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Custom Windows Phone 7.8 ROM for the HTC Surround now available

We don’t know when Windows Phone 7.8 will be rolling out to current handsets, but it is seeming less likely the roll-out will be as smooth as we first believed when Microsoft said they would take direct charge of it and ensure all handsets are upgraded.

If you own a first generation Windows Phone flashing a custom ROM may be the quickest route to the latest software.

Lars on XDA-Developers has cooked the first custom Windows Phone 7.8 ROM for the HTC Surround. The software comes with full unlock, allowing one to use all the homebrew goodies, and is apparently fully functional and free of any major bugs. It supports US and UK English and also Dutch.

To flash the ROM the handset of course needs to have HSPL installed – if you can figure out how to do that the rest should be a doddle.

Find the ROM and associated thread on XDA-Developers here.

HTC patent reveals new HTC Surround-type design



The HTC Surround was not the most successful Windows Phone, and may in fact have been the least, using its bulk for speakers instead of the more useful keyboard and with the Zune media player not even supporting landscape mode fully.

It seems however HTC has not let the idea die, and has been working on more designs for the smartphone with speakers.

Above is a version with retractable landscape speakers, and to the right is a more simplistic version which merely separate the speakers by using a kick stand, and rely on echoes to induce audio separation.

The designs were revealed from a patent application from Q1 2011, after the release of the HTC Surround.

WindowsPhoneDaily notes that with HTC’s purchase of Beats they have clearly not let go of their music market aspirations, so who knows, maybe a Surround 2 will one day hit the market after all.

Via WindowsPhoneDaily, Electronista and Patent Bolt

Telus announcing availability of 8107 update for HTC 7 Surround and LG Optimus 7


Telus has posted a support page advising users that the 8107 “disappearing keyboard” update for Windows Phone 7 is now available, fixing a number of issues.

The updates are available for the LG Optimus 7 and the HTC Surround and can be accessed by connecting your phone to your desktop via USB and using desktop Zune to check for updates in settings.

See the page here.

Thanks Tommy and Patrick for the tip.

AT&T’s current Windows Phone 7 line-up end-of-life’d


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WPCentral reports that AT&T has marked their current Windows Phone 7 line-up, including the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, HTC Surround and also the HTC HD7s as end of life, meaning current stock will be sold-out but not replenished.

Fortunately AT&T has already announced their new Windows Phone 7.5 line-up, including the Samsung Focus S, HTC Titan and Samsung Focus Flash.  Interestingly it does mean the end of  Windows Phone 7 device with a hard keyboard on the network, but I suspect those were never big sellers.

Now the only question which remains is when AT&T will release the new crop of devices.

HTC Surround has played its last notes


It appears the HTC Surround, always a rather odd duck entertainment device, has received its curtain call, as a search on both AT&T and Telus’s websites will show the device to be no longer available.

Hopefully this is to make way for another entertainment-focussed device, the HTC Titan, although it would have been an even better substitute if the Titan supported Beats Audio, which we believe it does not.

It does however seem time to say farewell to the older generation of Windows Phone 7 handsets and welcome a new set, which on AT&T will include the HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash, all worthy successors, into the fold.  Hopefully the handsets will hit the market soon, before the holiday season gets too near.

Via WPCentral and Windows Phone Daily

HTC trademarks HTC Enamor and HTC Rhyme

Is a HTC Surround successor on the way?

We are expecting a few new HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets this autumn, so the two new HTC device names just trademarked may be relevant to our interests.

HTC has asked for protection for two new devices, which may be smartphones or tablets.

One is the HTC Enamor (presumably a device aimed at women?) and the other the HTC Rhyme, clearly a music focussed handset, possibly like the HTC Surround. HTC’s merger with Beats Audio of course makes another music-focussed handset much more likely.

We should see the first new HTC Windows Phone 7.5 handsets within the next 6 –10 weeks, so all mysteries will be revealed soon.

Via Engadget.com

Microsoft on a roll: HTC Surround NoDo update now being delivered

The HTC Surround had been left behind when Microsoft started rolling out the NoDo update for AT&T.

They did not have to wait too long however, with MobilityDigest reporting their phones are now receiving the software update.

Now of course they are only one update behind, with the security update unfortunately not bundled in ;)

Via MobilyDigest.com

Thanks Sam for the tip.

Last NoDo updates to all WP7 handsets should start being delivered in 10 days (update: except Telstra and Telefonica)

It seems we will soon be able to put the NoDO debacle behind us, with Eric Hautala from Microsoft saying that the update is now in scheduling for the  HTC Surround on AT&T, for customers of Deutsche Telekom in Europe and also for Optus customers in Australia.

According to the Where’s my phone update? page that means all the carriers listed  all carriers except Telstra and Telefonica are now either in scheduling or delivery, and for those who are in scheduling delivery should start in around 10 days.

With the end of NoDo in sight ironically we are soon expecting a new update to provide a patch for a certificate security issue starting in May.

Thanks Attila for the tip.

AT&T support e-mail indicated an April 19th NoDo push

Winrumors have received an internal email from AT&T which strongly suggest AT&T will start pushing out the pre-NoDO and NoDo update for the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus on the 19th April.  Surprisingly HTC Surround owners will have to wait till mid-May for their update.

Interestingly the email notes that while the headline feature is copy and paste, AT&T have also added their own “additional functionality” unique to the network.

See the email after the break.

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No progress on AT&T NoDo update

update (1)

Another week has passed, and the prospect of an AT&T push of the NoDo update has also been pushed back another week, as the latest update of Microsoft’s “Where’s my update page” ironically shows.

As Windows Phone Metro poignantly states, the only evidence of any change is that the date on the table has been updated. Given that “early April” is rapidly receding, it is likely the second starred item will soon also disappear from the table.

Of course with all manner of hacks available to get the update on your phone for those most eager to get it, it is likely pressure on the carrier has been much reduced.

Thanks Steven for the tip.

HTC Surround and Mozart feature Cypresss TrueTouch screens, may support capacitive styli

cypress-truetouch-stylus-solutionIn 2009 Cypress Technologies announced a capacitive multi-touch controller for Windows Mobile and Windows 7.  The controller offered a fast and accurate response to touch, and supported features such as  a low-cost 3mm passive stylus input, proximity detection that enables ear/face/palm rejection, water proofing and a "hover" feature.

Cypress today announced that HTC chose  TrueTouch for the HTC 7 Surround and HTC 7 Mozart mobile smartphones. While this suggests the HTC 7 Surround may support precise capacitive touch screens, it is also ironic that this seems to be one of the devices plagued by strange touch screen problems.

See Cypress’s press release here.

HTC Surround having strange lock screen issue on Windows Phone 7

The above video appear to show a new issue bubbling up with the HTC Surround.  The issue appears to be the lock screen becoming unresponsive, causing great difficulty unlocking the device and of course missed phone calls.

One of the affected writes:

I have tried:

Taking away the transparent lock screen ( didn’t work)

Uninstalling the last few app ( didn’t work)

Soft and hard resets ( didn’t work )

Removing the calendar appointment for the day ( didn’t work )

Thought it might be the light sensor doing something funny so I took it off of automatic ( didn’t work )

Turning off the Wifi ( Didn’t work )

Turning off Bluetooth ( Didn’t work )


Full Reset:  Problem still there………

… which to me suggests a hardware issue. On the other hand the issue appears to exist on a number of hardware models, including the HTC HD7 and Samsung Focus, according to this thread on the Microsoft forums. Users are complaining at HTC’s forums here and here also, and it appears the HTC Surround are most affected.

Are any of our readers on other models having the same problem? Let us know below.

How to destroy your HTC Surround in 5 easy steps

If you feel your HTC Surround is completely useless with only 16 GB, and you don’t mind destroying it in the process of upgrading it, Pocketnow have published a step by step video detailing how to get deep inside your device and swapping the memory card.

Now I think 16 GB is quite a bit, but if you have a deep and undeniable yearning for more, see full instructions at Pocketnow here.