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HTC 8X and 8S not getting WP8.1 Update 1 due to driver issue

HTC Windows Phone 8 users may have noticed that, despite having signed up for the developer preview, that they have not received the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 update.

WPC reports on a statement from a Microsoft spokesperson explaining the issue.

They said:

"We have paused delivery of Windows Phone 8.1 Update to customers with the HTC 8X and HTC 8S who are using the Preview for Developers. Microsoft and HTC have identified an issue and are actively working to fix it, and will resume delivery of the update once a fix is in place."

The issue is believed to be due to a driver, suggesting that the devices might need a firmware update before getting the latest software.

Around 3% of Windows Phones in the market are believed to be HTC handsets, based on AdDuplex data. Are many of our readers affected by this? Let us know below.

Verizon HTC 8X only $149.99 unlocked on Groupon


The Verizon HTC 8X is hitting Nokia Lumia 520-like prices as the device is being cleared by retailers.

Groupon is now selling the smartphone for just $149.99, with a full 5 days available to get in on the deal.

The LTE handset has 16 GB of storage, a 720P screen and Qi wireless charging, making it a pretty great deal for the price.

The smartphone can be used on both GSM carriers and Verizon.  If you are interested in the deal read more at Groupon here.

HTC working on WP8.1 update for the HTC 8X


The HTC US product team are having an AMA on Reddit at present, and there Leigh Momii, Product Manager at HTC confirmed that HTC is working on the Windows Phone 8.1 update for the HTC 8X.

He also confirmed that HTC has not completely given up on Windows Phone, and was considering new products.

HTC was rumoured to be developing a high end Windows Phone 8.1 handset, but given the company’s troubles it is not clear if the product will still make it to market.

Via Engadget.com

Deal Alert: Unlocked Verizon HTC 8X for only $139.99

htc8x deal

Dealfisher is selling a few unlocked HTC 8X Windows Phones for only $139.99.

The dual-CDMA/GSM handsets will work on Verizon, but also AT&T and T-Mobile, though 3G may not be available on all networks.

Unlike the international or GSM version of the HTC 8X the Verizon version also comes with Qi wireless charging pre-installed.

The 16 GB handset is available in Red, Black and Blue.  Grab it while it lasts at DealFisher here.

GDR3 rolling out to the HTC 8X at Vodafone Australia


HTC 8X users a Vodafone Australia are finally getting the GD3 update pushed out to their handsets. The carrier famously in September decided to skip GDR2 in favour of jumping directly to GDR3, due to the GDR2 update causing a variety of issues with the HTC 8X.

The update is expected to enable the FM Radio, enable IMAP for email, CardDAV for contacts and CalDAV for calendar when setting up a Gmail account, the ability to close apps on the task switching screen and a variety of other improvements, and is expected to roll out over the next 10 days.

Thanks Chaitu for the tip.

Verizon HTC 8X now getting the GDR3 update


Verizon has started pushing out the Update 3/ GDR3 update for their HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 handset.

The update brings the phone up to build 3030.0.34201.605 and according to their change log brings the following benefits:

  • Make assisted calls more easily while roaming in select international destinations
  • Select, download and pin music with the Xbox Music Experience
  • Access song and album information more accurately with the Xbox Music Experience
  • Enjoy better web browsing with improved HTML 5 compatibility in Internet Explorer
  • Connect with greater stability when using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps like Lync and Skype
  • FM Radio – The latest software allows you to select, listen to and save your favorite radio stations (requires headset as antenna)
  • Group Text – Note: This feature is off by default, but users can configure via the Messaging application by selecting Settings, Group Text, and changing the toggle to On
  • IMAP for email, CardDAV for contacts and CalDAV for calendar when setting up a Gmail account

HTC 8X owners on Verizon will be notified via a pop-up notification when the update is available, or can check for updates by going to Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates on their handset.

Via PhoneDog.com

This one weird trick will give you Data Sense on your Australian HTC 8X


AusWinPhone reports that HTC has disabled Data Sense even for their unlocked HTC 8X’s in Australia due to carrier pressure, saying:

… it is a carrier requirement in Australia to have Data Sense turned off in our WP8 devices.
For the sake of consistency, HTC have not activated this feature on any of our WP8 variants across the ANZ markets.

AusWinPhone however discovered a pretty simple trick to enable to software feature on their unlocked HTC 8X. The procedure requires that your phone has the GDR3 update, already available for the HTC 8X.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Run HTC’s Connection Setup from App List.
  2. From App Bar (…) click on manual select
  3. Select any Country/Region which has Operators supporting Data Sense, and select that Operator [even though I had a Telstra sim in the phone, I selected Optus and let the app complete the setup]
  4. Data Sense should appear in the app list once the setup is complete.
  5. Restore your carrier settings by rebooting or selecting your actual carrier from the HTC Connection Setup app again.

According to AusWinPhone the procedure has already worked with a number of HTC 8X’s, but one wonders if it will also work with other Windows Phones, possibly by tricking the phones to install HTC’s Connection Manager.

Have our readers tried the trick out, and what was the result? Let us know below.

Deal Alert: Only 6 hours left on amazing Verizon HTC 8X deal



Daily Steals are offering the Verizon HTC 8X commitment-free for only $199.

The handset features all the usual Windows Phone goodies, including an HD screen, 8 megapixel camera and 16 GB of storage, but in addition also offers Beats Audio and Qi wireless charging.

The deal has less than 6 hours to run, and in addition the handset will work with Nokia’s fatboy wireless charging pillow, which is also on sale for $35.

See the HTC 8X at Daily Steals here.

Thanks John48 for the tip.

Non-developer HTC 8X receiving the GDR3 update in Germany


PocketPC.ch reports that several members of their forum have received the GDR3 update for the HTC 8X, despite not having register the handsets as developer devices.

The handsets now feature the standard GDR3 features including Driving Mode, Customizable SMS sounds, Screen Rotation and better storage management.

The software, which takes the phones to OS version 8.0.10501.127 also comes with an HTC update which presumably brings firmware fixes.

Have any of our readers received the same update prompt? Let us know below.

Thanks Armin for the tip.

HTC sells back their stake in Beats Electronics

imageHTC has started the process of selling back their 24.84% share of Beats Electronics back to the founders for $265 million.

The deal will ultimately see HTC make $85 million on their original stake, which is welcome news for the beleaguered company who has seen its market share drop to only 2.8% in Q2 2013, and their share price drop 90% from their 2011 high.

It is not yet know what effect this will have on the Beats branding and audio focus in many of HTC’s smartphones, including their HTC 8X range, but it is unfortunately clear their adoption of the branding did not do enough to boost the sales of their smartphones and keep the company profitable.

Will any of our HTC 8X-owning readers miss Beats Audio in future HTC products? Let us know below.

Via Bloomberg.com

WP8 GDR3 expected to go in testing in Late November says Telstra


Telstra Australia has shared some news regarding the GDR3 update for Windows Phone with its subscribers.

HTC had cancelled the GDR2 update to their HTC 8X in favour of jumping to GDR3 directly after apparently “identifying issues” with the software.

Telstra now expects the GDR3 update to be submitted for testing in late November, which suggests the software will start to roll out in the middle to end of December.

It is likely we will see a similar roll-out around the world for the software update, which is expected to bring a screen rotation lock and other minor improvements to Windows Phone 8 handsets, and allow Windows Phone to support the latest screen resolutions and processors.

See the page at Telstra here.

Via Auswinphone.com

HTC throws a hissy fit, cancels WP8 GDR2 update for the HTC 8X?



It looks like HTC is throwing a hissy fit at the Nokia/Microsoft deal and withdrawing support from its Windows Phone handsets.

According to the Vodafone Australia’s software update page:

HTC have advised they won’t be releasing this update. Any future updates will be announced as we hear of them.

The update in question is the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update, and has been ready since July, when it status was “Approved. waiting for release by Microsoft.”

Of course there may be a more innocent reason why the struggling Taiwanese company has decided to cancel the software update, and the timing may simply be a coincidence. Either way it leaves HTC 8X users on Vodafone Australia unsupported, which is far from ideal.

See the page at Vodafone here.

Thanks Chaitu for the tip.

Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update rolling out for the Verizon HTC 8X now

The Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update for the Verizon HTC 8X is rolling out right now.

According to the official changelog version 3030.0.34201.605  of the software allows:

  • Make assisted calls more easily while roaming in select international destinations
  • Access song and album information more accurately with the Xbox Music experience
  • Enjoy better web browsing with improved HTML5 capability in Internet Explorer
  • Connect with greater stability when using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps like Lync and Skype

There are of course also the usual features such as the FM Radio and CalDav and CalDav support that the GDR2 update brings.

The software can be installed either when the update notification has been received, or by checking for Phone Update under Settings.