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Windows Phone 7.8 Nokia Bluetooth Share app updated

compartir_por_bluetoothNokia’s exclusive Bluetooth Share software has hit version, even before the general roll-out of the Windows Phone 7.8 update.

The software allows users to share pictures and music via Bluetooth, an essential feature in many parts of the world, and users report better compatibility after the update.

The software still needs Windows Phone 7.8 to install, otherwise giving an error that it is not compatible with your phone, and we hope the update suggests the Windows Phone 7.8 is nearer.

If you are lucky enough to already be running Windows Phone 7.8, as an increasing number of newly released Windows Phones are, you can find the updated software in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WindowsPhoneApps.es

Nokia Bluetooth Share for Windows Phone 7.8 now in Marketplace!

wp_ss_20121218_0004 wp_ss_20121218_0003 wp_ss_20121218_0005


All those who have installed the Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs for Lumia handsets from Navifirm and who were disappointed by the lack of the Bluetooth File Sharing app now have cause to rejoice, as the app has now shown up in Marketplace.

qrbluetoothshareThe app’s description reads:

With Bluetooth Share you can send and receive image and audio files between your devices. Switch Bluetooth on anytime you want to send or receive files, pair your devices, and start using Bluetooth Share.

Sharing with Bluetooth you can send and receive pictures and audio files sharing them between your devices. Turn on Bluetooth every time you want to send or receive files, associated devices and start using Bluetooth share.

Nokialino.it, who tested the app, reports that he was able to share pictures with his Nokia 73 without any issue.

Find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via Nokialino.it

Nokia Bluetooth File Transfer demoed, ripped

Plaffo.com reports that Nokia’s Bluetooth File Transfer addition to their Nokia Lumia range has been ripped by  wp.it168.com and can now be installed on fully unlocked Lumia handsets.

The feature is demoed at around the 2:50 mark in the video above, and the XAP can be found at  wp.it168.com.

Plaffo noted that the XAP unfortunately does not work on non-Lumia handsets.  Read more at that site here.

Nokia passes Bluetooth Share FileSharing profile through Bluetooth SIG


We expect Nokia to add Bluetooth File Transfer to Windows Phone 7.8, a feature already present in Windows Phone 8.

To that end the Bluetooth SIG just approved a new profile called Bluetooth Share, which is an OBEX profile which we believe is intended for their Windows Phone 7.8 handsets.

It does however mean the feature will likely not come to Non-Nokia handsets, unless HTC and Samsung pull their finger out.

Thanks A2J for the tip.

Windows Phone 8 Bluetooth File transfer works well with Android and Blackberry handsets


Now that the holy grail of Bluetooth File Transfer between Windows Phones has finally arrived with Windows Phone 8, the question remains whether this feature works between Windows Phones and other handsets, essential given the small market share of the OS.

Gadgethelpline.com has tested the feature between Windows Phones and also more importantly between the HTC 8X and 8S and Samsung Ativ S, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, HTC One X and Sony Xperia T with no problems, as well as a BlackBerry Bold 9790.

The found they could transfer contacts and image, video, music and document files in both directions easily, which is really good news for Windows Phone, which has so far been characterized more by being locked down like the iPhone than being wide open like Android and Windows Mobile before it.

Read more at Gadgethelpline here.

Much demanded new Windows Phone 8 feature arrive –Music file transfer via Bluetooth

Windows Phone 8 has many great features,  but most we know about already, leaving us somewhat deflated.

Here however is one that has not really been rumoured.  We already know you can share documents and pictures, but Windows Phone 8 now also allows MP3 files to be shared via NFC/WIFI Direct, which is very fast, or simply Bluetooth, which is slower, but still works.

Currently in Windows Phone 7 a link to marketplace is shared instead of the actual file.

If is not yet know if this will work between an Android and Windows Phone for example, but it works flawlessly between two Windows Phone 8 handsets, with the files being added seamlessly to the music library.

With music being mainly distributed by Bluetooth Sharing in some parts of the world, I am sure this feature will cheer many up.

Don’t have a Lumia? BlueManager will send Photos, Music and Contact via Bluetooth

attachment.phpNokia Lumia owners will soon receive the ability to send files and contacts via Bluetooth, but what about all the other Windows Phone owners.

Well, if you have an unlocked Windows Phone you can have those abilities right away, with BlueManager, previously BluePhoto, by Navisluni on XDA-Dev.

His Home Brew app uses  Bluetooth OBEX to send Photos from the Photo Hub, MP3’s from the Music Hub and also Contacts, all over Bluetooth.

If you are able to install Homebrew software, stop being envious of Nokia owners and read more at XDA-Developers here.

Full Specs of Samsung ATIV S released, reveals Bluetooth/WIFI file transfer, full 1080p video recording and playback

imageThe full specs of the great Samsung ATIV S is now up on Samsung’s site, and it confirms what we suspected for a few months now – that Windows Phone 8 will support device to device transfer.

The specs reveal the device will support WIFI Direct, and file sharing via Tap to Send over Bluetooth and WIFI with NFC mediation.  The Bluetooth version is 3.0.

The specs also finally confirm Windows Phones will be able to record and playback full HD 1080p video, finally bringing Windows Phone up to the same mark as all the other major smartphones.

Also the specs confirm that Samsung’s Ativ S will sport 1 GB RAM, a first for Windows Phone.

Lastly the specs talk about the Samsung Music Hub only being available in USA, confirming to those concerned that the handset will be heading to US after all, likely with LTE in tow.

See the full specs after the break.

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Homebrew app allows bluetooth chat between two Windows Phones

imageBluetooth Chat by OP on XDA-Developers gives us a taste of what will be possible in Windows Phone 8 when developers will finally have access to the Bluetooth API.

His Windows Phone 7 app for developer-unlocked (not fully unlocked) Windows Phones allow users to send text messages over the Bluetooth Serial Profile. Using PUTTY on the desktop it is possible to send text messages from Desktop to Windows Phone also.

Of course Bluetooth is a pretty short range technology (around 10 metres) making the application really just a proof of concept, but OP intends to extend the application to file transfer via Bluetooth without requiring a fully unlocked handset, which is much more useful.

In the video above WPXbox.com demoes the app.  Read his review here, and find the XAP and a detailed explanation at XDA-Developers here.

Rumour: Nokia to release a Bluetooth File Transfer app for Lumia handsets

Here’s a rather tasty rumour, courtesy of NokiaPowerUsers (no affiliation, but we’re flattered).

Apparently one of their readers, Amit, attended a Nokia event yesterday, where the Tango update for the Nokia Lumia handsets were shown off, which also features WIFI internet sharing.

More interesting however was the news of future updates, which apparently will include an app which allows Bluetooth File Transfer.

Nokia is no stranger to adding Bluetooth profiles to Windows Phone 7, with their proprietary Contact Transfer app, which adds Bluetooth Address Book access, and Stephen Elop has said the company was working on bringing in-demand Symbian features to Windows Phone.

Adding Bluetooth FTP support via an app would be a good compromise, allowing the app to still be a gate keeper for the operating system, making sure files are added properly to the on-device libraries,  while reducing the chance of introducing bugs to the system. Hopefully the app will support music, ring tone and picture transfers, the most common uses in emerging markets.

NPU further suggests Nokia will be rebranding Marketplace to Nokia Marketplace, with their own logo, and that the Tango update will bring improved battery performance.

Lastly Amit also asked about the Apollo update, and reports Nokia saying Lumias will receive many future updates including “Major ones”. 

Here’s hoping…

Read more at NokiaPowerUsers.com

Thanks Patrick for the tip.

Video demo of Bluetooth File Transfer Hack on Windows Phone 7

WindowsPhoneHacker have uploaded this video demonstrating the DFT hack which allows Bluetooth File Transfer on Fully Unlocked Windows Phones.

As can be seen, while the transfer process seems relatively simple, the file system on Windows Phone seems to be quite messy and never intended to be seen by mere humans, making the whole process seem less than desirable. 

In the end this is a problem which Microsoft needs to solve, and one I hope they realize is a very real problem, especially as they plan to advance Tango phones into emerging markets where Bluetooth file transfer is the norm.

The Dark Forces Team release a Bluetooth File Transfer XAP for Fully Unlocked Windows Phones


In a hack which is pretty close in magnitude to booting Windows Mobile on Windows Phone, the Dark Forces Team have managed to implement Bluetooth File Transfer on Windows Phone 7.

The app will automatically install XAPs transferred and add REG RGU to the registry.

The app is far from perfect, but can send and receive files from other phones, desktops and even other Windows Phones.

The app has been tested on the Samsung Focus R1.3, HTC Trophy, HTC Mozart and HTC HD7 and needs a fully unlocked ROM.

Known issues include:

  • If send operation was cancelled, other side device will save the already received part of file instead of show "cancelled" message.
  • Sometimes it’s impossible to receive files without opening Bluetooth settings.
    Seems Bluetooth go to some low power mode while state is still ON and CONNECTIBLE.
  • To send from one WP7 device to another WP7 device you may need keep the destination phone in Bluetooth settings page. Otherwise the first phone can’t see the second.
  • Already paired devices list isn’t implemented.

Read more about the XAP and find it at XDA-Developers here.

Via Plaffo.com

Bluetooth file transfer a hot button issue at Microsoft’s User Voice site


Perusing Microsoft’s new Windows Phone User voice site, it struck me that, besides the regional issues such as support for Persian and Bing Services worldwide, it seemed Bluetooth File Transfer is a feature under high demand for Windows Phone 7.

Complains range from this being a feature even dumb phones support, not being able to send files to Bluetooth printers to having to waste limited and expensive 3G data to send files via email when two people are standing right next to each other and short range transfer over Bluetooth could be used.

The lack of the feature appear to particularly perturb Nokia users, who in less developed countries rely on this feature as a loose P2P network constantly.

Of course the modern solution is file transfer over the cloud, but it is clear that this answer is not for all.

How do our readers feel about this issue.  Do you feel it is outmoded or a major missing feature which is holding Windows Phone back? Let us know below, and of course vote on the site if you support the cause.