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WIND Italy gets Windows Phone Store carrier billing

imageTelecompaper reports that WIND Mobile Italy is getting carrier billing for their Windows Phone customers.

Windows Phone users will now be able to select Wind as a payment method and have their store purchases, including games, apps and music, charged directly from their phone credit or monthly bill.

This means users without credit and debit cards can now more easily access purchases and enjoy their phones more.

Carrier billing allows a five-to-six-fold increase in conversion rates compared with credit card billing, as well as an increase in average transaction. Windows Phone, via a number of partnerships, already support carrier billing on 160 carriers in 50 countries, even more than Android, which at last count only supports 40.

Microsoft signs up another carrier billing provider

logoDanal, a global leader in mobile commerce, announced today that it is now processing Mobile Operator Billing for the Windows Phone Store. The service, which is being made available on multiple mobile operators, is powered by Danal’s BilltoMobile payment platform, and enables consumers to make one-click purchases in the Windows Phone Store and charge those purchases to their monthly mobile phone bill.

The launch of this offering grants the Windows Phone Store immediate access to Danal’s global payment network that processes billions of transactions internationally.

"Danal’s bespoke solution for Windows Phone provides the app store with our intuitive Carrier Billing payment option," said Jim Greenwell, President and CEO of Danal Inc. "We’re extremely excited to bring that platform to the growing user base in the Windows Phone Store."

Windows Phone Store now supports 59 Mobile Operator billing connections in 36 countries.

"Working with Danal to implement another secure payment solution for Windows Phone will enable even more customers to enjoy our expansive catalog of apps and games through one convenient billing system," said Todd Brix, general manager, Windows Store & Apps, Microsoft Corp. "Mobile Operator billing connections also benefit app developers by significantly increasing total app revenue in markets where operator billing is available," Brix continued.

Microsoft extends Windows Phone carrier billing to 160 carriers


Microsoft has implemented Netsize’s carrier billing in the Windows Phone Store, which should extend carrier billing from 56 carriers in 34 countries to as much as 160 carriers in 50 countries, according to Netsize.

Google has carrier billing on only 40 carriers in 21 countries, while Apple does not offer carrier billing at all.

A study by Juniper Research said app stores that offer integrated carrier billing solutions have seen a five-to-six-fold increase in conversion rates compared with credit card billing, as well as an increase in average transaction

“Optimising the Windows Phone Store experience for customers and developers is a key priority for Microsoft,” said Todd Brix, general manager for Windows Phone Store at Microsoft. “Netsize offers extensive network coverage around the world and a strong platform infrastructure, providing the Windows Phone Store with more payment options for customers, and higher payment conversion rates for developers.“

Via telecoms.com

SingTel to offer carrier billing for Windows Phone

imageTelecompaper reports that SingTel will be the first Singaporean carrier to offer direct carrier billing for Windows Phone handsets.

The carrier billing can be used to pay for music, apps and in-app purchases and allows users to use the store without having a credit or debit card.

Microsoft now supports carrier billing in more than 53 countries, triple the 2012 number. Carrier billing is very effective at boosting sales, with revenue per user increasing 3 times in developed markets and 6 times in emerging markets.

Russian carrier Beeline now supports carrier billing in the Windows Phone Store


We have repeatedly heard that carrier billing significant boosts sales in the Windows Phone Store, especially in less developed markets or markets where debit and credit cards are not popular.

The news that Russian carrier Beeline is now supporting carrier billing is therefore pretty good, and should mean developers will see earnings improve in what is a relatively strong market for Windows Phone.

The agreement to launch carrier billing dates all the way back to March this year, and was meant to launch in the summer, but it seems after much delays and no fanfare it is now available.

It is not known when the other big carriers in Russia will also bring support for this important feature.

Via Wp7Forum.ru

O2 announce carrier billing for Windows Phone in UK

imageToday Telefonica announced that carrier billing support is now available to their Windows Phone users under their Charge to Mobile scheme.

Not only can Windows Phone users now charge their app and music purchases to their phone bill, but the system also allows purchases at places like Facebook and Spotify.

Telefónica Digital UK director David Plumb said, "Charge to Mobile supports our digital strategy and we’re delighted to add Microsoft to our growing portfolio of technology companies who offer it. The service allows us to put digital at the heart of the customer experience, offering them a fast, easy and safe alternative to credit or debit cards."

He also noted that the system was good for developers, saying  "Windows Phone developers earn three times more revenue per active user on average in markets where carrier billing is offered (and six times more revenue on average in emerging markets where credit card usage is more limited)."

Via The Inquirer.com

French Windows Phone users get carrier billing on SFR

imageTelecomPaper reports French operator SFR has enabled operator billing  for Windows Phones on their network.

SFR customers now no longer need a credit card or debit card to purchase apps and can now select « pay on bill » when they buy from the Windows Phone Store.

Buyers will then receive an email confirmation from Microsoft, and will be able to review their purchases on WindowsPhone.com.

Surveys by analyst company Kantar Worldpanel shows Windows Phone has been growing market share steadily in France, and in the most recent Q2 2013 quarter had 9% market share.

Microsoft and Movistar Spain reach an agreement on carrier billing

Microsoft and Movistar Spain have agreed to implement carrier billing for Windows Phone users in Spain according to a press release published yesterday.

The agreement will allow users to charge for applications and music directly to their phone bill or the balance of their pre-paid card, eliminating the need to get a credit card, which is not popular in much of Europe.

Microsoft notes users can set up their phone so a PIN will be requested before purchases are made, preventing bill shock, and that purchases will be associated with their Live ID and be available on new handsets when they upgrade.

Microsoft recently announced that they have similar agreements with 25 carriers around the world, and that carrier billing generally triples the number of applications purchased.

Via Telecompaper

Nokia’s Lumias get carrier billing in South Africa

TelecomPaper reports that Nokia has managed to secure carrier billing for their Windows Phone handsets on Vodacom’s network in South Africa.

This means Lumia owners will be able to purchase applications, games and music without having to have a credit or debit card. The costs will be automatically accrued as part of their monthly bill for contract customers or deducted from their pre-paid airtime credit.

The improvement opens up Windows Phone ownership to a large number of users who would previously not have been able to purchase apps and games.  The change brings Windows Phone users in parity with Blackberry and Android users, who became supported in June 2012.

Microsoft recently claimed South Africa as one market where Windows Phone was outselling the iPhone, and have also said the OS has gained 10% market share in the subcontinent.

Carrier billing for Windows Phone comes to O2 Germany


WPArea.de reports that carrier billing has now been enabled for Windows Phone 7 and 8 handsets on O2 Germany.

The service only needs a O2 SIM card installed, and works even with Pay as You Go SIMs.

Carrier billing provides a way for users without credit cards to purchase apps and media, and in general increase sales to developers by 50%.

Windows Phone Store Operator Billing coming to Beeline in Russia this summer


We recently posted that global carrier VimpelCom had signed an agreement with Nokia and Microsoft for carrier billing for apps and media in the Windows Phone Store.

We are seeing the first results of this deal, as Russian subsidiary of VimpelCom, Beeline, has confirmed on Twitter that the ability to pay for apps using your phone bill will be arriving between June and July 2013.

With credit cards uncommon in Russia and Android already offering the service on the carrier, support for carrier billing is very important for a healthy app market in the region.

Read more at WP7Forum.ru

Microsoft and Nokia sign carrier billing agreement with the Global Carrier you probably never heard off


Microsoft and Nokia has signed an agreement for carrier billing for apps with VimpelCom, the 6th largest global carrier in the world.

It is unlikely that you have heard of the company however, but the names it operates under should be quite familiar: VimpelCom’s brands include “Beeline” (in Russia and CIS), “Kyivstar” (in Ukraine), “Wind” (in Italy and Canada), “Djezzy” (in Algeria), “Mobilink” (in Pakistan), “Banglalink” (in Bangladesh), and others. The company has 205 million customers across 20 countries.

Under the agreement, VimpelCom customers will be able to use their mobile accounts to find, try and buy digital content from the Windows store. The cost of any applications, games or music purchased will be deducted from pre-pay customers’ phone credits, or added to subscribers’ monthly bills. VimpelCom will also have its own branded section in the Windows Phone Store.

Mikhail Gerchuk, VimpelCom’s group chief commercial and strategy officer, said: “The Windows Phone mobile partnership will enable us to significantly enhance the smartphone experience for our customers.”

As Nokia is a leading device brand in many of VimpelCom’s emerging markets, the Russian operator said the deal would allow it to offer an “enhanced mobile experience” to new and existing customers.

“This marks yet another important step for the ecosystem and is a compelling example of a win-win-win situation for customers, developers and consumers alike while we continue to extend the line-up of our popular Lumia devices across geographies and price bands,” said Chris Weber, head of Nokia global sales and marketing.

Microsoft has previously said carrier billing more than doubles sales compared to credit card billing, making the development good news for the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Via FT.com, Thanks Tom for the tip.

75,000 Windows Phone apps published this year, 54 apps per phone downloaded

Speaking on the Windows Blog, Todd Brix, Senior Director of Windows Phone Apps Team, made some announcements about the year in review for the Windows Phone Store.

He noted Microsoft certified and published 75,000 apps and games this year, and approved over 300,000 app updates. They also expanded payment options, including supporting Paypal and Ailipay, and doubled the number of carriers supporting carrier billing. With 75% of the Windows Phone users who have access to carrier billing preferring it, he said it drives over 2x paid downloads compared to credit card billing.

This resulted in an average of 54 apps per phone downloaded and Todd notes developer revenue has increased 40% in the 30 days since the Windows Phone 8 SDK release, with the expectation that this will just continue to grow with new capabilities such as in-app purchases.

This should also increase because the number of supported markets where customers can buy apps has increased from only 35 at the start of the year to 191 under Windows Phone 8 at present, resulting in an over 95% increase in the number of potential customers.

He concludes that there was never a better time to be a Windows Phone developer, and suggests those who are not should jump in.

Read much more detail at the Windows blog here.

With Strategy Analytics saying the average number of apps downloaded per phone is around 32, and Windows Phone being nearly double that amount, is there  any concern amongst our readers that the OS does not have enough apps? Let us know below.