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Picturex – Exchanging pictures made easy.

Picturex Download

Picturex is a free Windows Phone app, which allows you to exchange pictures easily with your friends, family and acquaintances. Android, iOS and a web version will be released soon!

If you don’t want to read the text, you can now download Picturex here for free! ;)
Picturex Download

What is Picturex?
Have you ever waited days or weeks for others’ pictures after a party, company event or city trip? Picturex is the solution! Picturex is the easiest way to exchange pictures with friends, family and aquaintances.

Create a new album with just a few clicks, invite others into the album and upload a ton of pictures. Every invited person can also up- or download pictures. So, you can keep your best pictures and memories and easily enjoy them at any time.

• Use Picturex to exchange pictures with your friends, family or acquaintances in full quality.
• Anyone invited to a private PicEx can contribute.
• Exchange pictures for city trips, bike tours, barbecue parties, concerts, exhibitions, memories, business events, and all the other occasions you take pictures.
• All the pictures you take during an event are automatically suggested to be uploaded! (optional)
• Or you can manually upload pictures at any time to your PicEx or the ones you joined.
• Save the pictures you want to keep.
• You can still use your favourite camera and filter app.
• Early-adopter bonus: benefit from very competitive features
• And a lot more!

The Update
In the past two months we have had a private and public beta of Picturex and tried to incorporate all the feedback you gave us. This is why the new version now offers a notification system that shows you when new you have new pictures, new participants in your PicEx, when it starts/ends/is upgraded, etc. You can now also send secure private messages to all the participants of your PicEx. You can also like pictures! :) Picturex is integrated even better in all the windows phone’s features. You can upload pictures from the native picture album (via sharing) and open Picturex in the camera lenses app. This is not all, the update offers a lot more…

What will come?
The most important thing for the next weeks will be to release an iOS and Android client. Picturex will also be offered in Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and French. Additionally, we will constantly add new features, based on your feedback!

We always love feedback and suggestions to improve Picturex! Please contact us via [email protected]. You may find more information on www.picturex.ch.

You can download Picturex here for free!

Picturex Download

Exchange server acting up? Blame those iOS 6.1 users, then ban them

sick-3g-cjrReports are rolling in that Apple has messed up once again, and that their latest iOS 6.1 update is causing iPhones and iPads to overloads 2007 and 2010 Exchange Servers by constantly logging in to the server.

This is of course affecting the other users of the same server, leading to IT admins asking iOS users not to upgrade to the latest OS or face being blocked from the service.

We were forwarded an email from Mark from his IT describing exactly this scenario.

They write:

Over the recent days we’ve been experiencing sporadic occurrences of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) that stop communicating with our email system Exchange.  Working with Microsoft and Apple, they have identified an issue in IOS 6.1 that if a user updates, deletes, modifies, accepts any calendar entry from their i-device it causes problems with the Exchange server that impacts all or many other users with a multitude of different problems.  There is at this time no resolution from Apple/Microsoft.  This is occurring globally.

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Calculate Microsoft Points value in your local currency

Microsoft Points Ultimate for Windows PhoneMS Points Ultimate is the ideal application to convert Microsoft Points to your local currency accurately. Microsoft Points are used by Zune, Xbox LIVE, Games for Windows – LIVE, and other Microsoft properties and partners.  But how much money Microsoft Points cost?

This application let you convert Microsoft Points to two prices in your currency: the online price (i.e. xbox.com) and the price at your local store, which is sometimes lower than the online price, especially when you find a discounted Points Card!

Instant dual conversion
Compare the price online (i.e. xbox.com) and at your favorite local store (Points Cards)

Worldwide support
You can adjust prices in the Settings page

Live Tile
Displays the last conversion directly on your Start Screen

Metro style design supporting portrait and landscape screen orientation and the standard numeric keypad

And free! (without any ads!)

Install “MS Points Ultimate” from the Windows Phone Marketplace now!

Install MS Points Ultimate on your Windows Phone 7


Disclaimer: this app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft, Microsoft Points, Xbox, Xbox LIVE and Zune are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Introducing Meeting Room

Don’t you hate it when you’re not able to find an available meeting room to take that call. Or being kicked out of a room that seemed available only a few minutes ago?

For circumstances like this I created the meeting room app. Now you can find available rooms and book them right from you smart phone without having to even boot a computer.

Meeting room bookings is pulled from the company Exchange server and reservations made though meeting invites.

At present it requires Exchange 2010 but I’m working to support anything from 2003 and up.  It also works if you want to check availability of colleagues.


In addition to just being useful to individual phone owners it also supports a kiosk mode. In this mode it doesn’t lock allowing you to affix it to the meeting room itself. That way anyone can check availability and make a booking just by walking up to the room.

Meeting Room is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

Windows Phone 7 email bug causes Exchange Server 2003 problems


WPCentral notes a new bug has popped in how Windows Phone 7 deals with Exchange Server 2003 (which includes the service behind the Hotmail Exchange Activesync support).

It appears when email from such a server is forwarded the email is not included in an editable form, but rather as an .eml attachment, which is less than ideal.

Microsoft has acknowledged the bug in a tweet, but it is not clear if a fix beyond upgrading to the latest Exchange Server is forthcoming.

The the mean time, a work around would be for Reply to an email instead of Forwarding, and then change the email address to the forwarding address.

Are any of our readers running into this issue? Let us know below.

Exchange 2010 will feature WM 6.5 SMS integration

ex2010_thumb_1F30CF40 Tying the Exchange and Windows Mobile 6.5 even closer together, the two new versions of the software will feature SMS integration, meaning SMS messages will be automatically synchronized back to your Exchange server, where they can be easily searched and archived.

Further features will be the ability to send SMS messages directly from Outlook.

Read more about the new features in Exchange 2010 here.

Via the Windows Phone Guy blog.

Thanks Robert Graff for the tip.

How to block the iPhone from Exchange Activesync

Now by now we should all know that the iPhone is a major security risk on any corporate network. The device stores passwords in plain text, it remembers VPN passwords which are meant to be entered by the user each session, it shipped with the ability to bypass the devicelock passcode easily, it has no full device encryption at all, and its being swarmed over by hackers like flies over, well…, you know what.

No sane network admin would have a device with such a poor security record on their network. Unfortunately, due to Exchange Activesync configuration being so easy, many users sneak the device in under the nose of the admins, placing the whole network at risk. Fortunately there is a way to block this behavior.

If you are using ISA as your firewall then you can block an iPhone by inspecting the HTTP header. One simply need to click on the Activesync rule, choose Configure HTTP, add a signature which will be found in the Request Header, and search for iPhone in the same header. The picture below should make it clear. Afterward sleep peacefully at night knowing your corporate secrets are safe at last.

Via JasonLangridge’s weblog

Nokia rounds on RIM, brings Exchange ActiveSync Push E-mail to ALL of their (80 million) smartphones

In an apparent reaction to RIM’s smartphone success, Nokia today announced that it is expanding its device range which enables Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to all Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices. 43 Nokia devices will now feature the Mail for Exchange mobile email application, making Nokia’s device range the largest ever to enable the solution. Nokia also announced today that Mail for Exchange will be available out-of-the-box in future releases of Nokia Eseries and Nokia Nseries devices. The software had previously only been available on a small selection of Nokia’s smartphones.

“Nokia is a valued partner and we are pleased they are making it easier for their approximately 80 million S60 3rd Edition customers to realize the benefits of Exchange Server,” said Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President, Exchange Server, Microsoft Corp. “This announcement with Nokia further demonstrates the importance consumers and businesses place on accessing Exchange Server data from mobile devices in addition to traditional desktop clients. Nokia’s announcement today will help give its users that access and help make them more productive.”

Nokia owners whose companies use Exchange can set up Mail for Exchange for free on their devices in various ways without paying additional services or subscription fees. Once the application is set up, users utilize their current data plan service to get real-time access to their office email, calendar, contacts, tasks and company directory over a secure connection.

“We take corporate and IT security policies seriously, and a comparison study showed that the device management and security policies for devices such as the Nokia Eseries are robust,” added Mr Vanjoki. “This should give business heads and IT managers greater confidence when choosing between device brands to mobilize their workforce.”

While the Exchange ActiveSync protocol is compatible with many types of devices, Nokia device users will have access to features that are currently not available in other Exchange ActiveSync licensees’ devices such as setting email priorities, alerts for meeting request conflicts, a standalone global address list application to search for a colleague’s contact details quickly, downloading and editing all types of attachments.

Nokia has recently removed the Blackberry Connect client from their latest smartphones. While this move may not appear to more competition for Windows Mobile, it will, with the iPhone, cement Exchange Activesync as the mobile e-mail solution of choice, which will simplify the introduction and use of Windows Mobile smartphones in many companies.

For more detail read Nokia’s press release here.