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Pigs Can’t Fly – Updated with Localization

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Localization added to game, languages now include:- English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.
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“And this little piggy went to Hell!”

Pig had the misfortune of crash landing he’s angel bacon behind in Hell. Now trapped in the place of pain and suffering he must escape this place of doom & gloom avoiding the deadly traps, hazards & demon monsters that lurk the fiery underworld.

- Help our unlikely hero escape with Addictive & Challenging gameplay.
- Fly your way through 4 Acts, totalling 80 Levels.
- Avoid hazards & monsters as make your escape.
- Collect the hard to reach Stars to Unlock Character Skins.
- No IAP Purchases – You only pay to Unlock the game.

pigs can't fly playnow

Flappy Bird dies before it can land on Windows Phone


According to Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen he will be withdrawing the app from Android and iOS ap stores apparently due to personal reasons.

He posted the above message, saying “I can not take this anymore” but denied that legal issues are behind his decision.

It is however strongly expected that he received a Cease and Desist letter, and the strangely exact timing suggests a deadline related to this.

Dong has said he expects Flappy Bird to arrive on Windows Phone next week, but this has already been delayed, and now of course it will in fact never get to our OS.

On the other hand Flappy Bird is a ridiculously easy game to code, with more than a few clones already in the Windows Phone Store, so I think the loss is not that big a deal.

See a video on how the beat the game, which I think apply equally to its clones, after the break.

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Official Flappy Bird game for Windows Phone delayed


While we have seen many unofficial ports of Flappy Bird to Windows Phone, it seems the official version, which was expected in less than 10 days, appears to be delayed.

The developer, Dong Nguyen, has posted on twitter that the WP build is late, and that ”progress is slow due to a lot of things happen(ing) to me right now.”

I suspect sudden riches of having the viral game of the moment raising more than $50,000 per day is likely very distracting, but until he is able to turn his attention to our platform a huge number of ports are around to keep us going, which is after all a Windows Phone tradition.

Flappy Bird Clone Now Available In Windows Phone Store

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The original Flappy Bird game in coming to Windows Phone devices soon. It seems a 3rd party developer called Coding For Fun has created a exact replica of this game in Windows Phone Store. This is a clear violation of copyrights law, since this new game in Windows Phone Store copies the both gameplay and graphics of the original Flappy Bird game. Microsoft may remove the game soon from Windows Phone Store on the request of original game creator.

If you want to try it, You can download it here from Windows Phone Store.

Popular Addictive Game Flappy Bird Coming To Windows Phone Devices

flappy Bird Windows Phone

Flappy Bird is a fun and addictive game which has become quite popular now about mobile gamers. Even though the game play looks incredibly simple, it is super tough. Your goal is to reach the end of the stage, without touching the obstacles that are presented to you.

Break your own highscores or that of a friend. Compete with each other to see who has the best flapping skills! The graphics of the game give it a kind of nostalgic arcade feeling, though the game itself is designed according to our modern standards. It may be a game in a small package, but addictive!

The developer behind the game has confirmed on Twitter that he is working to bring his game to Windows Phone platform as well, saying:


Source: Reddit