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Phones4U now offering the HTC Mozart for only £79.99 on Pay as you Go in-store

htc-mozartWe posted recently that Phones4U was offering the HTC Mozart for only £99 on Pay as you Go.

Now WPSuperfanboy.com reports that if you buy the handset at an actual store and choose to retain your existing SIM card, you can pick up the first generation Windows Phone for only £79.99 completely commitment-free.

The deal is near irresistible for the 8 megapixel handset with Xenon flash. Are any of our UK readers thinking about picking one up? Let us know below.

Via HTCPedia.com

Another great deal: HTC Mozart for only £99 Pay as you Go

imageHere is another great Windows Phone deal.  Phones4U is offering the iconic HTC Mozart, with an 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and 8 GB of storage for only £99 when bought with a £10 top-up.

The price is around the same as for the Nokia Lumia 610, or even a bit cheaper, but the handset offers a lot more, including a 1 Ghz processor, 512 MB RAM and a better camera, making it overall a much better deal.

The handset is available on Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and Orange, making it an excellent backup handset.

Anyone get a feeling retailers are clearing out stock to make way for Windows Phone 8?

See the deal at Phones4U here.

Thanks Tuan for the tip.

HTC Delivering 7.10.8779.8 Update To Unlocked Mozart Users

It seems HTC has started delivering 8779 OS update to unlocked HTC Mozart users. Microsoft India employee Aviraj noted in his blog that he received 3 updates for his device and all the three were Windows Phone OS updates.

The first update was 7.10.8112.7 which brings in an option to apply the update without taking backup which will come handy for all of us to save time. The second update was 7.10.8773.98 from 7.10.8112.7. Then the third update  7.10.8779.8 from  7.10.8773.98. We are still not sure about what these updates brings in for the device. If you noticed any changes, let us know in the comments.

Source: Aviraj


HTC Mozart on Telstra finally gets Internet Sharing

Telstra was the first company to give us hope that Internet Sharing would in fact come to Windows Phone when they said, all the way back in August 2010:

“Tethering is a feature we want. We will be on Microsoft’s case as well!”

Well fast forward more than a year, and those words finally become reality, as we have received reports that an update for the HTC Mozart on Telstra is rolling out which brings Internet Sharing at long last to the device.

Let no-one say Telstra does not live up to their promises ;)

Yandex replaces Bing on the Russian HTC Mozart

We posted 2 weeks ago that Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine, would be replacing Bing on many Windows Phones sold in the country.

Now W7forum.ru is reporting that an update has been released for the HTC Mozart, the only first generation handset officially sold in Russia, which enables the change.  The HTC Radar, HTC Titan, Samsung Omnia W and Nokia Lumia 800 sold in Russia all already come with Yandex Search pre-installed.

Bing is generally thought to be pretty poor in Russia, and while the change breaks the all-Microsoft user experience on Windows Phone, the utility is expected in general to be better.

Read more at WP7forum.ru.

Thanks Dmitry for the tip.

HTC Update For Mozart And HD7 Available, Enables Internet Sharing

HTC Mozart

HTC today pushed the update for HTC Mozart and HTC HD7 owners it appears worldwide, with reports from India, Switzerland and Poland pouring in.

The update (2250.21.51007.401 ) appears to enable Internet sharing features and other performance enhancements. I checked myself with HTC Mozart and it turns out to be true. So if you are waiting for the Internet sharing feature which your Android friends were teasing all these days, fire up the Zune to get the update now ! !

Thanks Sarvesh Gupta, wp7.com.pl, owindowsphone.pl, Rob and everyone else for sending this in.

Windows Phone 7 vs Meego on the N9 (video)

Having seen Windows Phone 7 soundly defeat Symbian Belle, many old-time Nokia fans would say the real competitor to WP7 was never Symbian but Meego.

Now we have a 20 min review of the Nokia N9, likely the last Meego handset, against an HTC Radar again. Unfortunately it is all in Russian, and I have no idea what the reviewers opinion is, but what I feel is clear from the video is that Windows Phone 7 provides a clearer, more consistent experience, and once again shows Nokia made the right choice by choosing Windows Phone 7.

Via YouTube.

HTC and Orange Poland running WP7 Try before You Buy scheme in Poland

HTC, Orange and Microsoft are running a promotion in Poland where they lend out HTC Mozarts for a limited period to subscribers to give them a taste of what it is like using a Windows phone 7 smartphone.

The promotion will be announced at a press event on the 4th October. A similar promotion by Play and an Android handset netted 150,000 testers, and hopefully we will see similar numbers try and love the handset and OS also.

Read more at WP-7.pl here.

Leaked Orange FR memo confirms September 15th Mango target, 4 week roll-out and some disabled features

imageSmartphoneFrance managed to get access to an internal Orange France memo which makes for pretty interesting reading.  It confirms that the September 15th date was real after all, suggesting there has been a bit of delay, likely due to Microsoft wanting to get all carriers ready at the same time before an impressive global roll out.

Secondly it says the roll-out will take 4 weeks, to prevent server overload. That is some-what ridiculous of course – Microsoft just served 3 Petabytes of Windows 8 downloads, so 5 million Windows Phone 7.5 downloads will probably not even cause Microsoft to break a sweat, but of course the staged roll-outs are safer, as problems can be detected before all customers are affected.

Lastly the memo claims some features, such as Internet sharing over WIFI, Visual Voice Mail and Group Messaging over MMS would be disabled until a future update. While many French readers are upset about this, I personally feel that I would rather get Mango out and then have these services added in the future, rather than wait for the carrier to make changes to its infrastructure to support these, which could take months.

See the memo after the break.

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Old pots for new–HTC selling HTC Mozart running Mango in Russia for a pretty penny


Russian operator MTS has announced the sale of its very first Windows Phone 7 handset running Microsoft’s brand new operating system, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango for the first time supports Russian, making the delay quite understandable.

Somewhat more difficult to understand is the decision to not launch with new hardware, but to rather use the now pretty old HTC Mozart for the launch.

Of course given that the specs of the handset is now decidedly mid to lower range, it may be a good idea to enter a new market with a lower-priced handset,

Unfortunately HTC seems to fail even here, with the device, at  12990 roubles costing about $450. 

I guess we should not be expecting a huge increased in Windows Phone 7 sales coming from Russia any time soon.

Incidentally, the release reveals the new slogan for Windows Phone 7.5, "Putting people first", which we may hear echoed soon all around the world, hopefully associated with newer hardware than the HTC Mozart.

Thanks Aleksey for the tip.

HTC Mozart Now Available For Just Rs.16499 In India


We all know that the current generation Windows Phone device prices are falling rapidly. We have reported about price drops of several devices in various markets around the world. The latest one to join the group is the HTC Mozart. The device which has 8GB internal memory, 8 MP camera with slim and sleek form factor now costs just Rs.16499 In India. Indian online retailer flipkart has listed Mozart with this new low price provided with manufacturer’s warranty and cash on delivery option. Its a killer deal in India because just for the comparison, Samsung Galaxy S II costs Rs.30000-Rs.35000, iPhone costs Rs.30000 to Rs.40000 and Dell Venue Pro costs Rs.23,999. I’m confident that Nokia will price their smartphones in the same range which will be highly competitive in India.

You can find more details on the offer here.

via: wpsauce

Telstra only pushing pre-NoDo this week, NoDo some time in April

At present Telstra is carrying the HTC Mozart and the LG Optimus 7Q (better known as the Quantum) and will soon have the HTC HD7.

Windows phone 7 has been selling well down under, and obviously these users are as eager to get their updates as everyone else.

On their new HTC HD7 pricing announcement page the company has announced their time scale for the push.

The wrote:

Software updates for our current Windows Phone 7 customers
We know our Windows Phone 7 customers want the latest, best-performing software for their smartphones. We’re working with Microsoft and phone makers to deliver OS updates as quickly as possible. The Windows Phone 7 ‘pre-update’ has passed Telstra’s test program and we expect Microsoft to make it available to our 7 Mozart and LG Optimus 7Q customers late this week or early next week. Additional software updates for both devices will follow in April.

Hopefully testing for the NoDo update will progress much more rapidly than the Pre-NoDo update, but I suspect “in April” actually means late in April and likely May for most users.

Thanks Chris for the tip.

HTC Surround and Mozart feature Cypresss TrueTouch screens, may support capacitive styli

cypress-truetouch-stylus-solutionIn 2009 Cypress Technologies announced a capacitive multi-touch controller for Windows Mobile and Windows 7.  The controller offered a fast and accurate response to touch, and supported features such as  a low-cost 3mm passive stylus input, proximity detection that enables ear/face/palm rejection, water proofing and a "hover" feature.

Cypress today announced that HTC chose  TrueTouch for the HTC 7 Surround and HTC 7 Mozart mobile smartphones. While this suggests the HTC 7 Surround may support precise capacitive touch screens, it is also ironic that this seems to be one of the devices plagued by strange touch screen problems.

See Cypress’s press release here.