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First Windows Phone 8 Custom ROM for the Samsung ATIV S released

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Samsung has managed to break Windows Phone 8’s security with a flawed Diagnostics apps, and now we are seeing the results in the first Custom WP8 ROM.

The ROM, released by -W_O_L_F-, is unlocked and Interop Unlocked, meaning just about any app can be loaded on it, and has some desirable features including:

  • Unlock / Interop Unlock / Relock prevent
  • Volume limit disabled
  • No pre-pinned tiles of Samsung apps
  • Some of Samsung apps removed
  • Full access to APNs and Internet Sharing
  • Two extra search providers: Yandex and Google. Both can launch its app from search key (if app is installed). Here’re those apps: Yandex, Google.

The ROM can be flashed using standard stock flasher.

If you want a bit more control over your phone and can put up with the inevitable bugs, not to mention voiding your warranty, head over to XDA-Developers to read more.

Via Windowsmania.pl

Huawei Ascend W1 is the first WP8 bootloader unlocked handset, brings Static IP in first custom ROM

WPWorld.pl reports the that the Huawei Ascend W1 has become the first Windows Phone 8 handset to be bootloader unlocked, allowing hackers to load custom ROMs with unique features.

Apparently one of the first Custom ROMs for the handset features the ability to use a Static IP, which is useful for some users, and the ability to load maps on the memory card, a feature that is already supported by Nokia’s mapping apps.

Of course with an unlocked boatloader the sky it literally the limit, and given that Windows Phone 8 shares the same codebase as Windows RT I think Huawei Ascend W1 users can expect a rather crazy hacking scene in short order.

Custom ROMs now possible for the Nokia Lumia 900, but its not for the fainthearted.


WinPhoneViet reports that hackers have defeated Nokia’s Bootloader security, and just like with the Nokia Lumia 800, has now enabled custom ROMs for the handset, as can be seen in the screen shot right.

The process is currently not for the fainthearted, requiring the phone to be taken apart and the use of an ATF Box, but may eventually result in a simpler software-only method.

If you have the requisite hardware and the desire to make it work, read more at WinPhoneViet here.

Windows Phone 7.8 custom ROMs to become more common as WP 7.8 RTM ROM packages released

It seems XDA-Developers, built on a culture of sharing, has recently become a very different place, with ROM cooks holding on to the base ingredients for their ROMs instead of making it available to the rest of the community.

In a small sign of change, the RTM version of Windows Phone 7.8 has finally been made freely available and can be download from HD2Owner’s thread on XDA-Developers here.

He writes:

sys contains all 24 langs and is in "osb-multibuild-format"

Prospective cooks can find the ROM here.

Via WP7RootTools.com

Multiple WP 7.8 RTM Custom ROMs now available on XDA-Developers


WP7 Root Tools reports that if you are the brave sort, you do not have to wait for an official Windows Phone 7.8 update to be pushed to your phone, as Custom ROMs for multiple handsets, including the popular Nokia Lumia 800, is available on XDA-Developers already.

The build number of these ROMs are 8858 and the build tag "WM7_Main_Ship" , is believed to be the final Release to Manufacturers version of the ROM.

ROMs are available for the HTC Titan,HTC Mozart,HTC HD2,HTC Radar,HTC HD7,Samsung Omnia7,HTC Trophy,HTC 7Pro,Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 and needs an HSPL bootloader installed to be flashed.

The ROMs vary in feature list but all have at least:

  • Full unlock v4 – now with root access notifications.
  • Ringtones from your personal music collection.
  • Clock tile.
  • High quality WP7.8-compatible tiles.
  • USB2Video driver.
  • XAP deployer built in.
  • Windows Mobile Device Center Launcher.

Of course flashing a Custom ROM is a lot more risky that waiting for an official update, and will result in your data being lost, so its not recommended, but it is nice to know the option is there for those that just cant wait.

Cooked Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs for various Windows Phones now available for download


If you like living on the edge and the word warranty is meaningless to you, you may appreciate the latest Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs that have been cooked up for a wide variety of handsets.

On WinPhoneViet.com you can find ROMs for the HTC Titan, Samsung omnia 7, Samsung focus, and HTC Mozart.

Unlike other ROMs, these ones are said to be suitable for day to day use, are fully unlocked and comes with Nokia goodness.

Of course we recommend only the most adventurous go this route, and the rest (like us) wait for the official update, which cant be too far away right now.

Thanks Linh for the tip.

Custom HTC Titan ROM with Windows Phone 7.8 cooked up

The Windows Phone 7.8 ROM packages has leaked, allowing ROM cooks on XDA-Developers to create custom ROMs for a variety of Windows Phones.

The latest to pop out from the over is a Windows Phone 7.8 custom ROM for the HTC TItan.

The ROM by Azzelio features:

  • Background Colors
  • Google Search
  • Update to 8779
  • Nokia / Lumia App (Counters..)
  • WhatsApp 2.0.0
  • DigitalPower_V0.5
  • RegistryEditor
  • FileBrowser
  • DFT_BTFileTransfer
  • USB 2 Video out

Due to legal concerns Azzelio  is not releasing the 7.8 ROM yet, but intends to do so shortly.

Keep an eye out for it at the XDA-Developers thread here.

Via Plaffo.com

Method to flash any ROM to the Nokia Lumia 800 found


A hardware hacker called X-Shadow has found a way to flash any ROM, including an unlocked ROM, to the Nokia Lumia 800.

The method is however not for the faint of heart, requiring disassembly and access to the test point connectors on the circuit board, and the use of a Advance Box turbo flasher.

The method is not helpful for the everyday user, but one can imagine a hardware hacker in a major city easily setting up business unlocking Nokia Lumias.

Read more at  XDA-Developers here.

Via WPHacker.com

Thanks Heathcliff74 for the tip.

HTC HD7 Deepshining custom ROM with USB video out and Nokia Love released


The first custom ROM with USB video out has now been released by DotCompt on XDA-Developers.  The ROM includes the necessary drivers and software to allow the user interface to be transmitted via USB to a special app on a desktop, making presentations and screen shots very easy.

Dotcompt’s Deepshining ROM also include both HTC and Nokia’s special apps, such as Nokia Camera Extras / Nokia Contact Share and Nokia Counters, and also the latest version of the homebrew marketplace Devstore8.

The ROM supports English, Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese Brazil, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Melayu and Turkish .

Read more about it and find the download at XDA-Developers here.

Thanks jayjojayson for the tip.

Windows Phone USB Video out demoed (video)

imageWindowsPhoneHacker has posted this video demonstrating the USB Video Out feature which has leaked from Microsoft and which can now be found on XDA-Developers.

To implement this one needs to flash a custom ROM.  The good news is that this feature is indeed coming soon to many HTC Windows Phones, as per DotCompt of Deepshining ROM fame’s tweet.

It is somewhat ironic that we have had to wait till the sunset of Windows Phone 7 for this great feature to leak, but such is life.

Read more at WindowsPhoneHacker here.

Hard SPL opens way for Custom ROMs on HTC Titan and HTC Radar


The Dark Forces Team once again failed to disappoint, and have lived up to their promise of bringing custom ROMs to HTC’s second generation Windows Phones.

They have now released a Hard SPL for the HTC Titan and HTC Radar, which should allow custom ROMs to be installed.

Unfortunately the process is pretty convoluted, involving the use of Gold Cards and Y-cables, so it is certainly not for the faint hearted.

If however you have a yearning to fully unlock your handset, and you are not afraid of bricking your device and invalidating your warranty, read more on XDA-Developers here.

Fully unlocked RainbowMod ROM now available for the Nokia Lumia 800


RainbowMod, who have released a custom ROM for the Nokia Lumia 710, have now extended his work to the Nokia Lumia 800.

He has now released a Tango ROM for the Nokia Lumia 800 using Chinese firmware which brings your Lumia 800 up to 7.10.8773.98.

The ROM adds the following new features:

  • Full Unlock from UltraShot
  • Removed OEM applications (Nokia Drive, Maps, etc.)
  • Search key remapping
  • QuickLaunch menu for quick switching state of WiFi, 3G, Flight mode, Power save, etc.
  • Ability to access file system via WiFi/USB
  • Integrated Live ID, DppImplant no longer needed, but new key can also be banned
  • Orientation locker
  • Added multiple colour themes
  • Easy installation xap from browser or file manager
  • Unlocked Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (limitation of Chinese firmware)
  • Added Google and Yandex search engines
  • xb0xmod cert for cab-updates
  • Cab-updatable
  • Lots of minor changes
  • Updatability via Zune (not guaranteed)

The ROM supports both  English (US) and Russian and requires the Qualcomm boot loader to flash.

As usual, such high level hacking is dangerous to your device, and should only be done at your own risk.  Find the ROM and further instructions at XDA-Developers here.

Via WPCentral.com

RainbowMod: Another Nokia Lumia 710 Custom ROM


It seems the Nokia Lumia 710 custom ROM scene is hot, as another ROM for the mid-range Windows Phone has shown up.

The Tango ROM uses OS version 7.10.8773.98 and supports Spanish, French, Hungarian, Swedish, Czech, German, English US, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil), Danish.

The ROM features:

  • Full Unlock from UltraShot
  • Removed OEM applications (Nokia Drive, Maps, etc.)
  • Search key remapping
  • QuickLaunch menu for quick switching the state of WiFi, 3G, Flight mode, Power save, etc.
  • Ability to access file system via WiFi/USB
  • Integrated Live ID, DppImplant no longer needed, but the new key can also be banned
  • Orientation locker
  • Added many color themes (screenshots)
  • Easy installation xap from a browser or file manager
  • Added Google and Yandex search engines
  • xb0xmod cert for cab-updates
  • Cab-updatable
  • Lots of minor changes

The ROM, for those who do not care about their warranty and the risk of bricking their device, can be found at XDA-Developers here.

Via Plaffo.com