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Dark Forces Team release HSPL for all first generation HTC Windows Phones, including CDMA HTC Trophy and HTC Arrive

Good news for CDMA Windows Phone 7 users. The Dark Forces Team, who have been on a tear recently, have released a Hard SPL for all HTC’s first generation Windows Phones, including the CDMA HTC Trophy and HTC Arrive.

The release of the SPL means custom ROMs, including fully unlocked ROMs can be cooked for both devices, which have included some pretty incredible hacks recently, including booting Windows Mobile on Windows Phone.

Loading a HSPL on your phone is of course likely to invalidate your warranty, and can brick your device, so should only be done at your own responsibility.

Read more at XDA-Developers here.

Via WPSauce.com

Sprint blames HTC Arrive sales performance, returns on ‘user experience’, may be hinting at timeline for Apollo roll-out

sprintarriveA few months ago Sprint was encouraging their users to recycle their 6 month old HTC Arrive’s for an iPhone.  I guess the hint then should have been pretty strong that Sprint did not think much of Microsoft’s new OS.

PCMag has been able to confirm that much in an interview with Sprint’s VP of product realization David Owens.

"We have a Windows device in our lineup, but honestly, it hasn’t done well enough for us to jump back into the fire. We told Microsoft: You guys have to go build the enthusiasm for the product. We’ll train our reps on why it’s great…[but] the number-one reason the product was returned was the user experience," he said.

The HTC Arrive on Sprint has a 4.5/5 star rating from 232 reviews on Sprint’s website, with 89% of users willing to recommend it to others. This rate is higher than the 16 GB iPhone 4S, which scored 4.4 stars and an 85% recommendation rate from 170 reviews.

Sprint director of product development Lois Fagan blamed perception and awareness in part.

"We want to participate in the market, but we can’t build that brand by ourself," he said. "We’re cautiously optimistic, but [Windows Phone] just hasn’t taken off."

Implying it might in fact be too late, he continued:

"There’s a tremendous market momentum that Apple has…and I think Ice Cream Sandwich, and what Android’s doing, will continue to have momentum. It squeezes down to such a small subset what’s left."

Giving somewhat of a hint at the timing of Microsoft’s “Superphone” Apollo release, David Owen noted Sprint is looking at giving Windows Phone another stab in the "August-September time period," but he couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for the platform.

Other CDMA carrier Verizon is also expected to sit out this round of Windows Phone 7 handsets until the arrival of Windows Phone 8 in Q4 2012.

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Sprint encouraging WP7 HTC Arrive users to dump their phones for an iPhone 4


The HTC Arrive is less than 6 months old, and Sprint has already decided to throw the device under the tires of the oncoming iPhone 4.  The device’s page on Sprint features a pretty large Windows Phone 7 display, encouraging users to recycle their “old” phone for as much as $240, presumably to buy the iPhone 4.

Of course the HTC Arrive was introduced little more than 6 month ago, which would make for a very interesting definition of old.

The ad is still there to be seen, but if I were Microsoft or HTC I would get on the blower straight away and see about getting the ad, which is rather disrespectful to both the OEM and the OS, removed ASAP.

Via WPCentral.com.

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Update: Adriel asked Sprint what’s going on, and got this reply:

Original Question: Enter what you are looking for

Question: Why did you guys use the HTC Arrive as the poster child for your Go-Green program? Why not one of your countless Androids. I only just purchased the Arrive and I love it and want more people to know about it but I believe what you did will retard it’s growth.

Sprint Customer Solutions [email protected] [email protected] responded:

Dear [Name Removed],

Thank you for contacting Sprint.

It is our policy at Sprint to make advertising decisions based on the demographics of the audience and not on the nature of the associated event or media broadcast, provided it does not promote racist, sexist or other offensive views.  Our goal is to reach our current and prospective customers through this venue; our advertising is not an endorsement for or against any particular cause, candidate or political viewpoint.

Your feedback is important and we appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions. Please reply to this email or visit sprint.com if we can be of assistance.


Scottie G.

So basically a form letter response, but I suspect a few more complaints on their contact page will get things moving.

Thanks Adriel for the tip.

Another HTC Arrive with Mango shows up at a Sprint store

HTC Arrive with mango at Sprint

We strongly suspect Mango will be rolling out next week in USA, but if you have been waiting for the update before buying an HTC Arrive it seems you could walk into a Sprint store right now, as another one running Mango just turned up there.

The above handset was spotted at the Sprint store in Boulder, Colorado and is clearly showing off a bit of fast app switching.

Have any of our readers seen Mango handsets being retailed already? Let us know below.

Update: We had a tip from a Sprint store manager saying while the demo handsets are running a build of Mango, the ones in the boxes are all unfortunately still solidly NoDo :(

Picture thanks to WolfGallery.com

HTC Trophy, HTC Arrive running Mango start showing up on Verizon, Sprint shelves

image image

We know the Mango update is rolling our pretty soon in US, with current rumours pointing to September 27th for both Verizon and AT&T.  Now we have reports that new handsets will be sold with the OS already installed.

Via WPCentral.com we have pictures taken at the Verizon store at Broadway & 17th Street, New York of a HTC Trophy running Mango, and similarly an HTC Arrive running Mango showed up at a Sprint Store in Vegas.

Of course what we are all hoping for is brand new handsets running Windows Phone 7.5, but as usual we suspect the CDMA carriers will be last on the list to receive these.

HTC Arrive makes CNET’s list of top 10 readers choice smartphones


CNET have posted a list of 10 phones which they call their readers favourite smartphones. The phones have all been scored 4 and above by their readers. The list contains one iPhone, 7 Android handsets, one Blackberry and one Windows Phone 7 handset, the HTC Arrive.

While the Android handsets are highly represented in the list, it is of note that 100% of the readers choice of worst smartphones were also Android.

US Cellular to launch a HTC Windows Phone 7 handset this summer

Will it be the HTC Trophy or the HTC Arrive?

According to a press release US Cellular will be releasing a Windows Phone 7 handset this summer.  The handset will be one of 4 HTC devices, with the other 3 running Android.

Given that the devices will arrive before the new wave of fall handsets, it is likely it will be one of the existing CDMA HTC phones, leaving a choice between the HTC Arrive, currently on Sprint, and the HTC Trophy, recently released on Verizon.

Are any of our readers US Cellular clients and waiting for a Windows Phone 7 handset? Let us know below.

Via CNET.com

HTC Arrive now available for a penny on Amazon.com

If you want a keyboard with your CDMA Windows Phone Verizon will not be helping you out on the 26th, when the HTC Trophy arrives.

Sprint on the other hand has your back, and are now offering, for a limited time, the HTC Arrive for only 1p on contract.

The HTC Arrive is a solid Windows Phone 7 handset, which we have reviewed in full here.

The HTC Arrive can be found at Amazon here (Affiliate link).

HTC Arrive getting May security update on the 24th?


A leaked support page for the HTC Arrive appears to indicate the May security update (build 7392) is set to arrive on the HTC Arrive on the 24th, the same day as Microsoft’s VIP Mango meeting.

The HTC Arrive has so far been excluded from the upgrade mill due to being released with NoDO in place already, so this would be the first test of an upgrade on a CDMA device. Hopefully it will go as smoothly as the updates have been so far on all other HTC devices.

Via Spantechular.com

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HTC Arrive: Video Review

The HTC Arrive is basically the CDMA equivalent of the HTC 7 Pro, and is available on Sprint. It features a large slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a tilt-up screen, and 16 GB of internal storage. Watch our video review of the HTC Arrive embedded above, or continue reading below for the written review below.


The HTC Arrive is another solid WP7 device, but it does have some disappointments. The screen is really tough to see when you are in direct sunlight, the camera has the typical HTC issues of frame rate problems, and the thickness of the phone is somewhat shocking. However, the benefits do mostly outweigh the negatives, and the Arrive is a great choice for anyone on Sprint. The keyboard is a joy to type on, the screen is vivid (when not outside), and the phone runs butter smooth.

Sprint-exclusive Benefits

While many versions of the HTC 7 Pro offered by other carriers outside of the United States only have 8 GB of internal storage, the Sprint version has 16 GB, plenty of space for your music and games. Also, Sprint includes navigation for free with their data plans, so you can use TeleNav GPS to help you arrive at your destinations. The phone itself costs $200 with a two-year contract, the typical price for new smartphones.


The Arrive doesn’t feature anything jaw-dropping, but it does have a nice keyboard. Continue reading

PhoneArena reviews the HTC Arrive, likes it

PhoneArena have published their review of the HTC Arrive, and it is clear they are pretty impressed with both the device in terms of design and build quality, and with the smoothness of the operating system itself, saying it is a mid-range device that performs like a high-end one.

They write:

The Arrive runs the OS flawlessly. Microsoft learned an important lesion from Windows Mobile and is now requiring minimum hardware specs to ensure a smooth performance. Menu transitions are fluid, there is no lag and when you press something it reacts. Just how we like it!

Of course like with most HTC devices they were not impressed with the 5 megapixel camera, saying pictures were blurry and the video camera images flat with low recording volume.

Call quality also did not fare very well.

Callers were not impressed with the HTC Arrive, calling it “one of the lesser quality phones we’ve tested.” They complained of a lot of hollowness and a buzzing sound throughout the call, and gave it an overall rating of 7.5/10. On our end the earpiece could be harsh at times, but we had no problems hearing them. The speakerphone was particularly good and loud.

They conclude:

The HTC Arrive is one of the better built phones we’ve used, and we love the size, physical keyboard and trick hinge. The camera left some to be desired, but overall it’s a win. Right now HTC has a captive audience in the CDMA works, but when other WP7 devices are released they have a pretty high hardware bar to achieve.

The handset scored a solid 8/10.  Read their full review here.

Pocketnow reviews the HTC Arrive

Pocketnow have given the HTC Arrive, the CDMA version of the HTC 7 Pro, a good going over, and have published their review here.

The scored the handset a middling 3.5/5 and conclude:

In a market where smartphone sales are driven by functionality and speed. It seems odd that HTC and Sprint would release a device with one-year old hardware. That being stated, the HTC Arrive provides both (functionality and speed)

With the improvement seen in the latest update to Windows Phone 7 the Arrive becomes a shinning beacon of optimism for consumers debating whether or not to invest in a Windows Phone 7 device. If Microsoft continues to listen to consumers and provide enhancements to the OS Windows Phone 7 will surly be a contender along with Android and iOS.

+ Improved WP7 OS with copy and paste
+ Telenav included, lack of Sprint crapware
+ Terrific camera
+ Speakerphone
+ Spring-loaded tilt screen
+ Excellent battery life
+ Great keyboard layout
+ SRS enhancements
- Heavy
- Specs seem last-generation
- Strange method to remove battery cover
- Inaccessible 16GB microSD card
- Battery heats quickly

Have any of our readers picked up an HCT Arrive yet, and do you agree or disagree with the review? let us know below.