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Windows Phone added another 136,000 users in USA in June


Comscore reports that the smartphone market has seen strong growth over the last quarter, and has added an extra 4 million users April-June 2014 period compared to the March-May 2014 period, totalling 173 million smartphone users.

While Windows Phone managed to maintain their share of US smartphone users at 3.4% since last month’s report, the growth in absolute number of smartphone users has meant that the OS has picked up 136, 000 new Windows Phone users since the last period, and 400,000 new Windows Phone users compared to the previous 3 months ending March 2014.

Hopefully the arrival of new handsets in the June/July period and the associated marketing will result in further boost, not just in the number of users, but also Windows Phone market share.

See the full Comscore report here.

Comscore: Windows Phone adds nearly 200K users in USA, nearing 6 million total


The latest Comscore numbers are encouraging for Windows Phone, particularly in light of the disappointing Kantar numbers.

Windows Phone grew from 3.3% last month to 3.4% of the market this month, meaning there are now a total of 5.746 million Windows Phone users in USA, up from 5.55 million 3 months ago, out of a total of 169 million smartphone users.

It is good to finally see steady growth in the Windows Phone installed base, likely due to the old Windows Mobile users finally washing out of the system, and hopefully a few million people will be too many for US software developers to ignore.

See the full Comscore report here.

Windows Phone grows US share by 400K new users


The latest Comscore numbers for the 3 months ending April 2014 has come out, and it shows relatively good news for Windows Phone.

The OS has not just maintained its market share of the 167.9 million smartphone market in USA, but grew slightly over the last few months, adding 427,000 new Windows Phone users to bring its total to 5.54 million Americans.

Sequentially the OS was also able to maintain its numbers, which was also 3.3% of the installed smartphone base in March 2014, and due to the growth of the market has clearly continued to grow in users also, adding around 100,000.

There is now a very clear separation between Windows Phone and Blackberry, and while growth has remained slow it has also been relatively consistent. Hopefully the very wide release of the super-cheap Nokia Lumia 630, which is coming to both T-Mobile and AT&T, will help boost these numbers even more.

Read the full report at Comscore here.

Comscore: Only Windows Phone and Android growing in US market


The latest Comscore numbers for the 3 months ending March 2014 has been released, and it shows Windows Phone is being used by 3.3% of the smartphone using population in USA, amounting to around 5.48 million users in USA.

This number is slightly down from 5.55 million in last month’s numbers, but that is likely simply due to statistical fluctuations.

Windows Phone has also widened its distance from Blackberry, which is now only used by 2.7% of the US population, down from 2.9% last month.

Apple also joined Blackberry in losing market share, down 0.4%from 3 months ago.

See the full report at Comscore here.

Windows Phone the biggest grower in USA in post-holiday season


Here is a big surprise for Windows Phone users in USA.

According to the latest Comscore numbers Windows Phone was the fastest growing mobile OS in USA in the 3 months ending February 2014.

By their numbers  over the last 3 months Windows Phone added 490,000 users, while Android only added 326,000 and iOS 163,000. This is without accounting for the growth in the market, which itself increased by 7%.

Windows Phone also increased from 3.2 to 3.4% month on month and solidified its distance from Blackberry, which is now only 2.9% of the market.

If real, the increase is again likely due to the success of the Nokia Lumia 520 and 521, and we hope the Nokia Lumia 635 will have a similar success on AT&T and T-Mobile.

See the full report at Comscore here.

Small victories: Windows Phone are now used by more people than Blackberry in USA


According to the latest data from Comscore, Windows Phones are now used by more subscribers than Blackberry handsets in USA.

3.2% of 159.8 million US smartphone owners use Windows Phones, or 5.11 million people, vs 4.95 million Blackberry owners.

This is up around 330,000 people from 3 months ago, indicating the effect of the Christmas season on sales, likely due to great Nokia Lumia 520/521 sales.

Blackberry is down another 0.5%, after losing 0.7% 3 months earlier, which is unsurprising when the operating system only holds 0.5% of the US smartphone sales.  A recent promotion by T-Mobile saw 94% of Blackberry users taking part upgrading to handsets running other operating systems, despite a $50 incentive to stay Blackberry by T-Mobile.

Of course 3.2% is still well in the range of irrelevance, so we hope for actual growth in the market, which I think we will only see if Microsoft release a low-cost handset on Verizon.

See the full report at Comscore here.

Comscore: Windows Phone actually lost 50,000 users between Q3 and Q4 2013 in USA


In as far as Comscore numbers can be trusted, things continue to look bad for Windows Phone in USA.

The latest numbers back from the market research company shows Windows Phone having 3.1% share of the subscriber base in the last 3 months of 2013, down from 3.3% in Q3 2013.

That translates into Windows Phone subscribers dropping from 4.88 million to 4.83 million users.

While we have reports of gangbuster sales of Nokia’s cheapest Windows Phone in USA, the Nokia Lumia 521/520,it seems the pull of the newly launched iPhone was too much.  If there is any consolation to Windows Phone, it is that even Android lost some market share over the period, with Apple being the big winner, gaining a full 1.2% in the period.

It is likely we will once again see gains over the next 3 quarters, as iPhone mania subsides, but it is clear the US market remains a very hard nut to crack.

November Comscore numbers shows flat Windows Phone growth


As underlined by the Kantar numbers earlier today, Windows Phone continues to struggle in the US market.

The November Comscore numbers are now out, showing that Windows Phone users slipped from 3.2 to 3.1% of smartphone subscribers in the USA.  The number is also down from 3.2% in October, and represents around 4.73 million of the 152.5 million US smartphone users.

The slack seems to have been largely taken up by Android, which grew 0.3% to 51.9% and iOS, which grew 0.5% to 41.2% of the market.

If there are any good news, it is that Blackberry continues to slip at a rather rapid rate, and Windows Phone will soon be the number 3 operating system in US, not just by sales, but also by total ownership.

See the full report at Comscore here.

Windows Phone adds around half a million US users in latest Comscore numbers


Comscore has released their smartphone market share numbers for the 3 months ending October 2013, compared with the 3 months ending July 2013.

Over the 3 month period Windows Phone’s share of the smartphone user base in USA increased by 0.2%, and with the growth in the market that has meant that around 475,000 Windows Phone users have been added over the same period, leaving us with an installed base of 4.774 million users.

Over the period nearly every mobile operating system grew share, except for Blackberry, which suffered a massive 0.7% loss, one of the biggest ever, leaving it only 0.4% away from the Windows Phone installed base. The other operating system which saw share loss was Symbian, which is of course no longer being sold in USA. 

Interestingly the numbers appear to indicate those departing Blackberry and Symbian users chose Windows Phones as often as they chose iPhones, with the majority choosing Android handsets.

See the full report at Comscore here.

September Comscore numbers underline Windows Phone US gains


For the 3rd month in the row Windows Phone has seen gains in their US Comscore numbers, indicating hopefully for once that the growth is not just a statistical quirk.

Windows Phone has gained 0.2% of the US subscriber base in Q3 2013, and up 0.1% from last month.

This translates into 4.88 million out of 147.9 million US smartphone users owning Windows Phones, a gain of around 240,000 users from last month’s numbers.

Windows Phone and iOS were the only mobile operating systems to grow, with Android losing 0.2% of the US smartphone user base, while Blackberry lost a massive 0.6%, and Apple gained 0.7%.

The growth is likely due to good sales of the Nokia Lumia 520/521, but of course other high profile handsets like the Nokia Lumia 1020 were also released that quarter.

See the full Comscore report here.

Comscore confirms Windows Phone the second largest OS in Mexico by sales and installed base


The Mobile Summit Mexico has released an infographic about the mobile market in Mexico.

The data reveals 37% or about 38 million Mexican phone users had smartphones, though most did not have data plans, only using WIFI.

Phones were also heavily used for video, but what would be of most interest to Windows Phone users is that Windows Phone was confirmed by Comscore to be the second largest OS in terms of both sales and ownership, behind Android, but ahead of Blackberry and iOS.

The data comes from Comscore’s June survey and confirms similar data from Kantar.

See the full infographic in Spanish after the break.

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Latest August Comscore numbers show Windows Phone gains


The latest Comscore numbers for USA for the 3 months ending August is showing some movement for Windows Phone, with the OS blipping up to 3.2% of smartphone ownership in US.

This translates into 4.64 million Windows Mobile and Windows Phone users in USA, up from 4.23 million in May 2013.

The numbers may finally be showing the effect of cheap Windows Phones like the Nokia Lumia 520 and 521, or of course simply statistical variation.

One can not however argue with the trend which is haunting Blackberry, who is now only 4% of the US market, down from 4.8% a quarter ago and 4.3% from last month.

Interestingly Android is also trending downwards, if ever so slowly, reflecting a trend which is also present in Europe, and showing that even that juggernaut may not be invincible after all.


Windows Phone maintains a steady share in July Comscore numbers


The July Comscore numbers are out, and it shows in USA Windows Phone’s share of the US subscribers has remained static, at around 3%.

This translates to around 4.3 million Windows Phone users, up 145,000 from April this year.

Unfortunately while the total number of users are going up, the share it not rising as we had hoped yet, underlining that the US market is far from the most Windows Phone-friendly.

See the full report here.

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