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HTC Fuze saving lives

fuzehealthWe have written earlier on HTC Touch Pro’s being used by the military to enable them to be more efficient, but here is a story of the other side of the coin – the very same phone being used to save lives instead.

Patients who have chronic wounds and may be immobilized can now receive treatment in their homes by experienced clinicians who collaborate remotely with certified wound care specialists miles away. Wound Technology Network is using wireless technology services from AT&T* and empowering healthcare professionals with smart mobile devices to diagnose and prescribe treatments for patients with chronic wounds anytime, anywhere.

Under a two year agreement with AT&T, Wound Technology Network will equip its clinical staff including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants across South Florida and Southern California with HTC FUZE(TM) smart mobile devices when providing care in patient’s homes. Clinical staff will use the devices to access an application developed by iVisit, which creates videoconferencing tools for mobile devices and PCs, and speak live with a wound care specialist at Wound Technology Network’s tele-health center who will assist them to assess their patients’ wounds and perform the necessary treatment. To aid in the treatment process, clinical staff will also capture images of the patient’s wounds using the HTC FUZE(TM) and transmit the images to the wound care specialists to upload onto an electronic medical record which is immediately faxed to the patient’s primary care physician.

Until now, immobile patients and often those with chronic wounds relied heavily upon transport services for access to treatment, which often accounted for delayed diagnosis, prolonged hospital visits, and unnecessarily high treatment costs. Now having clinicians equipped with smart mobile devices, immobile patients have access to expert specialists for real-time diagnosis and treatment.

“Here at Wound Technology Network, we recognize that consistently delivering the highest quality wound care is difficult, but with the help of AT&T, we are able to deliver all the advantages of physician based services while we are treating patients in the comfort of their home,” said George Pollack, Chief Technology Officer. “Not only are our specialists able to deliver on-site quality care in real-time, they are able to aid in significantly minimizing the healing time of patients and the overall cost of their treatment.”

Mobihealthnews via FuzeMobility.com

Touch Pro users – get your TouchFlo3D 2 now!

tp21 FuzeMobility reports that Touch Pro owners can now happily upgrade their old and busted TouchFlo3D to the new, nice and shiny TouchFlo3D 2, now modified to work on VGA screens.

The project is courtesy of Xboxmod, and is conveniently available as a cab file, so no troublesome ROM flashing required.

Get the download link and read more at FuzeMobility.com.

Great Fuze TV-Out hack – TV out for $2.79


tvoutfuzeThe HTC Touch Pro/ HTC Fuze has, in its TV out, a great feature, but it only works with a relatively expensive $21.99 HTC TV out cable.  For a feature that will not be used very often it can be a bit pricy, but I think at $2.79 it becomes a no-brainer.

This hack, discovered on the PPCGeeks forum, makes this radical cost reduction possible.  It turns out all you need is an iPod TV-out cable connected to the HTC Fuze multi-adaptor cable and a small registry edit to get TV out for cheap working.

The appropriate iPod cable can be gotten fro cheap nearly anywhere. DealExtreme is offering the cable at only $2.79 with free shipping. The registry hack it taken care of by this new control panel applet by no2Chem.

Read more about this great discovery at PPCGeeks here.

HTC Touch Pro service manual leaked

raphaelmanual In 6 months time many HTC Touch Pro/ Fuze  owners are going to start having loose keyboards, and some intrepid owners will be looking at tightening the rails up themselves.

For these adventurous types the HTC Raphael Service manual may be of great use, as it describes in great detail how to disassemble the Touch Pro safely (and believe me, it looks pretty tricky).

The manual is presently available to download from HTCwinmobile here.  Get it quick, because who knows how long it will last.

List Of Tips & Tricks For The HTC Fuze & HTC Touch Pro

Looks like the guys over at www.fuzemobility.com have posted some very helpful hints for all you HTC Fuze / HTC Touch Pro users.

There are some good registry tweaks as well as shortcuts for your device.   There is a little bit of something in there for everybody from the novice to the professional windows mobile user.

There are three sections from NOOB, Big Fuzer, and Pro.  So you will have some idea of how hard or risky each modification is prior to trying it.  Thanks to DavidK for his hard work to help out the community. -ppcmobility.com

Some interesting finds are:

  • Remaping the PTT button (for HTC Fuze users)
  • Removing the delay in taking photos
  • Speeding up your Touch Pro Keyboard (will also work for other devices) thanks to scotchua @ xda-developers for originally posting this)
  • Adding a custom city to TouchFLO 3D.
  • Snap a photo of a Barcode and Automatically compare prices online.

See the full thread here

Replace your HTC Fuze glossy battery cover with the matte HTC Touch Pro version

The HTC Fuze features the same glossy battery cover as the HTC Touch Diamond, making the device a finger and smudge playground. Many have wondered, and now Raspster from XDA-Developers have confirmed the battery cover is in fact interchangeable with the much classier and matte version as found on the GSM HTC Touch Pro.

The cover is available from eXpansys for a pricy $29.99 (plus$2.50 for shipping) but who can put a price an practicality. Fortunately for WMPoweruser readers we offer eXpansys vouchers which brings the price down by around $15 (but you may need to spend around $31 to qualify however).

Read more about the little hardware mod at XDA-Developers.com

Tip: How to make your Touch Pro/Fuze D-pad work a lot better

Many HTC Touch Pro users have complained about the HTC Touch Pro D-pad. Up and down works fine, but left, and especially right works pretty poorly, with accidental activation of the surrounding keys very common.

Fortunately it seems there is a better way after all. The fortuitous destruction of a HTC Touch Pro has given us an inside look at the D-pad, and one sharp xda-developer named Vexingv suggested that instead of trying to press the rim of the D-pad, it may be better to actually press between the Back and End Call, or Home and Call button.

 Wrong  Right

Amazingly it works much better, as can be seen in the video below. It very soon becomes second nature, and you will very soon wonder what the problem was after all.

Let us know in the comment section if it works for you too.

HTC Touch Pro tear down – using car tyres


Ever wonder what the insides of our slick smartphones looks like? The misfortune of a member of XDA-Developers, who dropped his phone 50 metres (164 feet), and saw it run over by two cars have given us a peek into the insides of the device, and it isn’t pretty. (click for larger versions)


The main lesson here is clearly that one should attach something to that lanyard hook after all, and that some things can not be unseen. Another good idea may be to get insurance for your device, which fortunately covered this accident.

Read more about this tale of misfortune at xda-developers here.

Sprint Touch Pro vs AT&T Fuze

Slashgear has both a Sprint HTC Touch Pro and an AT&T HTC Fuze, and have been comparing them with each others. Surprisingly there are quite a large number of differences between the two devices.

Besides the obvious internal CDMA vs GSM differences, Slashgear noted the following differences:

AT&T HTC Fuze Sprint HTC Touch Pro
No belt holster belt holster
No number row Number row
More symbol and shortcut keys Less shortcut keys, no start or Ok key
5.8 oz 5.3 oz
6.6 hour talk time 4 hour talk time
Faster TouchFlo3D Less responsive TouchFlo3D
Louder speaker phone, but worse sound quality Less loud, but fuller and richer
Speaker at back Speaker on top
Diamond back Flat back
Shorter 2 mm longer
Squarer Rounder
All black Shiny chrome accents
Square stylus top Rounded stylus top
Less recessed action button More recessed action button
Push to talk button No Push to talk button

Whether these minor differences will make the decision to chose either device is unlikely, but it should be noted that there have been many reports of poorer video performance on the CDMA devices, and also poorer battery life, both which may be more significant.

Read the full article, which includes many pictures illustrating the differences here.

Meta-review of the AT&T HTC Fuze

For a real review one need only read expert Windows Mobile sites like WMExperts , but sometimes it is interesting to see what outsiders think of our latest greatest devices.

CNet says:

The good:
The HTC Fuze for AT&T ships with Windows Mobile 6.1, push e-mail capabilities, and a good helping of multimedia features, including a 3.2 megapixel camera. Other highlights include a full QWERTY keyboard; VGA touch screen; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth: GPS; and HSDPA support.

The bad:
The HTC Fuze doesn’t have a standard headphone jack, and the smartphone is a bit bulky. Speakerphone quality isn’t the greatest and streaming video can cause the phone to stall. It’s also pricey.

The bottom line:
For AT&T business customers who demand the most out of their smartphones, the HTC Fuze is up to the task, delivering plenty of features, good performance, and a functional design.

… and gave the device a luke-warm 3 1/2 out of 5 starts.

PCWorld, via the Washington Post, said

The feature-rich HTC Fuze for AT&T is a stylish cell phone with a responsive touch screen and a gorgeous display. But the Fuze’s sluggish performance and average keyboard proved frustrating in our tests.

Overall the Fuze impresses with a gorgeous display and a variety of multimedia features, but HTC still has a few kinks to work out in the phone’s interface, performance-wise.

The BGR says:

We actually weren’t even going to do an unboxing / first impressions post. Seen one HTC Touch Pro, seen ‘em all, right? Wrong, guys. In a rare example of AT&T not scumming down their devices (adding crapware, horrible themes, removing features, blocking stuff), we think they’ve actually made the device better!
How about a short, short summary? The AT&T HTC Fuze is the best Windows Mobile Professional phone on the market.

So a rather mixed reception so far, but I say if the BoyGenius loves it, its got to be good. Major sites Engadget and Gizmodo still have to step up with a review, as does that rather awful New York Times columnist. We shall bring their views to you when they do.

AT&T HTC Fuze reviewed

WMExperts has put up a full review of the upcoming HTC Fuze, and I think its safe to say they like it. Their conclusion was:

The Fuze is a powerful and polished Windows Mobile smartphone. If you don’t mind needing two hands to type and you’re on AT&T, the only reason I see not to upgrade is if you’re holding out for the Xperia X1. Even compared against the X1, however, the Fuze more than holds its own. The high resolution screen, decent performance, small form factor, and included software mean that it really does deserve the ‘next gen’ moniker I gave it at the beginning of the review.

My quibbles: Battery life is only barely adequate, I wish there was a 3.5mm headset jack, I did experience occasional lag, and I do think that there’s still too much UI dissonance between Windows Mobile and TouchFlo 3D. Experienced Windows Mobile users know how to get around all of those issues, though, and if that’s you, then the Fuze just may be in your future.

Pros Cons
Compact size, despite thickness
Great screen
Good suite of built-in software
3G, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth
Much faster and more responsive than the Tilt
Battery good for a full day at best
Dissonance between TouchFlo 3D and Windows Mobile UI

Overall their score it a solid 4/5 , which I think is a bit low for such a fantastic device, which i think will make most of its users very happy.

In related news it appears some AT&T stores are selling their Fuze’s early, so if you are lucky you may just be able to walk into your local store and pick one up!