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Scribd app comes to Windows Phone

Scribd, the world’s largest digital library with over 80 million users and over 400,000 books, has released a Windows Phone app.

The service allows one to subscribe to unlimited books for only $8.99 per month, and includes publications from over 900 publishers, including NYT bestsellers, literary classics, groundbreaking non-fiction, and reader favourites in every genre. They also have the world’s largest digital document collection, with millions of user-uploaded written works.

The app features:QRCode

  • Instant access to 300,000+ books from 900+ publishers in every genre
  • Discover new favorites with our editorial collections and personalized recommendations
  • Millions of user-contributed documents and written works
  • No limits: read as much as you want – service is available worldwide
  • Works across your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows device, or browser – books are synced automatically
  • Pin your favorite book to the Start Screen for easy access

Download the app for free from the Windows Phone Store here.

Flipkart eBooks app gets major update

Flipkart has updated their ereader app to version 2.0.

The app has had a design overhaul with a revamped store experience, and now features Google Login and collections in the Library.

The update also fixes download and crash-related bugs.

imageThe Flipkart eBooks app lets you purchase ebooks from massive catalogue of flipkart eBooks, read 10% of the book for free before buying it and also features thousands of free eBooks.

The free app, which is only available in India, can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Bookviser eBook Reader comes to Windows 8

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bookviser – popular eBook reader for Windows Phone – has just arrived on Windows 8. If you ever used iBooks on iPad, enjoy its “skeuomorphic” book look and wonder when the reading experience of this kind comes to Window 8 platform, make sure to check out this app.

First of all authors of Bookviser tried to reproduce look and feel of a physical book. Mostly this is achieved through the use of pseudo 3D page turning animation. Also, opened book has cover and visible pile of pages which helps to eat up excessive area on the sides of the display. This answers popular concern that 16:9 aspect ratio of Windows 8 tablets makes them too wide for eBooks and thus less suited for reading than iPad with its 4:3 aspect ratio.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

What else makes Bookviser a good reader? Well, here’s what Bookviser for Windows 8 allows you to do:


  • pick up color scheme that best fits your eyes and time of the day
  • select from any font type supported by your device
  • adjust font size and line spacing

Work with text:

  • copy and share to Twitter, Facebook, email or any app via Windows 8 Charms mechanism
  • look up word definition in Google
  • look up word definition in dictionary installed on your device

Advanced library management:

  • sort titles alphabetically or by the date of last opening
  • group by authors, genre or first letter of the title
  • filter new books
  • search in the library

Numerous import options:

  • import files located on your device
  • import your books from Skydrive or other cloud services
  • download titles from pre-installed catalogs (Feedbooks, Project Guttenberg, AllRomance, Smashwords)
  • connect any other OPDS catalog of your choice
  • perform bulk import of files
The above mentioned functionality is made on top of standard features present in Windows Phone version of the app such as bookmarks, footnotes support, search for text in the book, progress bar and “go to location” function.

Features planned for the nearest future include synchronization of Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions, built-in dictionary, note taking, highlights, Text-to-Speech, MOBI, DjVu and PDF support.

Download Bookviser here from Windows Store for free.


Microsoft is working on “iBooks” for Windows, probably Windows Phone

microsoft-reader-screenIn yesterday’s Reddit Q&A Microsoft revealed that they are working on an eBook service for Windows.

They were asked and answered:

Does Microsoft plan on building the Windows equivalent of NewsStand or iBooks for Windows? It would be nice to not rely on Kindle and others, and instead be able to purchase books with my Microsoft account.

Microsoft: Definitely on the radar and something we’re working on!

While the answers relate to Windows 8.1, the service is extremely likely to support Windows Phone also, meaning Microsoft could soon have it own Kindle-like ebook service on Windows Phone.

Like so many things Microsoft was of course a pioneer in the ebook field, with their own Microsoft Reader app in the early 2000’s (right), but this work was eventually abandoned. Hopefully their next attempt will have a more rosy future.

Via TechCrunch.com

More detail on Nokia’s new Reading hub

One of the new exclusive applications Nokia announced for their Windows Phones was Nokia Reader, a reading hub for Windows Phone 7.

Nokia Reading is primarily an e-reader, but also supports audio books and also text information from online news sources in the form of RSS feeds.

The service supports content from major publishers, including Penguin and Hachette, and Pearson and will support content in a variety of languages. Users will be able to browse a few pages prior to purchase, and the service will require payment for purchases using a Nokia account.

Thousands of classic works will also be available for free.

The Reader pane will support Portrait, Landscape and  ‘night mode,’ change the font or adjust brightness, and content can be pinned to the start screen.

After launch users will also be able to create a personalized magazine page (called “news stream”) that updates content across the most popular categories, and adds web content from your chosen sites. All content can be downloaded ahead of time and be accessed while off-line, for example on an airplane.

Nokia Reading will be available for Nokia Lumia handsets from April and will first launch in six markets (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia) with more to follow.

See the app being demoed after the break. Continue reading

Bookviser – eBook Reader for Windows Phone 7 – uploads books from SkyDrive now

Bookviser, a new free eBook reader for Windows Phone 7, had received a warm welcome and quickly climbed to a prominent position in WP Marketplace. Thank you Bookviser users!

We received a lot of useful feature suggestions and assure you most of them are in our to-do list. The version 1.1 has just been released. Additionally from Bookviser own cloud storage you can now import books from your SkyDrive account. We know many of you use Dropbox storage, so this is our top priority to deliver Dropbox support in the next update. The app is also available in Russian and French now.

Current Features

  • Supported formats: EPUB, FB2 and TXT
  • Upload books on your phone via SkyDrive or Bookviser accounts
  • Search for books in Feedbooks (more online catalogues coming soon)
  • Search for books via built-in web-browser
  • Customizable fonts and colors
  • Brightness control
  • Day and night modes
  • Search through book
  • Contents browsing
  • Add bookmarks
  • Pin a book to home screen

qrcodeComing in next versions

  1. Dropbox support
  2. Landscape mode
  3. OPDS integration (meaning more books from more online catalogues)
  4. Improved page-turning effects

Pricing Free! (No Ads)

Pick up Bookviser from here in the Marketplace or from www.bookviser.com .

You can also scan the following QR code to the right.

Bookviser – A Metro style FREE eBook Reader


My name is Alex Gontcharov. I’d like to draw your attention to my new app Bookviser – FREE eBook Reader for WP7. While building it I focused on usability, smooth effects, comfort of reading and Metro UI guidelines. In Bookviser I’ve implemented 3 ways of getting books for your phone:

  1. The reader is connected to Bookviser cloud service allowing you to upload your own files in EPUB, FB2 and TXT formats
  2. You can search and download books from digital libraries (only Feedbooks is connected at the moment, but more are coming)
  3. There is a built-in web browser which you can use to download books publicly available on the web


  • Supported formats: EPUB, FB2 and TXT
  • Customize fonts and colors
  • Search through book
  • Browse contents
  • Pin book tile to home screen

Coming in next version:

  1. Dropbox and SkyDrive support
  2. Landscape mode
  3. Localization

Pricing: Free! (No Ads)

Where to get it:Download Bookviser from Marketplace here

You can also scan the following QR code to the right.

More info at www.bookviser.com

Russian Marketplace providing an unexpected boost for e-reader downloads

imageJim Chapman, the developer of the Freda ebook reader for Windows Phone 7, writes to let us know that he has seen a boost in the downloads of his app with the introduction of the Russian Marketplace recently, with nearly 50% of his downloads going to Russian-localized devices.

The reasons for this is not clear, but it could indicate both great growth in the Windows Phone 7 market as it expands into new areas, or that the Russian market has a greater affinity for downloading e-books.  The country does have several websites where even recent books, still under copyright in the west, can be freely downloaded.

Either way it is good news – Windows Phone 7 will see a significant growth in sales as it expands into more markets, and developers will both have a bigger installed base to sell to, but also have a more varied population to address, which may just be what specific niche titles need.

Jim asks of other developers have notices this same increase in Russian downloads? Let us know below.

Microsoft Reader being discontinued, was too ahead of its time


If Microsoft has one serious problem it is dabbling in a wide variety of areas without actually committing deeply to a project.  Windows Mobile was just such a project, a low revenue project in which Microsoft dabbled and only became serious about when the iPhone took off.

One other such project is Microsoft Reader, an e-reader service that was much ahead of its time, offering niceties such as cleartype font rendering and annotation, but suffering from poor support and poor selection of content.  It took a company that was serious about books like Amazon to bring ereading to the main stream.

As if to underline this failure Microsoft has announced the end of their eReader project. No new content will be made available by November 8 2011and the service will shutter August 30, 2012.

DRM will still however function.

It is not known if Microsoft will be looking at a new product for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8, but is seems unlikely as extending their current (in some ways excellent) product would have made a lot more sense.

It was, in the end, an opportunity missed.

Via Techcrunch.com

Samsung promising eBook hub for Omnia 7 in Q1 2011


34763001_m_fEagle-eyed reader Duncan has spotted that on the official UK  Samsung Omnia 7 features page that Samsung will be offering an Ebook hub for their new Windows Phone 7 device.

The update however promises more that simply books, noting it will be the place to go for newspapers and periodicals also, and will be available to download in Q1 2011.

Samsung already offers a stand-alone e-reader in UK being sold via large UK book retailer WMSmith which supports text to speech and annotation, and we will hopefully see these features and the store that supports it carry over to this software solution.

With Marketplace still small having a supported reader platform for your device may be another reason to chose the Samsung Omnia 7 over the many other contenders.

Thanks Duncan for the tip.

Freda eBook reader making the jump to Windows phone 7

Its always nice to see software rely upon in Windows Mobile being ported to Windows phone 7.  Such is the case with Jim Chapman’s free e-reader, Freda, which appears to be making the transition to Windows phone 7 pretty smoothly.

In the version demoed above the software is tied Wattpad, an e-book site, but a version without any affiliation will be released also.

To download the current version of Freda for Windows Mobile, see Jim’s site here.