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Telstra Support confirms WP7.8 for end of January, but some handsets will have to wait till March


Telstra is relatively open about their update schedule, and have posted this table giving information about the impending Windows Phone 7.8 update.

As expected, the Nokia Lumia 800 update will go into testing soon, and should start rolling out on the 31st January.

The status for the other handsets are however a bit more iffy, with testing and update dates for the HTC Titan, HTC HD7 and Samsung Omnia W still to be confirmed. At least the handsets are on the list however, with expected availability being late February or Early March.

The dates confirm O2 UK’s statement, who said the Nokia Lumia 800 update will be released at the end of January, and O2 Germany, who has confirmed the same date for the Nokia Lumia 710.

O2-WP78 twitter-7.8-o2de

It seems Nokia handsets will likely be the first to benefit from the update before it is seen on other devices, possibly because they have given the customization of the software a higher priority.

Thanks Clyde for the tip.

HTC HD7 getting the Tango update in Germany


More reassurance for first generation Windows Phone users comes via Germany, where the HTC HD7 has started receiving the Windows Phone Tango update.

The update brings the usual MMS and other small improvements, but makes no mention of WIFI tethering, a feature which it seems will not become widely available to first generation Windows Phones.

Any other first generation handsets getting the update? Let us know below.

Thanks Ludwig for the tip and image.

HTC HD7 and LG Optimus Quantum getting the Tango update on Bell Canada


We often hear about Nokia handsets getting the Tango update, but less often of the first generation handsets getting the software update.

It is therefore welcome to hear that Bell Canada is pushing out the Windows Phone 7 Tango update to the HTC HD7 and the LG Optimus Quantum, particularly given that the carrier is no longer offering any Windows Phone 7 handsets at all.

Via MobileSyrup.com

8107 keyboard fix ROM update now rolling out for the HTC HD7 on T-Mobile USA


Its been a long wait, with many frustrating disappearing keyboards, but the 8107 ROM update for the HTC HD7, which brings a variety of improvements, including a fix for the disappearing keyboard, is finally rolling out for the HTC HD7 on T-Mobile USA.

The update was announced on the T-Mobile support forums, and some HTC HD7 owners have already received update notifications.

AT&T users are still however waiting for a similar update for the Windows Phones on their side, but it would not be unexpected to see them arrive around now also.

Have any of our readers received the update on T-Mobile or AT&T? Let us know below.

Thanks Sixseven and Robert for the tip.

Fully unlocked DeepShining HTC HD7 ROM with DLNA app now available


DotCompt has just released a new HTC HD7 ROM running the latest public version of Windows Phone 7.5, 8107.

The ROM is fully unlocked, with internet sharing with a static MAC address, comes in 23 languages and 19 accent colours, has the new apps from the HTC Titan, including the HTC Location and HTC Connected Media and the DeepShining super tool.

As usual hacking at this level will probably invalidate your warranty.  If this does not concern you, read more in this XDA-Dev thread here.

Bell HTC HD7 and LG Quantum getting 8107 update starting tomorrow


According to a leaked internal memo Bell will start pushing out the 8107 Windows Phone 7 update, which famously fixes the “disappearing keyboard” issue, amongst others.

The update will be pushed out in two waves, the first tomorrow and the next on the 25th, a week later, via on-device  update notifications.

Interestingly the term “commercial refresh 1” suggests there may be more “commercial refreshes” on the way.

Via MobileSyrup.com

HTC HD7 no longer available on T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile has gotten rid of its last large-screened Windows Phone 7 handset, effectively leaving prospective Windows Phone 7 buyers with currently only the choice of the HTC Radar or in the near future the Nokia Lumia 710.

Rightly or wrongly, buyers associate large screens with high end devices, effectively meaning if you want a high-end handset the only choice is to go to AT&T, where the 4.3 inch Samsung Focus S or 4.7 inch HTC Titan can be purchased for considerably more of course.

The same issue exists on Verizon with the HTC Trophy and Sprint with the HTC Arrive.

While we recognize Microsoft’s decision to attack the low-end high volume value segment of the market with Windows Phone 7, not having high-end hero devices available on the same network will do real damage to the brand.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Thanks Guy for the tip.

HTC HD7 getting update tomorrow, brings WIFI tethering


TmoNews reports the HTC HD7 and HTC Radar 4G are both getting an update tomorrow which will bring fixes to visual voice mail (the only US carrier which actually support it) and also bring performance improvements.  The update is likely the 7740 update which is slowly tricking out all around the world.

Of more interest is that the update will also bring WIFI tethering to the HTC HD7 and allow connection to hidden WIFI access points.  There has been a rumour recently that AT&T is planning not to bring these new features to the Samsung Focus and other first generation devices.

The full (somewhat obscured) list of improvements read as follows:

HD7 features and improvements:

  • Resolves errors with visual voicemail
  • Adds Wi-Fi sharing to the device
  • Allows connecting to hidden Wi-Fi networks
  • Radar 4G features and improvements:

Radar 4G features and improvements:

  • Resolves errors with visual voicemail
  • Can now download and customize ringtones

Are our T-Mo totting readers excited? Let us know below.

Via Pocketnow.com

HTC Update For Mozart And HD7 Available, Enables Internet Sharing

HTC Mozart

HTC today pushed the update for HTC Mozart and HTC HD7 owners it appears worldwide, with reports from India, Switzerland and Poland pouring in.

The update (2250.21.51007.401 ) appears to enable Internet sharing features and other performance enhancements. I checked myself with HTC Mozart and it turns out to be true. So if you are waiting for the Internet sharing feature which your Android friends were teasing all these days, fire up the Zune to get the update now ! !

Thanks Sarvesh Gupta, wp7.com.pl, owindowsphone.pl, Rob and everyone else for sending this in.

Samsung Omnia 7 Firmware upgrade brings WIFI Internet sharing to Australia also

samsunginternetsharingIt seems the Internet Sharing firmware update is rolling out to multiple other Windows Phone 7 handsets also.

After the LG Optimus 7 the latest is the Samsung Omnia 7 in Australia, where the handset has received a firmware update to Firmware revision number 2424.11.9.2 and Bootloader version which has enabled WIFI Internet Sharing.

Users also report generally improved 3G performance and even better camera performance, but that may just be a placebo effect.

Read more in this Whirlpool thread here.

Not all users are however as lucky.  WeLoveWP.hk reports the HTC HD7 has also received a post-Mango firmware update there, but that this failed to bring Internet Sharing or any other new features at all.

Has anyone else’s phone been updated? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks dgaust and Rage for the tip and Zulu69 for the picture.

HTC HD7 scores product placement on the BBC Young Apprentice show

You don’t see much advertising on the BBC, but it seems HTC has found a way around, with the whole cast of the Young Apprentice show featuring Lord Sugar sporting HTC HD7s of course running Windows Phone 7.

Unfortunately besides the calculator not much of the UI can be seen, but I am sure HTC HD7 owners in UK appreciate saying “Thats my phone!”

Folks inside UK can see the show here.

Thanks Ubaid for the tip.

HTC Radar performance compared to the HTC HD7

WP7.com.pl have given the HTC Radar a play-off against the HTC HD7, one of the flagship devices of the last generation.

On superficial overview the device share the same specs – a 1Ghz processor and 512 MB RAM, but of course the Radar sports a newer generation Snapdragon and a Adreno 205 GPU.

The video shows the newer device has a clear advantage in load speed and game performance, which also translates into higher benchmark scores.

Read more at WP7.com.pl here.

Some HTC WP7 handsets have lock-up issue with Zune Pass music playback

A large number of HTC HD7 owners are complaining that their device locks up during music playback, requiring the battery to be removed to get the phone working again. The issue appears to be related to Zune music in particular.

Users are complaining in droves on the Microsoft Answers website, where Microsoft seems to be blaming the Mango update.

The problem is described by Islehopper as below:

1. Phone Manufacturer: HTC
2. Phone Model: HD7 (hardware version 0002) Original 16Gb Storage (not user modified)
3. Mobile Operator (Taiwan GSM)
4. Phone Operating System version (Mango 7720 upgraded by HTC Taiwan 9/16/2011)
5. Zune software version: 4.8.2345.0
6. Computer Operating System version: Win7 Ultimate SP1

Problem: during playback connected via 3.5mm jack to car audio system, Sonos box, wire or wireless headphones randomly locks up between songs. 

Occurs during playback of both drm-protected Zune Pass media and drm-free mp3′s.

Work-around: Must remove/replace battery to restart Windows Phone.

Problem is not new to the 7720 Mango ROM. Have had problem since first purchased HD7 phone in February. Zune Pass started March 2011.

Problem has been frequently reported on HTC, Samsung and Dell devices. (google search: wp7 freeze zune playback)

If running a 2nd program in background (like "marathon" app), I can listen to Zune for at least 1 hour with no problems. Marathon is a GPS tracker that allows Zune to play while recording GPS data. Without Marathon running, Zune appears to go into a deep sleep mode that prevents Zune from checking DRM and locks up the phone.

Extremely annoying and ruins user experience. Zune is a fantastic product — Zune on PC + Zune on WP7 is an extremely attractive alternative to iPhone/iTunes.

Like many others experiencing same problem,if not resolved soon, will see significant attrition in 1-year Zune Pass subscriptions, including myself.

Let me know if any further information needed to address problem.

** One additional Note: AC connection prevents the problem. This is reproducible ***

The problem is likely some kind of power management problem, and users at the Microsoft site are getting pretty antsy for a solution, which has been very slow in coming.

Are any of our readers similarly affected? Let us know below.

Thanks Ricky for the tip.