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Adidas miCoach train & run for WP8.1 with Bluetooth LE support now available

Wp81 train n run sensors


Adidas has updated their miCoach app to support the final release of Windows Phone 8.1 with Bluetooth LE/Smart support.

The app, now called miCoach train & run supports the newly announced Lumia 630/635/930 and will now work properly with the Bluetooth® Smart support enabling miCoach Heart Rate Monitor and SPEED_CELL™ to work as a Stride Sensor. Support for the miCoach X_CELL as Heart Rate Monitor is also promised in the future.

The app offers access to hundreds of miCoach training plans and real-time coaching and the latest version of the app also features Music and MixRadio integration, Lumia exclusive voice packages of Johan Blake and Ana Ivanovic and much more.image

The app of course still works with WP8, but WP8.1 Developer Preview devices will not have access to the Bluetooth LE sensors until the Cyan update.

Download the free app from the Windows Phone Store here.

Gym Pal will help you stay on target with your workout routine

Exercise Front History

Track your workout routine and stay focused on your target whatever it is. Whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle mass or keeping shape Gym Pal can help you. It is easy to use and simple. The application is highly customizable letting you to add your favorite exercises of cardio or resistance nature and monitor their progress indoor or outdoor. Detailed history and body measurements will give you crucial information on your success and necessary improvements.

Besides that, the developer company regularly monitors users’ feedback and implements requested features rather promptly. Thus, even if you are missing a certain thing in the application the suggestion is to start using it and request a feature that you need.

What you can do

Gym Pal QR Code

  • Add, edit and delete exercises of different types.
  • Take up to 6 pictures per exercise with the phone camera.
  • Track your workout using the integrated stopwatch.
  • Add notes to individual sets or workout in the whole.
  • Use imperial or metric unit system.
  • Use integrated calculator for entering values.
  • Take body measurements and monitor them on a chart.
  • Analyze workout history.
  • Backup and restore the data using SkyDrive.
  • And more…

Download the app from the Windows Phone Store here.

Just in time of New Years Resolutions, Zumba Dance comes to Windows Phone

Popular fitness training game Zumba Dance has made the jump to Windows Phone 8.

The game, which uses your front-facing camera to detect and measure your movements, has the full routines of the Xbox app and that can provide feedback and encouragement from superstar Zumba instructors such as Beto Perez, Gina Grant, and Kass Martin and more.

It also features chart-topping hits, from LMFAO, Pitbull, Tiesto, Kat Deluna, and Sean Paul, in addition to Zumba original tracks.

The app will tracking your calories burned, goals met and technique improvements as you play. The initial purchase includes a 20-minute workout, and you can maximize your workout by purchasing up to 3 pre-programmed 60-minute classes or by creating your own playlist of previously purchased routines with the custom class feature. image

The game is Windows Phone 8-only and requires 1 GB RAM handsets.

Start making your fitness new year’s resolution real by purchasing the game for $4.99 (without a free trial unfortunately) in the Windows Phone Store here.

Gym PocketGuide Pro available now for WP8 & WP7


Follow up to the #1 free gym app on Windows Phone. Gym PocketGuide Pro helps you achieve your fitness goals with new premium features including:

  • 100+ exercise and stretch guides (pictures, step by step instructions and videos powered by bodybuidling.com).
  • Custom programs: create programs exactly the way you want them.
  • Built-in 7 day programs: for men & women ranging from weight loss to muscle building
  • Workout data recording: record sets, reps, weights and notes.
  • Workout log: easily view your recorded data Workout graphs
  • BMI calculator
  • Rest timer
  • SkyDrive integration: backup and restore data to your personal SkyDrive account. Keep your data safe and always with you.

This is a paid app but you can try it free for 7 days.

Get in shape for summer or stay in shape during winter! Achieve More. Go Pro.

Store link: windowsphone.com

Like on Facebook: facebook.com/GymPocketGuide

Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/GymPocketGuide

Fitbit says not so fast on Windows Phone app


We reported earlier on Fitbit support confirming the company is working on a Windows Phone app which was “expected soon”.

We have now had a contact from Fitbit’s PR team which puts some breaks on the idea and suggests their Windows Phone developers are still doing their warm-ups.

They write:

Thanks for your interest in Fitbit. I work with Fitbit and we spotted your post re: the Fitbit app and wanted to provide a clarification. Fitbit is looking at various platforms, and exploring new apps, but currently the Windows 8 phone app is not going to be released in the next few weeks, nor do we have any timing or confirmation on a Windows 8 phone app.

So in short don’t hold your breath as you might go blue, but I am sure in this case where there’s smoke, there’s a fire.

Fitbit confirms they are working on a Windows Phone app, to be released “soon”


We posted recently that Fitbit’s twitter support teased a Windows Phone app, but did not quite confirm it.

The company in fact already has a Windows 8 app, making the Windows Phone app a no-brainer.

They have now replied to a reader enquiring about Windows Phone support with the following message:


We are glad to help with your inquiry about the Windows 8 Phone app.

Let us advise that currently our team is working on developing a compatible app for Windows 8 Phones. We do not have an estimated date for the release yet, but we do expect to be soon. Currently, you can sync with Apple Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices, and by the end of this month, we will release an update for the Android app, which will allow Andriod users to sync via Bluetooth as well.

Please let us know if you have any other question.


Oscar Fernando and the Fitbit Team

The note does raise an issue – the latest Fitbit uses Bluetooth Low Energy – not a feature of Windows Phone 8 as far as we know, but supported by the hardware in phones like the Nokia Lumia 920. Given the new flexibility in the Bluetooth stack of Windows Phone 8 for 3rd party developers however this may not be an insurmountable issue.

Thanks to our tipster.

Fitbit hearing Windows Phone 8 app demand


Last we heard Fitbit had “no current plans” for a Windows Phone app, despite having a Windows 8 Metro app already in the Windows Store.

It seems however that persistent demands from Windows Phone fans are being heard, with Fitbit Support in their most recent tweets saying they have passed on these requests to their engineers.

Whether this will result in an app is anybody’s guess, but given that they have already made the effort to create a Windows 8 app, I am sure it will not take too much more to port this to Windows Phone 8 also.

Via Reddit.com

Zombies, Run! coming to Windows Phone

Zombies, Run!, an app which gamifies your daily jog, is making its way from iOS to Windows Phone.

Running sessions are given extra spice with missions through zombie infested territory to gather supplies for other survivors. Players are rewarded for their success in missions by getting access to further segments of the fully scripted audio story, written by Alderman. The app contains more than 30 missions, each lasting 20-30 minutes.

The app, created by Six to Start and author Naomi Alderman, is also getting a new ZombieLink service that enables users to more easily view and share their runs online, as well as analyse their fitness history and replay favourite zombie chases.

The app is now available on Android from the Google Play market, and will arrive on Windows Phone Marketplace later in the month for $7.99. It features secondary live tiles which allows runners to jump right into their current run and easily view their total distance and time at a glance.

"We’ve had literally thousands of emails and tweets asking for Zombies, Run! to come to Android and Windows Phone, so we’re incredibly excited with these launches and the new features we’ve included, like Live Tiles for Windows Phone and improved text-to-speech for Android," said Adrian Hon, the chief executive at Six to Start.

Read more at digitalspy.co.uk here.

Thanks Gopalan for the tip.

Runkeeper calls its quits on Windows Phone, not worth their time

imageRunkeeper has announced on their blog that they will no longer be supporting Windows Phone and Symbian, and will be removing their app from Marketplace.

Saying they have spread themselves too thin and that the two platforms combined only made up a very small percentage of their users, they said they could no longer justify “ giving our Windows and Symbian apps the support they need to be up to our quality standards, and if they can’t be up to our quality standards, they shouldn’t be at all.”

While this is pretty understandable, the company made one telling statement which suggests they are rather out of touch: “Combined, they make up less than 1.5% of our total userbase.  We don’t see this changing any time soon, these platforms simply haven’t kept up with Android and iPhone, and we only see this gap increasing over time.”

Clearly the company has no real understanding of market share numbers.  Hopefully by the time Windows Phone takes significant market share everyone on Windows Phone would be using a number of excellent alternatives available, such as Runtastic or Endomondo Sports Tracker.

See their blog post here.

Thanks Arbel for the tip.

Livescape adds support for HealthVault and gets a Mango version!

 Livescape — one of the top rated health and fitness apps for Windows Phone — has recently added support for Microsoft® HealthVault® as well as a new version specifically for Windows Phone 7.5 (a.k.a. “Mango” release). The app typically costs $4.99 but is currently made available at the discounted price of $2.99 for a limited time, during the initial launch of the Windows Phone Mango devices!

HealthVault® integration opens up a new world of possibilities for mobile health tracking. The added connectivity allows Livescape to synchronize with wireless weight scales, body composition readers, and blood pressure cuffs, as well as the ability to work with other HealthVault-enabled solutions. Please visit this page for a detailed explanation on some of the other benefits made possible with HealthVault® when used with Livescape.

Microsoft’s Sean Nolan has also written a great blog post about Livescape’s new functionality over on MSDN’s Family Health Guy blog. Using your phone to stay in shape has never been this fun!

As for the Mango version, below are the features made possible with this release:

  • Reminders
  • Live Tiles for nutrition, weight, water intake, blood pressure, stress, mood, and health tracking
  • Support for Fast Application Switching
  • General performance improvements made possible by Mango

Several other features have been added to Livescape during the past few months, including:

  • Water Tracking
  • Meals, Recipes, and Mixes
  • Journal Categorization
  • Automatic Idle Time calculation
  • Enhanced graphs
  • General UI improvements
  • Reporting

The official support site can be found here and the app is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace using this link.

Below is a YouTube demonstration video of Livescape after the break.
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Calorie Meter on WP7

You like walking, jogging or cycling and curious how many calories have you burned during training?

Now you can measure it.

This app taking into consideration weight, current speed, time and exercise type.

You can choose four types:

  •  Walking
  •  Nordic Walking
  •  Cycling
  •  Running

When you are walking, cycling or running Calorie Meter shows your distance, current speed, calories you have burned and duration time. After allowing data connection in your phone, it gives you current weather forecast.

After end of work out all data is saved to phone (up to 30 results).

You can always see statistics of:

  •  calories burned
  •  duration time
  •  distance
  •  avarage speed

Furthermore, you can set calorie alarm. There is also possibility to send all your training data via e-mail. You can put your weight in pounds or kilograms and choose to display results in miles (yards) or kilometers (meters). App styles are fully integrated with your phone theme.

Calorie Meter is $0.99 with a free trial and can be downloaded  from Marketplace here.

Look after your health with Livescape for Windows Phone

Track your daily activities and stay in shape! Livescape is an activity and nutrition journal for Windows Phone 7 that lets you to monitor everything from food intake, to measurements, fertility, daily conditions, weight, blood pressure, and body composition. Included is a pedometer and GPS tracker which can record your routes while walking, running, driving, and parking. Lookup Nutrition Facts on the Internet or scan labels with OCR using your phone’s camera. Analyze data with the built-in graphing and reporting features. Share you progress on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Support for the Metric System, as well as, English Units
  • GPS tracking and logging for your activities (optional)
  • Step counting (Pedometer) with estimated distance traveled and calories burned
  • Ability to scan Nutrition Facts using your phone’s camera
  • Ability to lookup Nutrition Facts on the Internet
  • Consumption Tracking (Food and Drinks)
  • Special Soft Lock feature for phones that do not allow the pedometer to run under a fully locked screen
  • Calculate Body Fat, Lean Mass, and Fat Mass based on Waist, Hip, and Neck measurements
  • Visualize nutritional worth of foods and drinks
  • Weight, Blood Pressure, Mood, Stress, and Measurement Tracking
  • BMI and BMR Calculation
  • Ability to track ailments such as allergies, headaches, fevers, flus, and cramps
  • Privacy features (conceal age and weight when posting to Facebook)
  • Backup and Restore
  • Create multiple profiles for family and friends
  • Fertility calculation (be notified on days to conceive a child based on a fertility cycle)
  • Bonus Feature: Chipotle Mexican Grill calculator

Learn more on the Support Site or download this app directly from the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Fitness App “Tracks” Now Available in Marketplace

Tracks is a new app from the software developers at 5ST that allows you to record your exercise routines and body measurements then analyse your progress over time with charts to optimize your workout routines.

Use the phone’s GPS to record your route while you bike or run. Set up checkpoints and Tracks will automatically record your split times as you hit them.

  • Choose from hundreds of predefined exercises with photo example, or add your own
  • Create and customize your own workout routines
  • Calculate calorie burn in real time while lifting weights, doing cardio exercises, or GPS-tracked activities
  • Additional tools include stopwatch with splits capability, speedometer, and BMI calculator

Tracks is available in Marketplace for free, as an ad-supported install.

Follow 5ST on Twitter @fivesofttacos and find us on Facebook here.