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Nokia Lumia 610 now on sale in Denmark

imageWindowsphonefan.dk is reporting that the Nokia Lumia 610 is now on sale in the country.

The handset will be on sale for t 1.795 DKK including VAT and come in the full range of black, cyan, magenta and white.

Have any of our readers picked up this handset yet? Let us know your user experience below.

Read more at Windowsphonefan.dk here.

Thanks Mads for the tip.

Nokia Amazing Everyday Denmark: Anti-depression walk

The long, cold and mainly dark winters of the north is well known for bringing people down.

Nokia’s anti-depression winter walk is therefore a very welcome intervention, bringing a bit of Lumia to the gloomy early morning.

The Nokia Lumia handsets have recently been released in the Scandinavian countries and by all reports are doing very well indeed there. Hopefully having a cool new Nokia Lumia 800 all by itself will be enough to make sure your mood stays bright for the rest of the year ;)

Via MyNokiaBlog

Nokia Lumia 800 coming to Denmark January 20th

Nokia has released the above video confirming the Nokia Lumia 800 is coming to Denmark on nearly all carriers on the 20th January 2012.

The handset will be showing up on Telia, Telenor, Callme and Telmore and will be available in all 3 colours.  Interestingly it will not be coming to 3, with a rumour of bad blood between Nokia and 3 over the Nokia N9 doing the rounds.

The official press-release is here.

Via WindowsPhonefan.dk