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Hey! No panic! gMaps is in the store and it was there all the time. The only issue we’ve faced with is the Search didn’t want to find our app. But now it is searchable again! So, please find and download if you have no gMaps app in your collection for now. And this is not the only good news…


After a huge hubbub over the weekend it seems Google has kept to their promise of making Google Maps for the web available to Windows Phone 8 users. The website is only accessible if your phone is in mobile browser mode, else the infamous re-direct is still in place.  In mobile mode a relatively finger-friendly but classically Android-ugly mobile mapping…


Google has issued a statement to The Next Web in which they claimed their recent decision to place a redirect in place was based on testing with older versions of Windows Phone, and that they have now re-evaluated their decision based on “recent improvements in IE Mobile”. They said: We periodically test Google Maps compatibility with mobile browsers to make…

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TechRadar has posted this video comparing the performance of mapping software from Nokia, Google and Apple. While the winner is not clear, the loser certainly was, with Apple Maps showing the poorest feature set and performance. How are our readers finding the latest version of Nokia Maps? Let us know below.

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Nokia’s who is rebranding themselves as the Where company in an attempt to leverage their Navteq asset, has according to Reuters scored a major win by displacing Google in Amazon’s new Kindle tablets. Apple took a similar step earlier this year, when it dropped Google Maps in favour of its own mapping features for its next mobile operating system, known…


gMaps Pro has been updated to version 1.24. The Google Maps client now features: Improved and slick StreetView (v2.0) Your places (with Favorites, Recent and Pinned items) Latitude as layer on your map New localizations: Portuguese, Japanese Offline Chinese offset detection The client is $1.99 and can be found in Marketplace here.

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The gMaps team has teased the gMaps Pro v1.24 with several new features. The coming update includes: Improved and slick StreetView (v2.0) Your places (with Favourites, Recent and Pinned items) Latitude as layer on your map New localizations: Brazilian, Japanese. The team are offering access to the update via a private beta – if interested read more here.

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After several weeks of vanishing gMaps Pro has been returned to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. The app has been re-branded after complaints by Google which affected a number of apps in Marketplace. GMaps took the opportunity to add some features and bug fixes, and report the resulting version 1.23 version is now much more stable. New is an alpha…

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