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Rogers’ Venue Pro pricing scheme revealed

rogers-dell-venue-pro-pricesRogers Wireless – Canada’s largest mobile carrier – has released a pricing scheme for the Dell Venue Pro, ahead of its expected March release.

The phone will be C$600 without a contract, or C$150 with it; the contract is three years, (which is a usual length for Canada, rather than the usual 18-24 months enjoyed by the rest of the world – thanks, Jason), and at a meaty minimum tariff of C$45 per month. This is, of course, assuming that any of the handsets actually make it to Canada by March.

Via mobilesyrup; thanks to Steve for the tip.

HTC HD7 Launched In Canada From Bell

As we reported months back citing mobilesyryp that HTC HD7 to be launched in February, Bell has launched HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 device in Canada today. Find the pricing details below,


No contract: $599.95,

3 year contract: $99.95,

2 year contract: $549.95,

1 year contract for $574.95.

HTC HD7 comes with Bell TV Remote PVR,

Out of the house and forgot to record your favourite show? No problem. Schedule and manage your Bell TV HD PVR from anywhere. A familiar interface allows you to search for shows intuitively. Conveniently browse your program guide and recording schedules, and edit or delete existing recordings. You can even use your smartphone as a remote control.

Source: Bell

HP Reveals 2 New WebOS Smartphones And A WebOS Tablet, Is This Enough?


imageI didn’t even dream that HP(cheaters) will take a website’s poll seriously and mention it at their product launch. That is just sad.

Anyway, at their event today they announced HP Veer , a small webOS smartphone to be available this spring, HP Pre 3 , a webOS smartphone with vertical slider keyboard as our Dell Venue Pro and to be available this summer and HP TouchPad, a webOS (optimized for tablet) powered tablet. A WiFi version of HP’s TouchPad will be available in the summer, followed by 3G and 4G versions. No word on pricing on these devices. Also HP is working on to bring WebOS to PC’s ! ! ! Microsoft, wake up soon.

Of course it is questionable whether the release of these devices will re-invigorate the webOS developer community.  The number of applications in their application store, which has been open for around 20 months, was recently surpassed by the Windows Phone 7 marketplace in less than 3, and the platform has been abandoned by high profile ISVs like Skyscape, who withdrew their medical products from the webOS Catalog.  The OS had also continued to lose market share and users, with only 3.7% of subscribers in USA using an OS from Palm in December, down from 4.2% just 3 months earlier, and less than 2% of sales in December 2010.

What do you think of these products? Are they enough to compete with the tough smartphone,tablet competitors?

Dell Venue Pro delayed again… and again… and again…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Dell Venue Pro’s UK release has been delayed once again. According to Clove, the stock has been delayed until “early March.” The Venue Pro is now over four months past its original UK release, and counting…

Any bets on when the troubled smartphone will finally get here?

via pocketnow.com

Dell Venue Pro Coming to Rogers Wireless In March


Rogers Wireless, one of the leading carrier in Canada will have Dell Venue Pro coming to its network in March. BGR has got some internal material stating the same. Windows Phone 7 already has 4 devices in Canada from all three leading carriers, Rogers with Samsung Focus, Telus with HTC Surround and LG Optimus 7 and Bell with LG Optimus Quantum.

Source: BGR

Sony Ericsson Is Open To Windows Phone 7, But Not Yet Decided

We heard rumours that Sony Ericsson is working on a Windows Phone 7 device. Now we have a concrete information on that rumour, cleared by Steven Walker, Head of global marketing at Sony Ericsson. At an recent interview at CES on Windows Phone 7  he told Pocket-lint in a one-to-one interview that “We are keeping a watching brief” on it.File:Sony Ericsson logo.svg

Here is his response,

“We’ve done a lot of work with Microsoft over the years. We’ve launched a number of 6.xx products, but we made a decision not to bring a product to market in the first wave. We absolutely maintain to keep an open mind towards Windows Phone 7. We continue to engage in a relationship with Microsoft, but we haven’t made any concrete announcement about when and how we would introduce Windows Phone 7 into the portfolio”.

When asked whether Sony Ericsson will stick to Android like Motorola in their smartphones,

“We shouldn’t limit ourselves to one opportunity, but we aren’t yet ready to make any specific announcement about products. At this moment in time, there is clearly a galvanising within the industry around Android as a creditable alternative to what’s out there, and we think that’s a good thing”.

He made some more comments on Sony Ericsson’s Android and smartphone strategy, head to Pocket-lint for the full interview. I think Sony Ericsson is trying to play safer game by skipping the first generation Windows Phone 7 devices, because it don’t want to take risks  poor financial results. Will Sony Ericsson make a Windows Phone 7 device ? If yes, when? How will they measure Windows Phone 7 platform’s success? When they decide to make a WP7 device at later stage, all other competitors will have huge head start. What do you think?

NewEgg Lists All Three Windows Phone 7 Devices On AT&T For Free


Just few days back we reported that Amazon Wireless selling Windows Phone 7 devices for mere 1 cent price and If you are not ready to spend even that single cent, here is the offer you were looking for, Newegg.com has listed all three Windows Phone 7 devices under AT&T contract starting from 450 minutes per Month for $39.99 per Month to Unlimited minutes per Month for $69.99 Per Month. Here is the device’s page to buy,

Source: wpcentral

Dell Venue Pro Delayed Until Mid-Feb In UK


Dell Venue Pro, one of the hottest Windows Phone 7 device has been delayed in UK again until Mid of the February and  the delay is being caused by a Microsoft software

issue with the MMS settings for the carriers. Previously we reported that  that the Dell Venue Pro will be with European HSDPA hands will be hitting the Clove UK virtual

shelves on the 6th January 2011, due to delays on a “component issue”. Hope we get Dell venue pro this time without any further delay.

Source: Clove UK

Get AT&T Windows Phone 7 Devices For 1¢


Recently we reported a news of carrier AT&T slashing the prices of the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus to $99 for US users. Also we reported that the price slash is a limited time offer and not permanent as previously reported. But now its better than ever, you can get all the three Windows Phone 7 devices from Amazon wireless for  1¢ by signing a 2 year contract. Here are the links to amazon’s page,

Hurry, this offer will last through January 17th.

Source: BGR

Indian Mobile Retailer Univercell Lists LG Optimus 7(Updated)



Major south Indian retailer Univercell have listed LG Optimus 7  E900 for 25000 INR( Approx. 560 USD). As previously mentioned by us, LG will be one of the key launch partners for Microsoft in India. Still there is no word on time of availability,but I guess it will be sooner than expected. According to some insiders at Microsoft India,I got to know that January-2011 will be the time frame of the launch. Does this indicate that Windows Phone 7 will be launched in other Asian countries soon?

Update: Flipkart.com ,an Indian online retailer is taking orders for HTC HD7 with the price of 29999 INR (approx. 667 USD) and  it states that it will deliver the device within 5-7 days, but according to some sources I found that the device will be shipped only after the official launch of Windows Phone 7 in India.


Earn $25 By Referring A Friend To AT&T Windows Phone 7


AT&T has announced new way to earn money by referrals. Only thing you have to do is to convince your friend or someone to buy a Windows Phone 7 with AT&T contract and you get $25 for each referral. Don’t leave your current job since this seems to be easy way to earn money ! ! You can earn up to $125 a year.

What is Refer-A-Friend?

Refer-A-Friend is an online-only program that allows you to refer friends and relatives to AT&T for wireless service.  Every time you get someone to activate new, qualifying service, you will both be eligible to receive a $25 AT&T Promotion Card.  You can earn up to five rewards per year.  AT&T Promotion Cards can be redeemed for AT&T products or for paying your wireless bill.

How do I participate?

If you are a Referrer (referring new customers):

  1. Register for the Refer-A-Friend program.
  2. Send your referral e-mails.
  3. Make sure the people you refer register for the program within 14 days of activating their AT&T service.

If you are a Referee (someone referred you):

  1. Activate new AT&T service on a qualifying wireless rate plan.
  2. Register for the Refer-A-Friend program within 30 days of activating your AT&T service.

After you do your part, we do ours:

  1. Verify the referral to ensure it meets the program rules.
  2. Mail the rewards.

Verification takes approximately 40 days.  After verification, rewards take about 4-6 weeks to fulfill.

What are the Program Requirements?

Refer-A-Friend requires you to have Internet access and an e-mail address.  You may register only one wireless phone number and e-mail address in the program.

Referrers must:

  1. Be on a $9.99 or higher wireless rate plan.
  2. Register for the Refer-A-Friend program and make a referral on the program website within 14 days of the Referee’s AT&T service activation date.

Referees must:

  1. Activate new wireless service with AT&T on a $39.99 or higher rate plan.
  2. Register for the Refer-A-Friend program within 30 days of activating your wireless service.

Employees of AT&T Mobility LLC, its affiliated companies, and its Agents, their subagents, and other distributors of AT&T service are not eligible to participate in the Program.

Other conditions apply.  Please see the Terms and Conditions for the complete program rules.

Source: AT&T

Telstra Innovating in WP7 Marketing

Marketing a device is as important as developing it. Mobile OEM’s generally try to buy ads across newspapers, digital media to promote their device. Telstra, a leading operator from Australia has announced an interesting contest. People can apply to this Social Review Contest and the selected participants will be running a Social Review of the HTC 7 Mozart . Totally 25 people will be selected and  they will be given HTC 7 Mozart plus a Telstra Next Gâ„¢ Network SIM with credit for two-week review period.  Once the two-week review period is over the handset is theirs to keep.


What’s a Social Review?

Social Reviewers will use the phone, explore the features and share their experiences with the social media world. The reviewers are also required to disclose they are participating in the Telstra Windows 7 Social Review.Because context and differing viewpoints are critical to the success of the Social Review, we’re looking for applicants with all sorts of interests, such as:

  • social networking;
  • Xbox LIVE and gaming;
  • business on the go;
  • apps and apps development;
  • kids and family; and
  • technology and gadgets.

Telstra is also partnering with Microsoft to create a WP7 Social review forum for people to exchange their thoughts on this new WP7 OS.

Windows Phone 7 launches in South Africa on HTC devices


During a event held in Johannesburg  Mobility Business Group Lead, Nkosi Kumalo and Business Development Manager for Windows Phone, John Press, announced the launch of Windows Phone 7 in South Africa. Initially there will be only two WP7 devices. Both are HTC devices, the  HTC 7 Trophy and HTC 7 Mozart.

HTC Mozart will be made available through various carriers in South Africa while HTC 7 Trophy is exclusive to Vodacom, a  leading mobile operator in SA. The final pricing was not announced, but it will be competitive to Samsung Galaxy S which is successful there. Mr.Kumalo said that there will be separate data plans for WP7 devices and negotiations are going on with the carriers. Initially there wont be Windows Phone 7 marketplace for SA but it will be made available in the near future. It was mentioned that Samsung, and LG handsets are scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2011 while these HTC devices will be released later this month or December first week.

Source: memeburn