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WP7 Root Tools release unlock tool for 1st and 2nd Generation Samsung Windows Phones

Heathcliff74 from WP7RootTools has released a new tool to unlock both 1st and 2nd generation Samsung Windows Phone 7 handsets, including new handsets such as the Samsung Omnia W and Samsung Focus S.

The unlock tools work on fully updated handsets and will help you fully Interop Unlock them and run homebrew apps.

Heathcliff74 also released new versions of the WP7 Root Tools 1.1 with a new Accent Color editor and WP7 Root Tools SDK 1.0 with new functions for setting the Power State and also a few important bug-fixes.

Read more and find the downloads at WP7 Root Tools here.

Via WindowsPhoneHacker.com

Windows Phone Hacker Notification Centre in closed beta for donors


Windows Phone Hacker is working on a Notification Centre for Windows Phone 8, and unlike most of his other applications this one may hit the Windows Phone Store.

He is currently running a closed beta to test the app, which appears to also use his servers.

The beta is only open to those who have donated to his website and the amount is up to the contributors.

If you are interested in having access to the much wanted app, read more at WindowsPhoneHacker here.

An update on the Homebrew Windows Phone Notification centre, may come to Windows Phone Store

Windows Phone Hacker have posted an update to their new project, a Notification Centre for Windows Phone.

The app will now pop up the original toast message, allowing users to go directly to the app which sent the notification.  The app now also has its own double-sided Live Tile.

Jaxbot hopes to have the app in early testing soon, but the best news yet is that he hopes that the app will be able to be published in the Windows Phone Store, which increases the addressable market for the hack several hundred times.

Read more at Windows Phone Hacker here.

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Samsung’s WP7 Call Blocker app hacked, now working on other devices

Samsung Windows Phones have a neat feature which is not often replicated – the ability to block some phone numbers.

The software was ripped from their ROM ages ago, but did not work when added to other ROMs, likely due to driver issues.

It seems some Chinese hackers have now solved the problems, and homebrew WP7 users can now download the needed XAPs from XDA-Developers here.

See the original thread for more detail on the hack.

Via XDA-Developers.com

Windows Phone Hacker demonstrates homebrew Notification Centre for Windows Phone 7.5/8

We heard Microsoft ran out of time in developing a notification centre for Windows Phone 8.

Its however amazing what a motivated hacker can achieve.  Above we have a demo of a new app being worked on by Windows Phone Hacker Jaxbot.  He does not explain the underlying mechanics of the hack, but notes that it does not require root access to the phone, presumably only needing the phone to be developer unlocked.

The app is still in the early stages of development, and he is taking input on his site here.

Latest version of WP7RootTools demoed

1800PocketPC posted this video of the hacking app Wp7RootTools, which allows a variety of tweaks to be applied to unlocked Windows Phones.

The app now allows:

  • Internet Explorer Search Provider, with a choice of Bing, Google or Yahoo.
  • Show 3G toggle
  • Allow apps in background,
  • Prevent Relock,
  • Allow remote debugging,
  • Camera shutter sound,
  • Soft camera shutter sound,
  • Lock Screen,
  • Allow infinite lock screen timeout,
  • Bluetooth Audio.

The app is not available yet, but should hit wp7roottools.com shortly.

Via 1800PocketPC.com

Homebrew Themes app upgraded to version 2

If you enjoy making your Windows Phone look very, very different, Windows Phone Hacker’s Themes app has been upgraded to version 2.0.

The app is now fully contained on the device and can download and apply themes directly from the WPA server.

The app however also brings major limitations, such as Live Tiles being disabled.

For unlocked devices, read more at Windows Phone Hacker here.

Homebrew: Dynamic Background 2 Released

Dynamic Background homebrew app got updated to v2.0. This homebrew app allows you to change your lock screen background dynamically on your Windows Phone 7.x devices. Windows Phone 8 will have this as a native feature.


  • Automatically changes the lock screen wallpaper periodically
  • Create a slideshow to cycle through, or
  • Use the Bing daily wallpaper
  • Customizable time intervals


Interop unlock with root privileges

Source: Windows Phone Hacker

Homebrew: Dynamic Background for Windows Phone updated to version 2

WindowsPhoneHacker has updated his Dynamic Background app for Windows Phone, which allowed users to automatically update their lock screen wallpaper to the latest daily Bing background. Readers will recall this will be a new feature in Windows Phone 8 also.

The app now supports updating your wallpaper as frequently as every few minutes to a selection of images from your own phone also.

Jaxbot notes the app should be ready in a few days, so if you have an unlocked your phone, keep an eye on his site here.

Homebrew: PDF Move finally liberates downloaded PDFs on Windows Phone

pdfmover1 pdfmover2 pdfmover3

Even though Adobe Reader on Windows Phone had a recent update, it still did not solve the biggest problem with the app – the inability to forward downloaded PDFs once they are on your device.

XDA-Developer member Bruce_X_Lee has the solution, as long as your device is unlocked.

His XAP, PDF Move, allows users to pin individual PDF files to the Start screen, move them to the Office Hub, where they can be emailed and even to upload them to SkyDrive.

The app also allows batch uploads to SkyDrive, and basically brings features to the PDFs which Microsoft should have built in from the start.

The XAP can be found at XDA-Developers here.

Cooked Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs for various Windows Phones now available for download


If you like living on the edge and the word warranty is meaningless to you, you may appreciate the latest Windows Phone 7.8 ROMs that have been cooked up for a wide variety of handsets.

On WinPhoneViet.com you can find ROMs for the HTC Titan, Samsung omnia 7, Samsung focus, and HTC Mozart.

Unlike other ROMs, these ones are said to be suitable for day to day use, are fully unlocked and comes with Nokia goodness.

Of course we recommend only the most adventurous go this route, and the rest (like us) wait for the official update, which cant be too far away right now.

Thanks Linh for the tip.

Windows Phone 7.8 Beta ROM Now Available For HTC HD7 Devices

Windows Phone 7.8 Beta ROM for HTC HD7 Windows Phone device got released today. XDA-Developer forum member dotcompt has created this ROM with OS version 7.10.8835.35. The released ROm only on HD7, but Windows Phone Hacker has already been able to port it to the Samsung Focus.

imageJaxbot from WindowsPhoneHacker  has confirmed that this build is working and has the new start screen, but remains very unstable and is not really suitable for every day use.

On his investigation the only new features was the start screen and a new accent chooser (right), but given the mixed nature of the ROM this is not a reliable indicator of what Windows Phone 7.8 will consist off.

If you are ready to give this beta ROM a try, check out the source link for more details.

Source: XDA

HTC HD7 Deepshining custom ROM with USB video out and Nokia Love released


The first custom ROM with USB video out has now been released by DotCompt on XDA-Developers.  The ROM includes the necessary drivers and software to allow the user interface to be transmitted via USB to a special app on a desktop, making presentations and screen shots very easy.

Dotcompt’s Deepshining ROM also include both HTC and Nokia’s special apps, such as Nokia Camera Extras / Nokia Contact Share and Nokia Counters, and also the latest version of the homebrew marketplace Devstore8.

The ROM supports English, Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese Brazil, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Melayu and Turkish .

Read more about it and find the download at XDA-Developers here.

Thanks jayjojayson for the tip.