, and detail, but we’ve haven’t seen something so crummy as the Z10 in a long time. The Z10 even has a "night" setting that was completely useless. This is some four-years-ago crap.

As can be seen in the test scene from Gizmodo below, and the collage by Crackberry above, there is one camera which consistently does very well, and that is  the Nokia Lumia 920.

BBz10 photo

With Blackberry’s consumer focus one would have thought they would have gotten this one detail at least slightly right. One wonders what else they messed up…

Via WPC.