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Microsoft Store Has Now Started Selling Nokia Lumia 635 + FitBit Flex Bundle For $149

Nokia Lumia 635 FitBit Flex Bundle

Following the availability of official Fitbit app in Windows Phone, Microsoft Store has now started selling Nokia Lumia 635 + Fitbit  Flex bundle starting $149. The bundle includes No Contract Nokia Lumia 635 for T-Mobile (White) or the Nokia Lumia 635 for AT&T (Black), and a FitBit Flex in the color of your choice.

FitBit Flex wristband tracks your steps, distance, and calories during the day, and monitors your sleep patterns at night.

Check out the listing here from Microsoft.

Fitbit Fitness Tracker App Finally Comes To Windows Phone Devices

fitbit Windows Phone Store Download

Microsoft today announced that the official Fitbit app is coming to Windows Phone devices. The Fitbit Windows Phone app features all the basic things you expect from a fitness tracking app.fitbit Windows Phone Store  You can use it to start tracking all-day activity, workouts and health. This app makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 LE to sync your Fitbit device with your phone.

You can start downloading the app from Windows Phone Store here in few hours.

via: The Verge

Fitbit hoping for “something to report concerning the Windows phone app in the near future”


Its an open secret that Fitbit is working on a Windows Phone app, and today we once again have confirmation that the app is not far away from market.

Writing on their Facebook page, their support staff said they “hope to have something to report concerning the Windows phone app in the near future!”

Besides the usual reasons, the app had to await the arrival of Bluetooth 4.0 LE on Windows Phone, which was part of the Lumia Black update, and will be officially be part of all Windows Phone 8.1 handsets.

Are any of our readers still waiting? Let us know below.

Fitbit working on a Windows Phone app


One by one the desirable headline apps are falling in place, and the latest heading to Windows Phone appears to be a Fitbit app for Windows Phone.image

The fitness-tracking armband can currently sync activity data with iOS and Android, and the company also has a Windows 8 app, but the great news is that Fitbit is also looking for a a product manager to develop a Windows Phone app.

They write on LinkedIn:

We’re hiring someone to product manage the Fitbit apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

In this role you will do such things as:

  • Manage the development and launch of the Fitbit app for Windows Phone.
  • Manage the ongoing development of the Windows 8 app, currently available on the Windows Store.
  • Define, prioritize, and scope user-facing features.
  • Work closely with design in crafting simple, elegant, impactful experiences.
  • Collaborate with various teams / groups to guide projects through development and bring high quality products to life.

The project clearly looks to be in its early stage, so we do not think anyone should be holding their breath just yet, but the move is clearly another sign of the tide turning for Windows phone.

Via WPC.

Fitbit says not so fast on Windows Phone app


We reported earlier on Fitbit support confirming the company is working on a Windows Phone app which was “expected soon”.

We have now had a contact from Fitbit’s PR team which puts some breaks on the idea and suggests their Windows Phone developers are still doing their warm-ups.

They write:

Thanks for your interest in Fitbit. I work with Fitbit and we spotted your post re: the Fitbit app and wanted to provide a clarification. Fitbit is looking at various platforms, and exploring new apps, but currently the Windows 8 phone app is not going to be released in the next few weeks, nor do we have any timing or confirmation on a Windows 8 phone app.

So in short don’t hold your breath as you might go blue, but I am sure in this case where there’s smoke, there’s a fire.

Fitbit confirms they are working on a Windows Phone app, to be released “soon”


We posted recently that Fitbit’s twitter support teased a Windows Phone app, but did not quite confirm it.

The company in fact already has a Windows 8 app, making the Windows Phone app a no-brainer.

They have now replied to a reader enquiring about Windows Phone support with the following message:


We are glad to help with your inquiry about the Windows 8 Phone app.

Let us advise that currently our team is working on developing a compatible app for Windows 8 Phones. We do not have an estimated date for the release yet, but we do expect to be soon. Currently, you can sync with Apple Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices, and by the end of this month, we will release an update for the Android app, which will allow Andriod users to sync via Bluetooth as well.

Please let us know if you have any other question.


Oscar Fernando and the Fitbit Team

The note does raise an issue – the latest Fitbit uses Bluetooth Low Energy – not a feature of Windows Phone 8 as far as we know, but supported by the hardware in phones like the Nokia Lumia 920. Given the new flexibility in the Bluetooth stack of Windows Phone 8 for 3rd party developers however this may not be an insurmountable issue.

Thanks to our tipster.

Fitbit hearing Windows Phone 8 app demand


Last we heard Fitbit had “no current plans” for a Windows Phone app, despite having a Windows 8 Metro app already in the Windows Store.

It seems however that persistent demands from Windows Phone fans are being heard, with Fitbit Support in their most recent tweets saying they have passed on these requests to their engineers.

Whether this will result in an app is anybody’s guess, but given that they have already made the effort to create a Windows 8 app, I am sure it will not take too much more to port this to Windows Phone 8 also.

Via Reddit.com