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SEQR Mobile Payment system goes live in Finland, supports Windows Phone

Somewhat later than expected, SEQR mobile payment has come to Windows Phone.

The system has of course launched in the country with the highest percentage of Windows Phone users, Finland, but SEQR hopes to expand it to Sweden soon.

“Through SEQR we want to make everyday life a bit easier for both merchants and consumers. Our ambition is to reach as many users as possible and with so many Windows Phone users in Finland it was only a natural step to develop SEQR for Windows making it available from day one,” says Peter Fredell. 

The system is launching today at Hesburger,  Finland’s largest hamburger chain, where buyers, either via NFC or QRCode,  can pay for their burger with their smartphone, connect their loyalty card and redeem offers through the same app.

“We are continuously looking for way to expedite and further enhance our customers Hesburger experience. When choosing the partner for mobile payments, we wanted to work with the industry leader. In addition to mobile payments we wanted to include our Bonusklubi loyalty program into one app as well as inform our customers on our offers with it. SEQR offer versatile, true tested mobile payment solution,” says Jari Vuoti, Executive Vice President, Hesburger.

There are 280 Hesburger restaurants in Finland and SEQR is being launched in 120 of their own restaurants run by Burger In-Oy. The plan is to have SEQR rolled out to all franchise restaurants by the end of the year.

To pay with SEQR:image

  • Scan the QR code, or tap the NFC-tag at the cash register or checkout in the online store
  • The amount is shown on your phone
  • Confirm the purchase with the PIN code you chose
  • You receive a receipt in the app that confirms your payment

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here. A map of locations accepting SEQR payments can be seen here.

A video showing the system in action can be seen after the break.

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1 in 5 Finns now own a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone


After only two years of sales Nokia Lumia handsets managed to take around 20% of the Finnish phone installed base, with Nokia announcing on their Finnish site that they have sold 1 million handsets since February 2012, when the Nokia Lumia 800 was released there.

Finland only has a population of 5.4 million people, making its Windows Phone penetration I am sure by far the highest in the world.

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Microsoft to take over Nokia’s Finnish headquarters


It seems with Nokia’s handset division Microsoft will also be purchasing the lease to Nokia’s Finnish headquarters.

MyNokiaBlog reports that Nokia House will pass on to Microsoft on completion of the deal, which of course means minimum disruption for the thousands of Nokia staff which will be moving to Microsoft.

The rest of Nokia will be moving the the old Nokia Siemens Network building.

A Nokia spokesman told the Economic Times:

“As the majority of employees currently working at our corporate headquarters  are focused on Devices & Services (D&S) activities and support  functions, Nokia House will become a Microsoft site once the deal closes,” a  Nokia global spokesperson told PTI. “People working in Nokia management and support functions will be located in  Karaportti Midpoint, the spokesperson said adding the headquarters for HERE  (Nokia’s location services) and NSN (telecom equipment business) continue as normal.”

Nokia does not in fact at present own Nokia House, having sold the building to property company Exilion to raise money for their Windows Phone transition, making the move somewhat ironic.

It will however hopefully reassure Finnish Nokia fans that the company will not in fact be abandoning the country as soon as the deal is discharged.

Nokia Lumia 1520 and 2520 now available for pre-order in Finland for delivery in early December


Nokia’s new tablet and phablet combo has now become available for pre-order on Elisa in Finland, for delivery starting the 4th December.

While the device is being released a few weeks later than elsewhere in the world, it is still much faster than the 2-3 months Finns normally have to wait for Nokia’s latest hardware.

Both the Nokia Lumia 1520 and 2520 are priced the same – 17.90 Euro over 36 months, which makes sense given both devices have near identical specs and merely different screen sizes.

The release will be the first major product launch after the sale of Nokia’s devices division to Microsoft was announced, and it would be interesting to see if the brand still retails the loyalty of the Finnish population which had been instrumental in giving Nokia’s Lumia handsets more than 30% market share in the region.

See the devices at Elisa here.

Thanks Ville for the tip.

IDC: Nokia once again the biggest phone OEM in Finnish market as Apple collapses


The IDC has released some figures for Q2 2013 which shows that, after a historic loss of the crown in Q1 2013 Nokia has once again regained the throne in its own homeland.

Nokia achieved this by shipping 210,000 phones into the small Finnish market,  while Samsung managed 200,000.

Samsung still bested Nokia when it came to the mix, with 164,000 of their handsets being smartphones, vs 106,000 for Nokia.

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Nokia Lumia 520 makes clean sweep of Finnish carriers in July

The Nokia Lumia 520 is taking the Windows Phone world by storm, and more evidence of this is that the handset topped the best seller charts on all three major Finnish carriers last month.

Despite only being released on the 11th July, the handset topped Elisa, DNA and Sonera’s lists.

Of course its not all good news – the list also shows that Nokia’s aging high-end Nokia Lumia 920 is falling out of favour, while the iPhone 5 is still selling well.  The Finnish market can clearly do with an infusion of new handsets like the the Nokia Lumia 925 and 1020.

See the rankings after the break.

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49% of Finns say their next phone will be a Nokia


Nokia is regaining the confidence of the Finnish population, if a survey of 1000 Finns by Taloustutkimus is anything to go by.

The annual survey found 49% of Finns said their next phone would be a Nokia, up from 45% last year.

The number is still down from 68% in 2011, but it indicates that Nokia has recaptured the attention of Finns even against intense competition from companies such as Samsung and Apple and after their smartphone platform switch.

The 49% share compares with 19% who want a Samsung, only 10% who want an Apple, and 18% undecided.

They survey found of those who earned more than 70,000 Euro per year 43% wanted a Nokia, vs only 15% who wanted an iPhone, and that those who preferred an iPhone were dominant with those between 50-64, while the youth preferred Nokia.

All professions except farmers preferred Nokia, while farmers preferred Samsung.

While Nokia holds a special status in Finland, being associated with patriotism,  the improvement in its standing there can still be seen as a bellwether for similar, if less dramatic improvements elsewhere.

Read  more at Yle here.

Windows Phone now leads in Market Share in Finland with 35% share


Smartphone platform share 1-5/2013

Market research company Marketvision has released some data about the Finnish smartphone market.

The found the new smartphone market in Finland is divided almost equally between the three leading smartphone platform – Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Windows Phone has however now managed to pass its two main rival, and currently has 35% of new sales, ahead of Android a 33% and iOS at 30%.

In business Windows Phone has an even bigger lead, with 50% of sales into enterprise being Windows Phones. The new, low-priced handsets  is expected to further strengthen Windows Phone’s  progress in Finnish organizations.

"Finnish smartphone platforms in the market differs from other markets. most other countries, the Android platform dominates the smartphone market, while in Finland the Windows Phone is taking a strong foothold due to  the Nokia Lumia family," Market Vision leading analyst Toni Nygrén said.

The Finnish market is quite small, but is still worth around 4 billion Euros.  Hopefully a reasonable share of this will help boost Nokia’s coffers while it works to gain similar market share elsewhere.

The study can be seen here.

Via Talouselama.fi, thanks henaaa for the tip.

Nokia Lumia had around 23% smartphone market share in Finland in Q1 2013


The IDC has released some data regarding the sales performance of Nokia’s smartphones in Finland.

The market is relatively small there, totalling only around 430,000 smartphones in Q1 2013,  but as in most places in the world is currently dominated by Samsung, who sold 43% of the smartphones then, at 186,000.

In Q1 2013 Nokia sold around 100,000 smartphones, presumably mostly Lumia handsets. In Q1 2013 Nokia returned to second spot after losing it to Apple following the seasonal spike related to the iPhone 5.

With Finland at only maximum of 23% Lumia market share the country may be the strongest Windows Phone market, but not by an overwhelming percentage, showing both Nokia and Microsoft needs to work harder to win over buyers, even in Nokia’s home ground. 

Source: Digitoday.fi, via Androidbeat.com

Nokia Lumia 620 tops the carrier sales charts on Elisa

Household sellers phones in April 2013:
1 Nokia Lumia 620
2 Apple iPhone 5
3 Nokia Lumia 820
4 Samsung Galaxy S III
5 Nokia Lumia 920
6 Samsung Galaxy GIO
7 Samsung Galaxy Xcover II
8 Nokia C2-01
9 Samsung Galaxy S 4
10 Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
11 ZTE Blade III
12 Nokia Asha 311
13 Apple iPhone 4S
14 Samsung Galaxy S II Plus
15 Apple iPhone 4
Corporate sellers phones in April 2013:
1 Nokia Lumia 820
2 Nokia C2-01
3 Nokia Lumia 620
4 Huawei F610
5 Nokia Lumia 920
6 Samsung Xcover 271
7 Apple iPhone 5
8 Nokia 300
9 Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2
10 Nokia Lumia 800
11 Apple iPhone 4S
12 Samsung Galaxy Xcover
13 Apple iPhone 4
14 Samsung Galaxy S II Plus
15 Samsung Galaxy S III

Finland’s largest carrier Elisa have posted their sales charts for April, and it reads as good news for Nokia’s Lumia 620 adoption.

The handset hit the top of the consumer charts and the 3rd position in the sales to business customers.

Elisa notes that phones in the 200-300 Euro price range were in high demand, and that the 237.60 euro Nokia Lumia 620 was the most popular of these.  Nokia did not have a Lumia in this price range before.

“Nokia was missing less than three hundred Euros Windows Phone 8 phones, but the Lumia 620 is a strong addition to Nokia’s range, the phone is just the right price. Also, the other phones in this price range, such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini and the Xcover 2′s popularity can be seen list,” says Henri Korpi from Elisa.

Corporate customers also liked the device.

“The companies among our customers have preferred Lumia mobiles. They are a perfect fit for Finnish companies already using the other handsets in the Lumia family and Nokia provide the necessary pricing alternatives to aid the construction of the mobile device’s position,” Mr. Niemelä.

The less than three hundred euro Nokia  Lumia 720 pre-orders have also started well, and deliveries will begin in May.

See the press release at Elisa here.

Thanks Jani for the tip.

Nokia Lumia 800 outselling iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 on Finland’s largest operator

Elisa Personal customers ‘ top sellers phones in January 2013:
1. Nokia Lumia 800
2. Apple iPhone 5
3. Samsung Galaxy S (III)
4. Nokia Lumia 820
5. Samsung Galaxy S III MINI
6. Nokia Lumia 900
7. Nokia Lumia 920
8. Nokia ASHA 311
9. Apple iPhone 4S
10. the ZTE Blade (III)
11. Nokia C2-01
12. the Samsung Galaxy GIO
13. Samsung Galaxy XCOVER
14. Nokia ASHA 300
15. Samsung Galaxy S NOTE (II)
Elisa Corporate top sellers phones in January 2013:
1. Nokia Lumia 920
2. Nokia C2-01
3. Nokia Lumia 800
4. Nokia Lumia 820
5. Apple iPhone 5
6. Nokia Lumia 900
7. Apple iPhone 4S
8. Samsung Xcover 271
9. HUAWEI arm curl attachment F610
10. Nokia 330
11. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
12. Samsung Galaxy S (III)
13. Nokia X 610
14. Nokia Lumia 710
15. Apple iPhone 4
DNA best-selling phones in January 2013

1. the iPhone 5
2. Nokia 113 *
3. Samsung Galaxy S Y
4. Nokia Lumia 920
5. Samsung Galaxy S (III)
6. Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
7. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
8. Nokia Lumia 820
9. Nokia C2-01 *
10. iPhone 4S

Above we have the the latest rankings for January for Finland’s largest carrier, Elisa, and the third largest, DNA.

As we have come to expect, Nokia Lumia handsets have continued to sell well in Finland, with Nokia’s older range carrying much of the burden, as can be seen by the Lumia 800 outselling the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S 3, likely due to attractive pricing and continuing shortages of the Nokia Windows Phone 8 range.

On the corporate side where buyers are less price sensitive the Lumia 920 has managed to make it to the top of the list, followed by the 800 and 820.

Elisa corporate Connectivity-Business Director Jorma Niemelä notes the presense of Lumia handsets at all price ranges clearly confirms the company’s position in enterprise with Lumia sales growing strongly, with companies choosing Windows Phone due to Office applications integration, familiar user experience, as well as integration with companies’ existing Windows backend systems. “Windows Phone 8 appears to meet the expectations of our consumers and business customers,” he said.

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Nokia Lumia traffic overtakes iPhone and Android at major media network in Finland



Despite Windows Phone not having the majority of the web market share in Finland yet (around 20% vs 33% for iOS and 36% for Android, according to Statcounter, for Finland’s biggest media group Sanoma Oyj, Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia are already their biggest users, according to Digitoday.fi.

They report that Lumias passed Android already in the summer and just passed iPhone traffic at the end of the year.

This is especially significant due to mobile traffic now being 35% of their web traffic, versus 10% in 2011.

Part of the reason for the surge in Windows Phone use may be that the Sanoma services app comes pre-installed in Lumias sold in Finland, but of course this is mostly due to great sales of Nokia’s Lumia range in the region.

With Windows Phone staring to gain critical mass in Europe we can expect media services to slowly increase their support for the platform, and who knows, maybe BBC will finally give in and produce an iPlayer app…

Via MyNokiaBlog