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Glance-screen gone tits up? We may have the solution


Today many Windows Phone users have been complaining of a strange bug with their phones – their normally reliable and unobtrusive Glance screen has turned upside down.

It turns out the source of the problem is an unlikely source – the new Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1, which obviously accesses the OS at a much deeper level than suspected.

The bug occurs when the remote desktop is connected and in landscape mode where the bottom of the screen is on the left side of your phone.

If you rotate it to be landscaped flipped to the right side, your glance screen will go back to normal without the need for a soft reset.

Have any of our readers been affected by this issue? Let us know below.

Windows Phone Facebook app updated to fix crashing bug

Windows Phone users outside English-speaking regions have been been experiencing a crashing bug which appears to be related to a date string, as we reported earlier.

Now it appears Microsoft is pushing out an emergency fix for the issue, with both the official and beta Facebook apps updated.

The apps can be found at the links below.

Let us know if the issue has been fixed on your handset in the comments.

QRCode   fbqr2
Facebook beta app   Facebook app

Having Facebook App cashes on Windows Phone? It could be the date

imagePlaffo.com reports that many Windows Phone Facebook users are complaining that the app is crashing on start-up today with the error "String was not  Recognized As DataTime".

It seems something about the 1st March is not tickling the app right, but Plaffo noted that changing the phone’s region settings to "United States (English)” seems to resolve the issue.

Are our readers running into this bug, and is the work-around helping? Let us know below.

Samsung Ativ S owners beware of GDR3!

Samsung Ativ S Windows Phone 8I’m having a serious problem with my Samsung Ativ S, so I binged it and it appears that it is wide-spread (as wide-spread as anything-Ativ could be that is).

There appear to be at least two serious deep bugs in GDR3 (again AFAIK only applicable to this particular handset):

The first is storage related. Yes GDR3 finally allows us to clean the temporary files storage but not the System storage.  An Ativ S with GDR3 begins to accumulate data in the System folder for which there is no option to clean (And third-party apps can’t help there either). Many users report a 7GB size of their System folder, mine had reached 10 whole GigaBytes!.  Needless to say everytime I wanted to install a large game I was confronted with the “storage limit reached” error.

As there is no way to clean the System storage a hard reset is the only solution.

All smiles? Not really.

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Some Nokia Lumia 1520 owners report a Speaker Overdrive problem

WindowsMania.pl reports on a potential problem with the Nokia Lumia 1520.

A number of owners have complained of audio playback issues, with bad quality and overdrive issues for the speakers, as well demonstrated in the video above.

It appears the problem starts when the volume is increased above 15, and affects not only music playback but even ring tones and call quality.

All 3 owners involved had hardware version 5001, but it is not known if the issue is confined to those handsets only. To find out which version of hardware you have it is necessary to install Nokia Care Suite, the instructions for which can be found at WindowsMania.pl here.

Have any of our lucky Nokia Lumia 1520-owning readers run into the same issue? Let us know below.

New Windows Phone DevCenter bug is preventing developers from releasing apps for WP7

For about a week now Windows Phone developers have been unable to publish apps for Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Developers are able to post apps to the store, but when downloaded to devices the apps crash immediately.

A thread of complaints have been posted on Microsoft’s support forums, but very little appear to be happening regarding the bug.

Developer Alex Sorokoletov writes:

I want to confirm this is really urgent issue from developer’s view. We have apps in production crashing on WP7, people are posting low reviews and beta apps on WP7 are also not working. That means teams using beta for testing their products on WP7 have to stop and wait.

Almost a week passed and the issue still remains.

Please update us as soon as possible on solutions or workarounds available.

Have our readers who are still using Windows Phone 7 handsets run into this issue? Let us know below.

Via Smartphonefrance.info, thanks Christophe for the tip.

The long Twitter data hog nightmare is over as Microsoft fixes problem

wp_ss_20131111_0001OK, the headline is a bit over the top, but if you are on a limited data plan and had many twitter followers there is a good chance you went into overages last month as the People Hub hoovered through multiple megabytes of data trying to update the avatars of twitter contacts, the consequence of a change at Twitter’s end.

The good news is that the issue should now be resolves, as Microsoft has told the Verge:

Microsoft has confirmed, on November 10th, that the temporary issue is now resolved.

which is of course pretty much the same thing.

Now if I did have a limited data plan the 1 GB of data (half of it WIFI fortunately) I went through may have been a problem, and one starts to wonder about compensation, especially for those who are not blessed with Data sense, but since I have a truly unlimited data plan I will just celebrate the longer battery life.

Have many of our readers been affected? Let us know below.

Via WinSource.com

Twitter back-end changes causing excessive data usage for Windows Phone users

wp_ss_20131024_0001The Verge reports that a server migration currently ongoing at Twitter is causing excessive data usage for Windows Phone users, with the People Hub using up up to half a gigabyte of mobile data per month.

Due to the ongoing changes at Twitter’s end the People Hub is regularly refreshing the profile picture of contacts in the People Hub. The issue, which is about a week old, is difficult to address until the migration is completely, but in the mean time Microsoft has slowed down the profile synching to once per day.

If you think you may be affected by this issue the only other mitigation would be removing the twitter account from your Windows Phone.

With my own data usage by the People Hub exceeding a gigabyte in the last 30 days, I am once again just glad for my unlimited data plan.

Are our readers affected by this issue? Let us know below.

The WP8 “stuck process” battery drain issue causes wide-spread complaints

Numerous Reddit users have been experiencing random battery drain on their Windows Phone 8 devices.

With this bug, WP8 devices will rapidly consume energy, bringing a battery from 50% to dead in just a couple of hours when not even being used. There have been about 18 posts on Reddit in the past few months complaining about this issue.

It is hypothesized by many Reddit users that a process gets “stuck” in Windows Phone 8, causing the battery to drain rapidly. Restarting your phone will fix the issue temporarily… until the process gets stuck again.

Sounds like … you have a stuck process. A reboot will fix it. This is an ongoing problem with WP – Chaosphere_

I been doing this [rebooting to clear stuck process], happens every few days to a week – Life_Of_A_Cat

My Lumia regularly gets really hot and the battery just melts. Though I’m kinda dealing with it – Xodium

Yeah. It’s happened a few times. A reboot usually solves it – Valaaris

Ultimately this is an issue with the WP8 operating system. Microsoft restricts apps so that unresponsive apps are closed and terminated. Yet somehow, batteries are suffering from incredible battery drain. Microsoft has not yet responded to this issue.

Are you experiencing this issue? Share your experience in the comments.
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Windows Phone 8 has another Storage bug, and its not Other Storage

Developer Kevin Gosse has discovered Windows Phone 8 has another bug which could potentially rob phone users of storage.

He discovered a bug in the  MediaLibrary.SavePicture andMediaLibrary.SavePictureToCameraRoll which meant that photo apps who saved pictures to the camera roll would effectively save another copy to the Isolated Storage off the app.

In Kevin’s case this mean this app Imageboard Browser’s isolated storage grew to several hundred megabytes, even when the app itself was only a few megabytes big.

The bug only occurs when JPG’s are downloaded and saved and not PNGs, and was shown to work in the emulator and also actual devices. It did not occur in Windows Phone 7.

The issue is separate from the Other storage bug which would result in an area set aside for system temporary files to grow, although one wonders if they are related and the underlying bug is the same.

Fortunately in this case developers can fix the effect of the issue themselves, by looking for and deleting the temporary file, which has the same name as the saved file, but with JPG appended to it.

Users who use Nokia’s Storage utility and find they have photo apps which appear to grow for no reason should contact developers, and developers can read about the issue here.

Via WPArea.de

Nokia Lumia 920 front facing camera and proximity sensor dust fix on the way?


There has been a growing swell of complaints about Nokia Lumia 920’s gathering dust under their front facing camera and more importantly the proximity sensor, which would then cause problems with detecting the phone next to your face, leading to all kinds of difficulties ranging from dropped calls to the inability to access phone menus.

Now we have had a tip from a reader suggesting Nokia has acknowledges the problem, and that there is a fix on the way.

According to Marco the issue is clearly a design flaw which Nokia is fixing in all future production by introducing a sheath placed around the front facing camera and proximity sensor to better insulate them from dust build-up.

The good news is that existing devices with this issue will also be able to take advantage of this solution by taking their device to a Nokia repair service.

Have any of our readers been offered this fix, and has it solved your issues? Let us know below.

Thanks Marco for the tip.

Is the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 firmware update causing connectivity issues?

broken-phoneIn a thread on Reddit some Windows Phone users are complaining that they are having connectivity issues after upgrading to the 1308 latest firmware.

Clyderd complains:

My L920 has been having a difficult time connecting to AT&T since the firmware update. It was going in and out, it shows the bars but I am unable to send or receive texts or anything else without being on WiFi.

Even before the firmware update we have had readers complaining that the latest Nokia Access Point app appeared to be applying the wrong settings and causing network issues to Nokia Lumia 920 owners.

Have any of our readers had similar issues? Did it come before or after the firmware update? Let us know below.