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Developers: Microsoft Releases New And Improved DVLUP Website

DVLUP is a developer focused website where you’ll get exclusive access to App Challenges, news, events, partner opportunities and more. Earn points to redeem for Rewards, including promotional placements for your Apps. Microsoft today announced the improved DVLUP site with more than 58,000 lines of code were reviewed, updated and improved for this latest update. Find the improvements from the link below.

  • All Challenge submissions are now on a separate page to simplify and improve the usability, especially on your mobile and tablet devices! And, your available apps, as well as past or pending submissions are now more clearly displayed, too.
  • The database has been re-organized to better import and handle your apps across numerous platforms and countries.
  • Our Quizzes are now on a separate page to simplify and improve usability, especially on mobile devices. And, as you will see, all Quiz questions will now appear on the same page, making it easier to complete a quiz.
  • The sections of DVLUP for Challenges, Events, the Leaderboard, and Reward listings have all been reworked for additional speed.
  • Our Campaigns for app marketing are now part of the Reward section, which will make it easier for you to see what is available, and give you more ideas for how to effectively use your points. You will also see new filtering options to allow easier access to both Rewards and Campaigns.

Read more about the improvements at DVLUP.

For Developers: Syncfusion offering its collection of WP controls to hobbyists for free


Syncfusion has a collection of some pretty nice-looking Windows Phone controls which they normally sell for $99.

They are now offering a special Windows Phone license offer for hobbyists, allowing them to use the controls for free, and with a full year of support.

Hobbyist licenses allow for commercial use by individual developers, but not by or for the benefit of any company or organization.

Read more and get your free license at Syncfusion here.

See a video demonstrating the controls after the break.

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Download Now: New Update For Windows Phone 8.1 Preview Available Now

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview app

Microsoft today released a new update for Windows Phone 8.1 preview users. This Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers (build number 8.10.12393.890) includes several improvements based on the feedback they have received.

Last month, Microsoft released similar update for preview users. If you are on the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers and want to get the update, go to Settings then Phone Update and click “check for updates”. If you want to download Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview, read the post below for instructions,

New Microsoft app #wpdev aims go connect WP developers and resources

Microsoft has just posted a new app to the Windows Phone Store directed at developers.

#wpdev was created to provide developers with access to official Microsoft resources related to building apps for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. image

The app provides access to the latest blog posts, training resources, and partner resources and will also help you connect with Microsoft tech advisors for the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.

The free app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store here.

Even cheap Windows Phone users download loads of apps


Microsoft has released some stats about the state of the Windows Phone Store. The stats includes loads of info useful to developers, such as that while the largest number of downloads were in the games category, the largest number of downloads per app were in the social category, meaning this was the area where developers had the greatest chance of getting the most downloads.

It also included the above graph, showing that 66% of downloads were from low memory devices with either 256 Mb or 512 MB RAM.

While by now we all know Windows Phone sales are dominated by cheap, low end and low RAM handsets, the above graph, from February 2014, indicated that these users are not just using their phones as dumb phones, but are active participants in the Windows Phone ecosystem, which bodes well for developers as the low end expand even more.

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Official Channel 9 App Now Available For Windows Phone Devices

Channel 9 Windows Phone app

The official Channel 9 app is now available for download from Windows Phone Store. It was under public beta for the past few months and now the final version has been published for Windows Phone devices.

Channel 9 provides a way to browse and view videos on a variety of developer and consumer topics from the Channel9.msdn.com web site. Channel 9 is a Microsoft community site for Microsoft customers and it has video channels, discussions, podcasts, screencasts and interviews with related to Microsoft products and people.

There is also a Windows 8 app, which you can download it here. Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.

Unity Developers: Bring Your Unity Games To Windows And Windows Phone Store To Win Over $100,000 In Prizes

unity3DMicrosoft today announced a new contest for Unity Developers. In an effort to celebrate the anniversary of the collaboration between Microsoft and Unity, they are announcing this Unity Game Developer contest. Developers have to bring their most creative, addictive games to the challenge and win over 100,000 in prizes.

Quality is most important – submit your visually stunning and immersive entries and you could walk away with the grand prize of $50,000.

Don’t waste a moment – these games need to be published to the Store by July 20, 2014 to qualify. Give yourself a head start and make sure your entries are submitted with plenty of time to spare. Please visit the contest page and see the Terms and Conditions for all the details.

You can make your submissions for Windows, Windows Phone or better yet both.


Developers: Steps To Make Transparent Live Tiles For Your Apps On Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone Transparent Live Tile

If you are already enjoying Windows Phone 8.1 and its many amazing new features, I bet you love the new Start screen background feature. It makes your device Start screen visually striking. Also users will be able to choose their own background image displayed behind the tiles. In order for users to see the image behind the tiles, the app’s tile needs to have a transparent background, so if your apps doesn’t have this yet, here’s how to do it.

If you already support users’ accent color choice for your Live Tile in Windows Phone 8, then you don’t have to do anything. It will automatically support Start Screen background. Otherwise, follow the steps below.


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Developer sings the praises of Windows Phone

imagePublication StartupSmart has spoken to Xamling director and Project Tripod chief technical officer Jordan Knight about the company’s experience developing for Windows Phone.

Xamling is one of Australia’s leading independent Windows Phone developers, and has built apps for  Microsoft, Nokia, SBS, Telstra and Foxtel. It also built the recently released startup app Project Tripod, which is exclusively available on Windows Phone.

“We’ve worked on all the major platforms including iOS (Objective C is the language and XCode is the development tool), Android (Java is the language and Eclipse the development tool) and Windows (C# and Visual Studio),” Knight says.

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Windows App Studio Beta Updated To Support Instagram Search, Microsoft Advertising And More

Microsoft today announced that they are celebrating the 1 million user mark on Windows Phone App Studio which was released 9 months back. App Studio allows people of all skill levels to create apps online for both Windows and Windows Phone. They are releasing the following new features including:

  • Instagram Search: You can now display Instagram photos by hashtag search. For example, are you creating an app for a conference? Just add the Instagram data source with the search term (e.g. #2015Conference)
  • Add Microsoft Advertising to earn money with your apps: On the Publish Info page, you’ll notice that you can enable the Microsoft Advertising client.  All you have to do is enter the Application ID and Ad Unit ID that you’ll get when you create a Windows or Windows Phone ad unit in Microsoft pubCenter.

There is also some guidance on using the Windows App Certification Kit. Read more about it here.


Developers: Get Telerik Windows Phone And Windows Controls For Free

Telerik Microsoft Teched

In an effort to help celebrate Microsoft TechEd 2014 developer conference, Telerik today announced that they are giving away their best tools for building Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps for free for the duration of TechEd 2014.

So, why are we doing this? Well, as you know, Windows 8.1 is getting rave reviews from both analysts and community. We, at Telerik, think Windows 8.1 is pretty freaking awesome as well. As a 12+ year long Microsoft Partner, we’d like to continue to support Microsoft’s fantastic community of developers with great tools. Our goal is simple: to help you build amazing experiences.

Get more information at www.telerik.com/TechEd.

Source: Telerik

Official PhoneGap Developer app now in the Windows Phone Store


PhoneGap has announced the availability of the PhoneGap Developer App for Windows Phone.

PhoneGap is an open source framework for quickly building cross-platform mobile apps using HTML5, Javascript and CSS. The PhoneGap Developer app lets developers immediately preview their apps on a device without installing platform SDKs, registering devices, or even compiling code. They also have full access to the official PhoneGap APIs.

After installing the PhoneGap Developer app developers will be able to connect to their PhoneGap desktop app to instantly view and test their project on the device.In fact developers can now develop on an OS X machine and preview on a Windows Phone device.

The app not only supports Windows Phone 8, but the upcoming 8.1 updateimage

You can learn how to install and use the app here. Since the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps use the same codebase, the usage is identical.

Download the app from the Windows Phone Store here.

Mehdoh Dev unpublishing all apps due to WP8.1 API changes


It seems not everyone is happy about the changes brought on by Windows Phone 8.1.

Chris Field, the developer of Mehdoh, and also a number of other lesser known apps, including a Soundcloud app Cloudoh, has tweeted that he is unpublishing all his apps except Medhoh, which he will be delisting as he was “done with Windows Phone.”

His decision is driven by the API changes in Windows Phone 8.1, in particular Background Audio, which is unsupported in Silverlight 8.1 (but is accessible via other means).

He writes:


Field is not the only developer daunted by the changes going from Windows Phone 8 to 8.1. AAWP reports that Johan Paul has also decided to discontinue Podcatcher, after the changes in WP8.1 exposed what he called fundamental issues with the codebase.

While Windows Phone 8 apps will continue to work without issue in WP8.1, it seems adding the new capabilities the community expects and demands is becoming a challenge to devs with legacy code. Hopefully this is not an issue with major 3rd party apps, which would mean we will see even less 3rd party apps updated regularly in the future.